Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 139

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On the Demonic Scale Tiger’s back, Du Shaofu told everything that happened in Stone City to Du Yunlong.

Du Yunlong was shocked when he heard about the war between Stone City and Liuyun County.

He didn’t go into details, regarding the matter of his drunkard dad or himself. He also didn’t discuss with Du Yunlong about the problems he faced in cultivation.

From Du Yunlong’s story, Du Shaofu knew about the things that his cousin brother had experienced over the years. In the beginning, he was just wandering around from place to place for a year, having a lot of encounters. Later, he found a few companions and had established Star Dragon Society. As he was one of the founders, he got the master position . In just two short years’, their efforts had made Star Dragon Society flourish.

However, not long ago, when they discovered the possible inheritance of a powerhouse in the cavern, the news was leaked by the vice president of Star Dragon Society, Bao Kongle to the West Pro Society. As for the president of Star Dragon Society, Dan Qing Bai, he was killed by the president of West Pro Society, Chou Shan. The strong men of Star Dragon Society was wiped out by the people of West Pro Society.

“Third Brother, it’s just ahead.”

Suddenly, Du Yunlong pointed at a rocky valley below.

“It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of people…” Du Shaofu scanned below. “Second Brother, how’s your injuries?”

“It should be fine after taking your pill.” Du Yunlong nodded.

“That’s good. By the looks of it, they haven’t got what they wanted yet.” Du Shaofu said.


At the entrance of the valley, there were ten disciples of West Pro Society holding their blades. When they saw that someone was coming, one of them quickly stood up and yelled. “This place has been sealed by West Pro Society. No one is allowed to step into this valley. Violators will be killed immediately!”

“Courting death!”

Du Yunlong pounced forward as fast as lightning and a palm seal landed on the disciple of West Pro Society, sending him flying.


The tiger swooped down, as its eyes glared at them. Its claw crushed the blades held by a brawny man. His ferocious mouth opened up to swallow another brawny man.

“It’s a demonic beast! Run!”

“This demonic beast is too strong, run now!”

The fear inside of them overwhelmed them. Those disciples of West Pro Society abandoned their position and ran into the valley.

“Why is there roar of a demonic beast?”

Three middle-aged leaders who were standing in front of the cavern changed their expressions instantly. 

After meeting each other’s gazes, the-forty something year-old man with a long robe, Elder Lu said. “We will go and see what happened. Don’t let it disturb Elder Tu from breaking the seal.”

As his words faded, silhouettes of people started to emerge one after another.


A tiger’s roar rumbled across the forest and mountains like thunder. When Elder Lu and the other two were about to leave the cavern, a large demonic tiger with glaring eyes leaped forth. The fluctuation of its Qi caused some weak cultivators to shiver, also blocking some of their xuanqi.

“President, save us! This demonic tiger has already killed many of our brothers!”

Those fleeing disciples ran towards the cavern at once when they saw their leaders, as though they had found their saviour. They were defenceless and helpless in front of this demonic tiger, having seen many of their brothers being killed or consumed by it.

“Mailing realm Demonic Scale Tiger!”

Elder Lu’s face darkened. The Qi from the Demonic Scale Tiger’s body made him shiver as well. 

“Du Yunlong! That brat isn’t dead yet. It’s Du Yunlong! He is back!”

The monkey-looking and brawny man saw two figures behind the tiger’s back. When he saw the face of the sturdy youth in a cloud robe, his body shuddered.

“Third Brother, on the right of him is Bao Kongle, the traitor of Star Dragon Society. The middle is Chou Shan, the master of West Pro Society.”

Du Yunlong frowned slightly and said to Du Shaofu. “The left should be Lu Changming of White Tiger Sect, he ought to have the same realm as Chou Shan – early Mailing realm. Sure enough, the people of White Tiger Sect has already involved themselves in this.”

“White Tiger Sect.” Du Shaofu’s knitted his brows when he thought of the young master of White Tiger Sect, He Jun. He didn’t expect to meet them again today.

Du Yunlong looked worried when he saw Du Shaofu’s frown. He asked. “Third Brother, I am only capable of dealing Bao Kongle. Chou Shan and Lu Changming aren’t easy enemies. If we can’t deal with them today, we should retreat first. With the help of the Demonic Scale Tiger, I am sure that they won’t be able to catch up to our speed.”

“Second Brother, you just have to focus on that Bao Kongle. Leave the rest to Xiao Hu and me.”

Du Shaofu swept across the group of disciples. There were no more than three hundred disciples. Most of them were Maidong cultivators, but they wouldn’t be able to do anything much. The troublesome enemies were Lu Changming of White Tiger Sect and Chou Shan.

When Chou Shan looked at the Demonic Scale Tiger, the youth in purple and Du Yunlong, something suddenly struck him. His face changed instantly, glaring at Du Yunlong and asked. “Du Yunlong, why haven’t you died? Where’s my brother?”

“Is you brother named Chou Jiang?”

Du Shaofu moved forward. His brows frowned a little when he gazed at Chou Shan. Then, he said with a faint smile. “He is already dead, you no longer need to search for him.”

“Brat! Who are you?!” Chou Jiang’s eyes turned cold after hearing this.

Du Shaofu said. “It doesn’t matter who am I. The most important thing was that Chou Jiang wanted to kill my Second Brother, so I killed him.”

“So you are the brother of Du Yunlong. You have killed my brother, then I will kill you to accompany my brother’s death!”

When his voice faded, he instantly held a backrest machete. It illuminated brilliantly. Although it wasn’t a Spirit Weapon grade yet, it wasn’t far away from it.

*Xiu* (A type of noise)

Chou Shan attacked with rage. He dashed forward as his legs touched the ground. The light of the machete slit the void around it and reached Du Shaofu in an instant.


The Demonic Scale Tiger let roars. Its wings spread out and pounced at Chou Shan with an even faster speed.

*Chi La*

The tiger’s claw crushed the light of the machete into pieces. Then, the claw continued forward with talisman patterns drifting around, it collided with Chou Shan’s large machete.

*Cheng* *Cheng

The impact generated a shock wave. The place between his thumb and forefinger became numb. Blood spurted out from his mouth. As he staggered backwards, the large machete fell from his grip.

“How can this demonic tiger be this strong?”

Chou Shan looked astonished. The Demonic Scale Tiger’s strength was greater than what he had expected. He was totally no match for the tiger.

“This demonic tiger isn’t an ordinary one. It would be an extraordinary reward if we could kill it and obtain its Arcane Bone and Blood Essence. We have to combine our strengths to kill it.”

Lu Changming came to Chou Shan’s side. His eyes were glaring with fire. The palm seals he condensed linked to his martial vein, an image of an unusual demonic eagle was formed.

“Kill Du Yunlong and that brat!”

Chou Shan nodded and yelled at the people behind. His hand seals also linked to his martial vein, an image of a demonic wolf-like beast appeared.

*Hong Long Long*

The both of them attacked the Demonic Scale Tiger with their Vein Souls erupting a terrifying Qi.


The Demonic Scale Tiger let out a roar, it was unafraid of the two. It spread its wings and charged forward.

Du Shaofu didn’t have any concerns for the tiger. When the Demonic Scale Tiger broke through to the intermediate Mailing realm back in Stone City, it could already kill three early Mailing experts. There were only two of them this time, naturally, he wouldn’t be worried about the tiger.

“Kill! Finish Du Yunlong off first!”

Bao Kongle took the chance to yell, leading the people behind him to charge forward. As for the youth in purple, he did not care about him.

Very few of the Maidong cultivators in West Pro Society had known Bao Kongle, so they looked at each other confused. After that, they charged forth to besiege Du Yunlong. 

“Be careful, Third Brother.”

Du Yunlong’s eyes became heavy. There was only a single  intermediate Maidong expert among them. Adding Bao Kongle, the intermediate Maidong expert became two. However, the number of early Maidong expert weren’t lesser than eight. Most of them were complete Xiantian warriors. So, he wasn’t worried about this scenario, especially about his Third Brother.


As soon as Du Yunlong’s word faded, an early Maidong brawny man thought of attacking the weak first. He must have seen that the youth in purple was the weakest among the two, so he sent a punch seal to Du Shaofu. The fluctuation of  xuanqi around the punch seal ripped the air off and produced a whistling howl before reaching Du Shaofu.

“Second Brother, like I said, just focus on that Bao Kongle, leave the rest to me!”

As his words faded, his face turned from a faint smile to calmness when saw the incoming punch. Instead of dodging, he made a step forward and struck with his right arm, sending a domineering right punch forth, colliding directly at the incoming punch.


As the punches collided with one another, strong gusts of wind were sent out. While Du Yunlong was worrying so much about his Third Brother, a bone cracking sound was heard from the early Maidong brawny man’s fist.

*Pu Chi*

The brawny man was sent flying away while spurting blood from his mouth before he hit a rocky wall, leaving lines of cracks on it. He then lay on the ground unmoving.

It was just a simple and clean strike that had killed an early Maidong expert. Du Yunlong was dumbfounded!

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