Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 143

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“I have already checked it for you. That youth named Du Shaofu is a member of Lan Ling Prefecture. Try to avoid him if you encountered him next time. It’s better if we don’t offend the people of Lan Ling Prefecture.”

The brawny man said to He Jun. “Since you are fine, come with me to the A-Thousand-Cavern. I heard that there was a Demonic Tiger in the city recently. Some say that the beast is related to Lan Ling Prefecture. However, no one knows whether that Demonic Tiger is related to A-Thousand-Cavern.”


Time passed unknowingly. In the cavern, Du Shaofu’s body was blanketed by a pale golden light. The surging energy was vibrating in his body, producing faint rumbling sounds like the roars of a raging river. His skin glowed with an unknown talisman pattern as the vibration of the energy grew stronger.

“I can’t suppress it any longer. I’m going to break through.”

The energy in Du Shaofu’s body vibrated intensely. The xuanqi in his shenque had already been suppressed for over nine times. He could no longer suppress it anymore. The energy of the Golden Pear was exceedingly vast and the energy that flowed from it was abundant.

Maidong realm – the name of this realm indicated the meaning behind it, it was significantly related to martial pulse. Any cultivator who advanced from Houtian realm to Xiantian realm was a cultivator who had surpassed the level of a martial cultivator.

When one broke through to Maidong realm, one had already reached the great divide. There was a significant difference between these two realms.

In Xiantian realm, one needed to unlock the shenque and condense xuanqi. In Maidong realm, it allowed one to unlock the martial pulse and use martial strength.

Martial pulse was very important to a martial cultivator’s cultivation. This importance would become obvious when the cultivator broke through to the Maidong realm.

Unlocking the martial pulse and condensing the spirit pulse were necessary in Maidong realm. They were also the key in the path of a more advanced martial path.

After reaching the Maidong realm, the first thing that one should do was to condense the pulse spirit.

In general, the pulse spirit could be unlocked using the blood essence of a demonic beast. The higher the grade of the demonic beast, the higher the quality of the blood essence. Naturally, the effect would be greater.

The higher the level of the martial pulse, the greater the strength one would be in Maidong realm. 

If one’s martial pulse was low in level, it could not withstand the blood essence of higher grade demonic beast and would burst.

So, this was the part where the level of the martial pulse would show its importance.

When the unlocked martial pulse was condensed into the pulse spirit, one could condense a pulse spirit beast using their martial pulse. This would become the strongest technique of a Maidong warrior.

The strength of a pulse spirit in the body would be enormous, it would  almost be as powerful as one’s combat strength. However, when one’s spirit pulse was injured, the physique would also be severely injured.

As such, exerting the pulse spirit would only mean that one is using his or her full strength.

Among the millions of living creatures in this world, the human race was unusually tiny and weak. If a martial cultivator was compared to a demonic beast of similar cultivation, the martial cultivator would often be weaker.

In the ancient legends, the progenitor of human race started to worship those powerful beasts. Back when the human race was still very weak, they worshipped these powerful beasts as totems.

Some of these ancient humans would even brand the print of beasts on their bodies, hoping that they could one day obtain their powers.

In the course of time, some extraordinary humans started to create some profound techniques and cultivate. Then, they integrated the blood essence of the demonic beasts into their cultivation.

When the human race rose, different groups of humans sought hegemony across the world, making the entire world turbulent.

No one knew how many years had passed before the martial cultivators of this world developed into this stage.

Some said that whether it was a human or a demonic beast, they all possessed three souls and seven spirits. The three souls were: the heavenly soul, earth soul and the life soul. The seven spirits were: s Tian Chong (a type of meridian), intelligence, Qi, strength, pivot, essence and bravery. These seven spirits were hidden in the blood.

As soon as the martial pulse was unlocked by the blood essence of a demonic beast, the martial pulse would then mix with the seven spirits of the demonic beast, gaining the power of the demonic beast.

The pulse spirit of a martial cultivator was related to it. If the martial cultivator selected a demonic beast that was closely linked to his pulse spirit, it would be easier for him to comprehend the ability of the demonic beast.

Thus, choosing a suitable demonic beast as a pulse spirit was very important to a martial cultivator who had advanced to the Maidong realm.

However, putting aside the type of  demonic beast selected to be the pulse spirit, the strength of the martial cultivator still played a greater role in this.

Even if a proper demonic beast was selected, it didn’t mean that the cultivator could easily get it. There were even some cultivators with extraordinary martial pulse, but due to them having weak support, they ended up using ordinary demonic beast’s blood essence to condense their pulse spirit.

Although Du Shaofu had already broken through to Maidong realm, he didn’t need to prepare the blood essence of a demonic beast himself, as he was cultivating the cultivation law of the Golden-Winged Garuda. This cultivation law didn’t require the use of the blood essence of a demonic beast to unlock the martial pulse and condense the pulse spirit.

Other demonic beasts also didn’t require the unlocking of the martial pulse and condensing the pulse spirit in their cultivation. This was the obvious difference between the humans and demonic beasts in cultivation.

Humans had been pursuing the strength of the demonic beast because it had greater power.

Of course, this did not indicate that humans were weaker than demonic beasts. Otherwise, the human race wouldn’t develop into such a prosperous phase. In terms of strength, beasts would naturally be stronger, however, when it comes to comprehension and wisdom, humans have the natural advantage.

In fact, the human body was most suitable for cultivation. That was why beasts would turn into their human form once they broke through the Beast King realm. 

Although demonic beasts didn’t need to condense a pulse spirit, the Maidong realm was still very important to them. It would act as their foundation for future cultivation. If one could build a stable and firm foundation in Maidong realm, one’s cultivation path would flourish.

The Qi in Du Shaofu’s body had risen to a greater height. Plenty of golden talisman patterns were surging out of his body.

He could no longer hold the massive amount of xuanqi in his shenque. His body was now blanketed with circles of golden light that brightened up the entire cavern.

There were countless of talisman patterns glowing within the golden light. Within the talisman patterns was the terrifying Qi of the Golden-Winged Garuda that shuddered thousands of beasts.


In the cavern, the Demonic Scale Tiger felt the terrifying Qi. Its eyes looked frightened when it looked at the circles of talisman patterns.

Then, the dense talisman patterns arranged itself and formed the image of the Golden-Winged Garuda behind Du Shaofu’s back. The Qi around his body was at the pinnacle state. The image of the beast was life like, and it seemed it wanted to soar up to the sky.

“This is strange. Could it be that this kid isn’t a human but a Golden-Winged Garuda?”

In the golden sand, a voice of astonishment was heard coming from the pale golden light.

At this moment, the Qi in Du Shaofu’s body still continued to rise. He was immersed into an unusual state.

Under this condition, his body started to change internally. The talisman patterns outside of his body diffused into his flesh and blood, and caused changes to his body. These talisman patterns were like seeds in the soil, it germinated and sprouted in his body.

Du Shaofu’s body was now wrapped by the talisman patterns, and the image of the Golden-Winged Garuda was swirling behind him.

His entire body was undergoing some kind of inexplicable transformation. He could feel that his body was being planted by the talisman patterns.

His bones, flesh and meridians resonated with the talisman patterns. Every piece of his bones was transforming and continuous clunking sound was heard.

He felt like he was going to become a terrifying Golden-Winged Garuda under this transformation.

During the transformation, he could clearly feel his flesh becoming rougher. Whether it was the endurance or the agility of his physique, both were enhanced tremendously.

This transformation made Du Shaofu gain a deeper understanding of the Golden-Winged Garuda’s mystery. The image of the Garuda behind him merged with his real body, as if they were fusing to become one.

The image of the Golden-Winged Garuda was the spirit, his body was the shape. The fusion was happening in his body inside and out simultaneously. The Qi in his body grew stronger to the point that it felt extraordinary.

Finally, his Qi stopped at a peak.

Currently, Du Shaofu’s entire body was full of talisman patterns that glowed brilliantly and domineeringly like the sunshine.

The image of the Golden-Winged Garuda spiralled unpredictably. The overbearing aura produced by it trembled the entire cavern, producing rumbling sounds.

“Broke through to Maidong realm!”

Du Shaofu roared all of a sudden. The golden talisman patterns glittered brightly and all the xuanqi in his body rushed towards his lower abdomen – shenque

The image of the Golden-Winged Garuda behind him let out a thunderous roar at this moment.

A shapeless barrier was broken by Du Shaofu. He had suppressed the surging xuanqi for over nine times and at this time, the overwhelming xuanqi have broken through the barrier of the Maidong realm with ease.


A bang was heard from his shenque, He could feel his heart rising and felt like waves of xuanqi was moving like a raging wave in his shenque.

At this moment, Du Shaofu could feel himself reaching an all-new level. A surge of greater energy fluctuated in his body. The intensity of this energy was many times stronger  than the Complete Xiantian realm.

*Hu La La*

The image of the Golden-Winged Garuda turned into talisman patterns and entered Du Shaofu’s body, causing crackling and clanging sounds, golden light glittered uncontrollably. 

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