Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 140

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He had only seen the Demonic Scale Tiger’s attack in the previous battle, so he didn’t have any idea about Du Shaofu’s combat strength. In his point of view, even if his third brother was  powerful, but he wouldn’t be very powerful because he was still young.

“Third brother is so powerful!”

For a moment, he was astonished by Du Shaofu’s strength. It was only a simple attack yet it was enough to kill an early Maidong expert. He absolutely couldn’t do it even if  he was at his peak form. His shocked expression was then turned into a delight. 

“That youth is a powerful expert! He is more powerful than Du Yunlong!”

Initially, no one was paying attention to that purple-robed youth, but the sudden and terrifying change shook them all.  


Du Shaofu didn’t stop, his body moved again. Golden talisman symbols wrapped around his purple-robed. His Qi was overbearing. His body was encompassed by a pale golden light ring, making him look like a beast in human-form. Then, while his body was shining a dazzling light, he lunged and hit against those disciples of West Pro Society, who were charging at him as well.

He was like a canon. There was a burst everywhere he went. The disciples of West Pro Society were sent flying away one after another. No one from the outside dared to interrupt the battle as his imposing manner was domineering.

“This kid is too powerful. We have to combine our strength to attack him. Don’t panic!”

An intermediate Maidong expert widened his eyes. He was considered the calmest one as he quickly yelled out the commands after a moment of daze. His eye turned fierce and his palm turned into a claw. He then charged forward with his claw that was as sharp as a blade at Du Shaofu.


The claw seal was in mid-air, causing the air to form a whirlwind with a quick and forceful Qi. The degree of this Qi was absolutely one of  the strongest  in West Pro Society.

Du Shaofu darted a cold glance at the incoming claw. Right before the claw reached his body, he clenched his fist that was surrounded by golden talisman symbols before sending the punch at the centre of the claw seal.

The collision between the claw and the punch created a sudden gust of wind. As the two attacks were still in contact, Du Shaofu’s exerted his arm and a mighty force surged out from his punch.


A low and muffled voice was heard but Du Shaofu just stood as still as a hill. The intermediate Maidong cultivator moved backwards while his legs were still on the ground, causing the surface of the ground to crack. There was a ‘Ka’ ‘Ka’ sound from his palm. The bones in his arm were broken followed by a wail.


An intense wail of pain was heard. Du Shaofu’s silhouette moved forth to him. His punch landed on his opponent’s chest like a punch of a beast in human-form, crushing his ribs and vital organs.

“Third Brother is scary!”

Du Yunlong was gaping at Du Shaofu. He wouldn’t have thought that his Third Brother could reach such a powerful extent.

“Not good…”

Among the chaotic crowd, the monkey-looking man silently left the scene and attempted to go into the cavern when he realised that the situation wasn’t in his favour.

“Bao Kongle, you have betrayed Star Dragon Society and got the president and many brothers killed. I won’t let you leave today!”

Du Yunlong’s cold eyes were fixed on Bao Kongle. He moved forth and appeared before Bao Kongle in a flash.

“Master Du, Star Dragon Society is already no more. Listen to me, join West Pro Society. It will be a lot better than Star Dragon Society. After that, we can be brothers again.” Bao Kongle looked at Du Yunlong with a smile.

“How could I, Du Yunlong be a brother of someone like you?”

Du Yunlong snarled. He pounced on Kong Baole then his legs pushed against the ground. Xuanqi fluctuated around him, producing waves of xuanqi in the air.

“Du Yunlong, do you really think that you can stop me?”

Bao Kongle shouted. A strange short blade fluctuated with a white xuan qi pierced through the air, the light of the blade illuminated like a white lightning. The vibration produced gust of strong winds. It was stabbing at Du Yunlong’s direction in a ferocious way.

Du Yunlong’s eyes twitched. He immediately move sideways and retreated a step the moment the ferocious short blade was about to touch him.


The light of the blade touched Du Yunlong’s chest, leaving a line of rent on his robe. Yet, Du Yunlong didn’t show any surprise. At this crucial moment, a dagger shot out with a strong xuanqi from his hand.

*Pu Chi*  

The dagger pierced into Bao Kongle’s lower abdomen.

*Pu Chi*

He spurted out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were filled with fear and disbelief as he staggered backwards. Blood was trickling from his wound. He mumbled. “Impossible, how are you able to kill me? This is impossible…”

“It’s because I know you all too well but you don’t know me that well. So, you can’t defeat me.”

Du Yunlong lunged at Bao Kongle again. The dagger in his hand illuminated a dazzling cold light. He waved his dagger in a curve shape, slitting through Bao Kongle’s throat.

The hidden dagger in Du Yunlong right wrist had always been his trump card.

Everyone who knew Du Yunlong thought that his biggest weapon was the combat blade. As a matter of fact, he still have a deadly weapon – a dagger that he would only use during a life-or-death moment.

It was short and dangerous. It had always been his ultimate strike in a battle.

*Chi La*

As the dagger slit through Bao Kongle’s throat, blood gushed out from the wound. He immediately pressed his hands against his throat, but couldn’t speak a word. Then, he fell on the ground. 

Bao Kongle hadn’t thought that he would fall under Du Yunlong’s hands. He should have been more careful in the battle as Du Yunlong had the same cultivation as him. It should’ve been  very difficult for Du Yunlong to kill him. However, it was too late for regrets.


Not far away, the roar of a tiger resonated across the sky. After a series of exchanges, the Demonic Scale Tiger finally found the chance. Both of its tiger claws grabbed the two Vein Soul images summoned by Lu Changming and Chou Shan and ripped them off.

*Pu Chi*

The both of them spurted out blood. Their eyes were filled with terror. They hadn’t imagined that they wouldn’t be able to hold off this Demonic Scale Tiger even if they attacked together.

“Intermediate Mailing realm! Let’s retreat now!”

Lu Changming yelled in mid-air. The strength of this Demonic Scale Tiger was beyond his imagination. He wouldn’t be able to defeat the tiger. Now, he needed to flee.

How could the Demonic Scale Tiger allow the both of them to leave? Back in Stone City, it confronted the siege of three early Mailing experts. There were only two Mailing experts now. 


The tiger roared ferociously. His large wings flapped. Then he moved as fast as lightning. A violent windstorm was created and struck Lu Changming, rolling him up in mid-air.

*Chi La La*

After a short while, the Demonic Scale Tiger’s large tiger claws pressed against Lu Changming’s flying body, leaving a cavity in his chest, blood  gushing out of it. In the end, he was swallowed by the tiger.

“Not good, run…”

Chou Shan was frightened when he saw Lu Changming was eaten by the Demonic Scale Tiger. Where else could he find the guts to defend against the tiger? He pumped his xuanqi and stepped into the void to flee as fast as he could.   

But then again, the Demonic Scale Tiger wouldn’t let him slip away. It fluttered its wings and chased after him, as fast as lightning. It wouldn’t take long before it caught up with Chou Shan’s speed.

“Run, run now!”

“Master has already fled. Let’s run now!”

All of the disciples from West Pro Society around the cavern fled in panic. Who would dare to stay when their master was already gone?

Du Shaofu stopped his attack. He wasn’t interested in hunting them. He slightly frowned  and gazed at the entrance of the cavern not far away. While he was scanning it, with his mental force, he could sense the energy waves fluctuating in the cavern and the lights that were shining out faintly.

“Third brother, this is the cavern of the powerhouse that I had discovered.” Du Yunlong came to Du Shaofu’s side.

“Let’s go in and have a look.” Du Shaofu said. The both of them then walked in the cavern.

The cavern was surrounded with thick and solid rocks with uneven surfaces. They had no idea how this cavern was formed.

When Du Yunlong went into the cavern, he saw a few-meter large entrance. His eyes then turned solemn and said hastily. “There is a seal in this entrance but it’s already gone now. Could it be that someone has already entered the cavern?”

“Let’s go in and find out. Be careful.”

Du Shaofu said to Du Yunlong. Du Shaofu could feel the fluctuation of xuanqi in the cavern. The faint glow of light started to get brighter.

Du Shaofu was at the front and Du Yunlong was at the back. The two of them walked vigilantly into the cavern.

Inside the few-meter large entrance was a world of its own. It was a large area like  hill that had been emptied inside out.

“My god, what place is this?”

Du Yunlong couldn’t help but be stunned when he entered the cavern.

The cavern was blurry with smoke and fog and was illuminated with a dazzling light.

The source of the light was from a corner of the cavern. On the ground was about a thirty-meter large pile of sand. The sand illuminated a golden light. There was a meter tall tree in the middle of the sand. The leaves were dense and thick and the light shone from it was dazzling as well.

On top the tree was a fruit the size of a baby’s fist. It was shining with a golden light and was lingered with talisman symbols, making it look like a fine jade. A pleasant fragrance filled the cavern. It gave people the urge to bite on it. The golden talisman symbols from the tree shone like  golden flames blanketing it. A dense medicinal energy was fluctuating in the air. It hindered the xuanqi and mental force inside people’s body.

“This is…the Golden Pear!” Du Shaofu was stunned. He recalled Zhen Qingchun’s teachings about alchemy. He had introduced numerous kinds of herbs and one of them was called the Golden Pear, which had the similar features as the current one – the size of a baby’s fist.

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