Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 138

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“Your Excellency, I am a member of West Pro Society. We have a strong connection with White Tiger Sect.” Chou Jiang’s eyes twitched. He was afraid of that Demonic Scale Tiger, but with his relationship with the White Tiger Sect, he was sure that the youth wouldn’t attack, there was no one across the entire Lan Ling City that dared to offend the White Tiger Sect.

“White Tiger Sect…”

Du Shaofu raised his head slightly. He looked at the Demonic Scale Tiger who was in mid-air and ordered. “Kill!”


The Demonic Scale Tiger let out a roar. Its huge body dove down to attack Chou Jiang, its eyes were filled with murderous aura.

“Not good.”

Chou Jiang’s face changed. He never thought that his opponent would ignore the formidable existence of White Tiger Sect. He could feel a terrifying Qi coming from the Demonic Scale Tiger. He quickly kept the blade into his storage pouch and condensed a palm seal. The martial veins in his body were activated. A vigorous amount of xuanqi was released along with a talisman light. At this instant, a large blue python was condensed behind him.

*Hiss* *Hiss*

A stench filled the atmosphere. Its tongue flexed as fast as a flash. It was looking fearfully at the Demonic Scale Tiger, but under the goad of Chou Jiang, it charged towards the Demonic Scale Tiger with the speed of lightning.


The Demonic Scale Tiger roared. It didn’t put the huge blue python in its eyes. It flapped its wings. There was ripple of talisman like patterns on its claw. It shone a plain golden light. Then, it gripped the blue python domineeringly.

*Chi La La*

A terrifying force was created, along with a faint talisman ripple. Gusts of winds were blown, blowing away the sand and stones in the valley. Afterwards, they saw the blue python being ripped off by the tiger’s claws, sending Chou Jiang flying.

*Pu Chi*

Chou Jiang spurted out blood. His body had received a strong backlash. His eyes were full of fear. The Demonic Scale Tiger was apparently stronger than what he had expected.


It was a pity that Chou Jiang had no chance to resist. The tiger swooped down and reached Chou Jiang in an instant. Its ferocious big mouth opened and consumed him along with the air and sand.

“Vice master is dead! Run! Run now!”

Every single one of his underlings legs became shaky when they saw their leader being eaten by the Demonic Scale Tiger. They were frantically fleeing for their lives.


The Demonic Scale Tiger let out another roar. It killed as it flew. Wails of agony echoed throughout the valley.

Du Yunlong felt better after taking the pill. He was gaping at the huge tiger, then he shifted to the youth in purple. He felt a sense of delight. He wasn’t sure what had happened to his Third Brother at home but he was sure that he was no longer the foolish young master.

Du Shaofu turned, he looked at Du Yunlong and smiled faintly. “I didn’t know that Second Brother is already an intermediate Maidong warrior. I’m afraid that you’ll surpass Second Uncle in no time.”

“I’m not that powerful yet. There is still a huge gap in power compared to them.”

Du Yunlong looked at Du Shaofu before he asked. “Third Brother, why did you come to Lan Ling City? How did you know that I am here?”

“It’s a long story. I will brief you the details later.”

Du Shaofu looked over behind Du Yunlong, at those weary and injured disciples of Star Dragon Society and asked. “What had happened to you all?”

“Our society was betrayed by a traitor. The powerhouse cavern has fallen into West Pro Society’s hands. In order to prevent this news from spreading, they want to wipe our entire society out.” Du Yunlong said to Du Shaofu.

“Powerhouse’s cavern? What’s that?” Du Shaofu asked curiously.

Du Yunlong said in a regretful tone. “That was just a recent event. The president and I found a cavern which contained energy waves in the-thousand-caverns. It was sealed by a talisman power. According to legends, a powerhouse fell from the sky near the-thousand-caverns because of war. There were marks and traces left outside that particular cavern. So, we suspected that it was likely that it was the cavern where the powerhouse landed into. There might be some inheritance left by the powerhouse. There will be huge benefits if we are able to possess it.”

As soon as his voice faded, Du Yunlong revealed coldness and reluctance. He continued. “I am afraid that Chou Shan and that betrayer have already reached the-thousand-caverns at this time.”

“The Powerhouses’ cavern and inheritance?”

Du Shaofu’s eyes sparkled. He lowered his head in contemplation before turning to Du Yunlong and said. “Second Brother, how’s the strength of that Chou Shan of West Pro Society?”

“Early Mailing realm, considered strong in Lan Ling City.”

Du Yunlong replied. He got a feeling that Du Shaofu was interested and asked. “Third Brother, are you thinking of going to the-thousand-caverns?”

Du Yunlong looked at the Demonic Scale Tiger which was still killing the men of West Pro Society. He said. “It will take you more than a few days to reach the cavern if you travel there by foot. But with the Mailing realm Demonic Scale Tiger, I’m afraid that you can get there in half an hour.”

After a slight pause, Du Yunlong looked at Du Shaofu worrily and said. “Third Brother, they have a large number of people. Furthermore, the West Pro Society had recently gained the support of the White Tiger Sect. They would probably follow them as well.”

“Second Brother, so you are going to let the people of West Pro Society obtain the treasures of the powerhouse?” Du Shaofu looked at Du Yunlong.

Du Yunlong’s eyebrows twitched. He straightened his body and a light flashed past his eyes and said. “Third Brother, I will go along with you. If there is really an inheritance left by the powerhouse, I won’t let the people of West Pro Society get it even if I can’t obtain it. This is a score that I want to settle with them!”

“Alright! Let’s go there together.”

Du Shaofu smiled. He knew from his memory that his Second Brother was a person who wouldn’t retreat.

Du Shaofu called back the Demonic Scale Tiger which was still slaughtering the people of West Pro Society. Du Yunlong found a hidden location for the disciples of Star Dragon Society to retreat. Then, he jumped on the Demonic Scale Tiger’s back and headed to the-thousand-caverns.

The-thousand-caverns was two thousand miles away from Lan Ling City. It was hidden deep within the mountains.

The reason this was called the-thousand-caverns was that there were thousands of pits on the walls of the rocky valley. Some of these caverns were connected to each other. Some say that there were fierce beasts living in those pits, some pits had even become the nest of some demonic beasts.

Many, many years ago, there was a myth about the-thousand-caverns. A thousand years ago, there was a war between two powerhouses. Many of these pits were created by them. One of them fell near the caverns.

Many explorers and treasure seekers had searched this caverns but no treasures had been found.

This was a myth after all and was soon forgotten by many people. Until now, no one had taken this cavern seriously as it was more than a thousand years ago.

It was a barren and rocky land with no greenery, there were creeks in the mountains, sometimes, the sound of water flowing could be heard and some beads of water would be left on the rocks.

In the valley, there were silhouettes of people standing, holding blades. They were manning the entrance to the valley.

There were ten silhouettes standing outside the caverns. The first three middle-aged men looked nervously into the cavern while an elder in loose robe was condensing palm seals that continually struck the shapeless layer of the energy barrier.

*Hu La La*

Energy waves contained in the cavern lingered out the cavern. The people outside were surprised when they saw the energy waves.

“So it’s true. This is the seal left by the powerhouse. It is already over a thousand years old, causing the seal to grow thin. If it wasn’t for the energy waves that flowed outside, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to discover this seal.” A middle-aged man who looked forty years old was gazing at it.

“We would definitely obtain great fortune if we are able to obtain the inheritance that was left inside the cavern.”

A thin man that had a monkey-like face looked worried, he said. “Dan Qing Bai is already killed. The people of Star Dragon Society is not a problem now, except for Du Yunlong. He is young and has developed great leadership skills after following Dan Qing Bai for so many years. If he doesn’t die, the remaining people of the Star Dragon Society would certainly seek us for revenge under his lead in the near future.”

“Vice President Bao, you are now one of our two vice presidents in West Pro Society. Star Dragon Society had already been eradicated. Besides, my brother has already found Du Yunlong’s hiding spot. I’m afraid that he is already a corpse by now.”

The middle-aged man patted the monkey-like youth’s shoulder and continued. “Vice President Bao had just made a great contribution this time, you don’t have to worry about the other matters. I, Chou Shan would guarantee that you would get a fair share of reward that is worthy for the work that you’ve done.”

“I appreciate that a lot, President.” The monkey-looking youth looked really happy.

“Try to keep your silence. Elder Tu is unlocking the seal right now. Do not disturb him.”

Another middle-aged man in long robe darted the two of them a glance, shutting them up instantly.

“Yes, Elder Lu.”

Two of them nodded respectfully.

*Hu La La*

The huge Demonic Scale Tiger was flying in mid-air as fast as lightning. Gusts of wind had been produced as he passed the stretch of forest below.

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