Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 142

Second owed chapter!

“Hold on Third Brother.” Du Yunlong pulled Du Shaofu and said. “This senior must be the powerhouse who fell into the thousand-cavern. He is our senior anyhow. We cannot be rude to him.”

When his voice dropped, he knelt down and kowtowed sincerely in front of the middle-aged man below the glowing small tree. When he stood up, he saw Du Shaofu was smiling bitterly. He then said, “Don’t dislike your Second Brother for nagging you. This is the teaching from Eldest Uncle and my father. There are some courtesy which we should know.”

“Alright.” Du Shaofu nodded. Then, he too bowed to show his respect to the middle-aged man.

“Correct, this is how it should be done. Let’s move in.” Du Yunlong nodded with satisfaction.

“We’ll pluck the Golden Pear first.”

Du Shaofu couldn’t wait and stepped onto the golden sand, walking step by step to the glowing small tree. The vibration of the strong medicinal aura made Du Shaofu’s heartbeat synchronize with it.

Du Yunlong was staring at the middle-aged man while approaching the small tree.

The moment when Du Yunlong stood in front of the middle-aged man who had lost his vital force, the man opened his eyes all of a sudden.

*Hu La!*

Dazzling light of talisman rushed out of his eyes and blanketed Du Yunlong at lightning speed. A terrifying wave of light energy penetrated through the spot between Du Yunlong’s eyes.

“You are a junior who honours and respects seniors. You will be the one to receive my inheritance!”

A sudden hearty voice was heard within the light-ring of talisman. As the voice faded, boundless dazzling and sphere-like light of talisman surrounded Du Yunlong within.

“Second Brother!”

Du Shaofu was astonished and worried at the same time. He didn’t expect something like this would happen and thus he currently had no idea how to deal with this situation.


At this moment, a palm size golden light shot out from the golden sand all of a sudden towards the glowing Golden Pear.

“Who dares to seize my Golden Pear?”

Du Shaofu regained his senses and yelled. He struck out an energy wave using his left hand at the incoming golden light while his right hand plucked the Golden Pear.


The impact produced a low rumble, but it only deflected the incoming golden light a little. A few seconds later, it continued its chase for the Golden Pear in Du Shaofu’s right hand.

Du Shaofu quickly stepped backwards to avoid the golden light.

“Not good…”

Suddenly, Du Shaofu’s expression changed drastically when the Golden Pear which he had just plucked melted into a viscous lump of golden energy.

A surging wave of medicinal energy exploded, making it hard for Du Shaofu to breathe.

“Bastard! You have ruined my herb. I have waited for ten years for it. It can’t be touched by human hands.”  The voice was tender but sounded angered and frustrated.


The moment the voice was heard, the golden light charged at Du Shaofu’s right hand, attempting to seize the medicinal liquid from him.

“I don’t care who you are. I won’t let you seize my things away!”

Du Shaofu yelled and put the medicinal liquid into his mouth, sucking all of them down into his throat.

After swallowing the liquid of the Golden Pear, no one would be able to seize it anymore.

“Bastard, you are just a human! How can you swallow it directly? That’s my herb, the herb which I have waited for ten years!”

The tender voice in the golden light cursed and snarled. Then, it fell to the ground from mid-air,  it had lost all its strength. It was no longer active.

There was still a tender voice in the golden light as itt cursed, “You foolish human, your body will certainly explode and die. The Golden Pear is still mine after your body explodes.”

“What an overpowering energy.”

After swallowing the liquid of the Golden Pear down his throat, Du Shaofu suddenly felt a vast amount of energy that was beyond his imagination erupting inside of him.

As the liquid of the Golden Pear entered his body, it turned into a dazzling golden light sphere like a sun, glowing with talisman lights and releasing a huge amount of energy.

*Hong Long!*

The enormous energy was unleashed from the liquid and diffused into Du Shaofu’s viscera, blood vessels, meridian, skin, muscles and bones.


The energy was overwhelming. Du Shaofu’s body parts and organs weren’t able to stand it, as if the energy was going to erupt from his cells. The sharp and acute pain made him let out a wail involuntarily.

“I’ll refine it!”

He couldn’t care much anymore. He forthwith sat on the ground cross-legged and began to refine the boundless energy in the Golden Pear using the Golden-winged Garuda’s cultivation law.

In the process, the refined energy turned into xuanqi and entered his meridians and then into his shenque in his abdomen.

However, the explosions of the surging energy caused Du Shaofu to continue to feel the acute pain. If he were replaced by any complete Xiantian warrior, the warrior would instantly explode and die due to the eruption of the energy.

A few moments later, a layer of plain golden energy wrapped around Du Shaofu’s body. He was immersed in refining the energy of the Golden Pear in his body.

The boundless energy in the Golden Pear was constantly turned into xuanqi and flowed into his shenque through the Golden-winged Garuda’s cultivation method. It was also nurturing his limbs, bones and muscles.


The Demonic Scale Tiger walked into the cavern. Its mouth was still dripping with blood. Apparently, it had killed the fleeing Chou Shan.

He glared around the cavern and felt dubious.

“Why is there a demonic beast here? It seems like a throwback to the Demonic Scale Tiger of intermediate Mailing realm.”

On the golden sand, the tender voice of the golden light spoke with doubts, and was somehow fearful of the demonic beast. Its light started to dim and its Qi became stagnant, and became hard to notice its existence.

Finally, the Demonic Scale Tiger saw Du Shaofu and Du Yunlong. Its eyes twitched when it felt the changes in the both of them. They must have gotten something good. Then, it retreated to the entrance of the cavern and laid crouching on the ground while guarding the surrounding vigilantly.

As time passed slowly, the boundless energy from the liquid of the Golden Pear wrapped around Du Shaofu’s viscera and nourished his bones. The continuous flow of xuanqi was filling up his shenque and raising his Qi, pushing his cultivation to peak Complete Xiantian realm. It was likely that he would break through the Xiantian realm.

‘Suppress it. I must not break through before fortifying my foundation.’

Du Shaofu remained alert in the process. He shouldn’t make the breakthrough yet. Foundation was vitally important if he were to break the barrier of Mailing realm.

To any cultivator, breaking through the barrier of the next realm was tempting and exciting because of the enhancement of one’s strength and cultivation.

Du Shaofu remembered what Zhen Qingchun said, a strong cultivator should stand the temptation of breaking through the next realm in order to build a firm foundation. When the flow of xuanqi was inhibited in his shenque, the energy from the Golden Pear went to nourish his limbs and viscera instead.

“Why is it that nothing is happening to this human yet? How could this happen…?”

The tender voice of the golden light in the pile of golden sand muttered.

Night. The curve moon rose to the sky and was covered by transparent grey clouds. Above Stone City was a mist of smoke that looked like a dreamland.

Across the courtyard, in the main hall, a brawny man stared at the frightened and pale-faced man and said in a deep voice, “What did you say? Elder Lu was killed? Who killed him?”

“One of them was Du Yunlong of Star Dragon Society, the other two were a purple-robed youth and a Mailing realm Demonic Scale Tiger. The demonic tiger was too powerful. We were absolutely powerless and Elder Lu was eaten by the tiger.” The pale looking man shivered as he spoke.

“What about Elder Tu?” The brawny man asked.

“Elder Tu was breaking the seal outside the cavern. I don’t know anything that happened after that.” Another youth said with a shivering tone.

The brawny man’s face darkened. He then said, “Could it be that the cavern is really the place where the powerhouse had fallen? It seems like I will have to go there personally.” 

“Master, many days have already passed. Don’t you think that it is already too late for us to go there?” A sixty-year-old elder said.

“Elder Tu’s whereabouts and situation are still unknown. His talisman array would be able hold on for a while even if it was attacked by an  intermediate Mailing Demonic Scale Tiger.” The brawny man said with a darkened face.

“Father, I will follow you.”

In the main hall, a stalwart youth with wide and muscular chest walked out. He was one of the four young lords of Lan Ling City, He Jun.

“How are your injuries?” The brawny man asked with gentleness. 

“Nothing much now. They are just external injuries. That brat didn’t hit me heavy enough.” He Jun said with a bitter smile.

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