Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 141

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The Golden Pear was an extremely rare high-grade herb. It was more than enough for concocting a highly valued Marquis Grade pill.

“That is…”

Du Yunlong’s gaze shifted to the middle-aged man sitting cross-legged under the luminous small tree. He had a shoulder-length hair, wide shoulders and a burly body. On a rock beside was a seven feet combat blade. It was reflecting the light of the golden talisman symbols above. 

*Chi La*

Suddenly, a sharp sound of wind was heard. A light pierced through the air towards Du Yunlong.

“Be careful second brother!”

Du Shaofu shouted. His silhouette moved in front of Du Yunlong. He condensed a hand seal. He clenched his forefinger and middle finger. A mild golden light of xuanqi was condensed on the fingertips before a finger seal was shot out. It then clashed with the incoming light attack.

*Hu La La*

The clash of two attacks vibrated the surrounding air and created a deep sound of explosion. Du Shaofu staggered a step backwards.

*Deng* *Deng*

A silhouette emerged. He staggered a few steps back while his eyes were full of astonishment.

“Peak Three Stars Spirit Talisman Master!”

Du Shaofu stared at the attacker who was about fifty-year-old elder with a loose robe. His gaze turned heavy. Judging by the Qi, the elder was a Spirit Talisman Master, a peak Three Stars Spirit Talisman Master.

“Third brother, this man is Tu Qianchi of White Tiger Sect. They call him elder Tu. He is a Spirit Talisman Master. He is also well-versed in arrays. He has a great reputation in Lan Ling City.” Du Yunlong’s face darkened as this elder was a Spirit Talisman Master and an Array Talisman Master. 

“Never thought that you two can intrude into the cavern. Where are Chou Shan and the others?”

Tu Qianchi looked at Du Shaofu and Du Yunlong in astonishment. The strength of the purple-robed youth alone already amazed him.

“So, you are the one who broke the seal of the entrance?”

Du Shaofu looked at him. He could sense some vibrations from the seals above the cavern. Since this elder was a Spirit Talisman Master, naturally he was the one who broke the seal of the entrance.

“Not bad, where are Chou Shan and the others?”

Tu Qianchi asked Du Shaofu again. His eyes sparkled faintly. Given the strength of Chou Shan and elder Lu, these two brats shouldn’t be able to enter the cavern. If there was a powerhouse who helped them, it would be a problem. In this cavern, the Golden Pear alone was an invaluable item. He wouldn’t allow anyone to seize such an item.

“They are all dead.”

As soon as his voice dropped, his body was wrapped with faint golden circles before he charged forth at Tu Qianchi. As a Spirit Talisman Master, he knew where the weak spots were. He made the first move to seize the initiative.

“Raging Storm Waves Palm!”

While he was charging at Tu Qianchi in a very fast speed, a hand seal – Ranging Storm Waves Palm was struck out. The hand seal created terrifying gusts of wind that crushed against Tu Qianchi.

“Brat! You are seeking death!”

Tu Qianchi’s eyes turned heavy. He didn’t think that this purple-robed youth would made the first move to attack. He formed a hand seal that was covered with the energy of talisman, it turned into a large vortex of light that defended against the incoming attack.


Du Shaofu’s Raging Storm Waves Palm was blocked by the large vortex of light. It couldn’t break through the energy of talisman in the large vortex.

His eyes glittered with a faint golden light. His hand seal changed as an extra xuanqi was pumped into it, quickening the speed of fluctuation of the talisman symbols.


An aggressive Qi exploded from Du Shaofu’s hand seal along with a yell. Then, it violently collided with the vortex of light.


A sound of explosion rumbled from the impact. Gusts of rippling waves surge out in all directions through the cavern like a windstorm.

*Deng* *Deng*

Tu Qianchi’s body received a shivering backlash before he was pushed backwards heavily. Every step that he made left cracks on the ground. He let out an annoyed humph! after being pushed a few steps backwards and forcefully landed one of his legs on the ground, crushing a rock below his feet to stop himself.

“Complete Xiantian realm…how is this possible?”

Tu Qianchi’s eyes glinted with astonishment when he looked at Du Shaofu. As a Spirit Talisman Master, he was able to determine that the purple-robed youth was merely a complete Xiantian cultivator by his spiritual force. However, he didn’t know why the youth’s combat strength had reached such a terrifying extent.

Du Shaofu was not  surprised that he could suppress Tu Qianchi. This was because the physique of a Spirit Talisman Master would never be as strong as a martial cultivator. The same goes for the martial cultivator, they had weaker spiritual force than a Spirit Talisman Master.

Of course, there were some exceptions towards these facts. In fact, there were exceptions to anything but such exceptions would only happen rarely.


His feet gripped the ground and charged at Tu Qianchi once more. If he gave his opponent the opportunity to take a breather, he would lose his advantage.

“Brat, you aren’t finished yet?”

Tu Qianchi looked at Du Shaofu with shock. Then, his murderous intent was aroused. Eleven array flags were condensed from both of his palms, terrifying vibrations were unleashed from them.

“Third Star Talisman Array.”

Du Shaofu’s silhouette didn’t move. Du Yunlong, who was not too far away changed his face dramatically. Talisman array was something that people won’t usually touch.

“Profound Rain Violent Array!”

Tu Qianchi, who was smirking turned pale, but the smirk slowly turned into a grin. All of the energy in his body was instilled into the eleven condensed flag arrays. 

“Brat, go to hell!”

As he waved, the eleven flag arrays charged at Du Shaofu and Du Yunlong. The flag arrays surrounded the both of them in a flash.

*Hong Long*

the air trembled intensely as the eleven array flags vanished into the air.

In this short period of time, a wild wind howled along with some faint lightning. An uncommon talisman array emerged in the cavern all of a sudden.

Du Shaofu and Du Yunlong had entered into an illusory dimension. They appeared in the middle of a heavy rain. These rain would dissipate bits of their xuanqi as it touched them.

“Third brother, we are trapped in this talisman array. What do we do now?”

Du Yunlong’s facial expression changed drastically. As a martial cultivator, he had no knowledge in talisman arrays. Currently, he would not be able to destroy this strange talisman array. He could only protect himself against the corrosive rain with a circle of light formed by his xuanqi.

Du Shaofu’s body was encompassed by circles of golden talisman symbols. He didn’t fear the rainstorm at all. As he looked around the talisman array, his face revealed a smile. He said. “This  talisman array is a lot weaker than the Four Stars Talisman Array. The power of the talisman array would’ve been greater if he hadn’t broken the seal of the cavern. He had already used up a portion of his energy after breaking the seal of the cavern. So, the power of this talisman array is only at fifty to sixty percent of its full power.”

As he finished, an energy of talisman rippled out of his hands and then into the void within the talisman array.

“This is….Oh my god! Third brother is also a Spirit Talisman Master!”

Du Yunlong gaped at Du Shaofu’s hand seals and the rippling energy of talisman. 

Judging from Du Shaofu’s surrounding Qi, he was sure that his third brother is also a Spirit Talisman Master and an Array Talisman Master at that.

In the cavern, the energy of the talisman array trembled violently. Tu Qianchi’s pale face turned into a cold smirk. He wouldn’t allow anyone to seize the precious items. His talisman array was powerful enough to kill those two brats.

Suddenly, a terrifying energy shook the talisman array, then, it exploded all of a sudden. His cold smirk turned into a face of shock.

*Hong Long*

The violent energy shook the entire cavern, pulverizing the talisman array.

*Pu Chi*

Tu Qianchi’s face turned into disbelief. His eyes were filled with fear. Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. He couldn’t believe that this was happening.


As the talisman array was pulverised, a blurry image of a purple-robed youth rushed out like a spectre. His hand was wrapped with a dazzling pale golden light, it landed on his opponent’s body ruthlessly.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

The sound of thirteen punches were heard. The fist seals landed on Tu Qianchi’s chest like lightning. The terrifying energy from the punches sent him flying away. He hit against the inner wall of the cavern violently and lost his vital force.

“He is dead!”

Du Yunlong was stupefied as he gaped at the dead Tu Qianchi.

“Second brother, quickly pack up. We have to leave here as soon as possible.”

Du Shaofu said to Du Yunlong while keeping the storage pouch into his clothes. Then, the two of them approached the small tree that was wrapped with a golden fire and planted in the golden sand.

“This must be the rumoured powerhouse who died.”

Du Yunlong’s gaze shifted to a middle-aged man sitting cross-legged on the ground. His eyes were sending out some vibration and a shapeless Qi was attempting to awaken the middle-aged man.

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