Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 144

1st  regular chapter! 


At the opening of the cavern, the Demonic Scale Tiger let out a deep roar. It shifted its gaze on the outskirts of the cavern, as if it had instinctively found something outside, way before it pounced out of the cavern.

“How could this have happened? This guy isn’t a human but a Golden-Winged Garuda? I have yearned for the Golden Pear for ten whole years, I won’t allow this guy to take it away from me. I must get it back.”

The pale-golden light from the sand vibrated after the departure of Demonic Scale Tiger. It then turned into a light beam and shot at Du Shaofu’s brain.


This seemingly powerful golden light beam shifted into the shape of a palm, and headed straight for Du Shaofu’s head.  

At this moment, something inside Du Shaofu’s body was kick-started. A wide expanse of mysterious light erupted. Every beam of mystical light was jumping out of his body.

*Chi La La*

These muddy mystical lights were connected to his meridians, veins and his entire body. It travelled extremely fast to condense a layer of light on the surface of his body. A wave of terrifying power could be felt from it.

The degree of this Qi wasn’t any weaker than that of  the previous illusion of the Golden-Winged Garuda.


The light beam flying towards Du Shaofu was wrapped and contained by by the light coming from his body.

“This is Martial Pulse Spirit Seal, the spirit seal can be formed using the martial pulse. Is this guy a Golden-Winged Garuda or a human? What kind of martial pulse is this? How can it form a Martial Pulse Spirit Seal? Only those most outstanding of the human race possess such martial pulse. This is going to be troublesome.”

The voice from the golden light was in terror. No matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t escape from the containment. Besides, the blanket of light was becoming tighter. Every ray of light was like a steel wire, trying to cut the golden light within into pieces. 

“Not good, the martial pulse is trying to awaken itself. I’m in serious trouble now. What is this brat?!”

The tender voice inside the golden light was fearful and terrified. Then, the light around it exploded with talisman patterns. Its Qi intensified.

*Chi La La*

Despite the eruption, the golden light was still trapped in the blanket of the light. And, the light squeezed tighter against it instead.

The tight pressure of the wire-like light beams started to enter the golden light’s body, as though they were going to slice through it.

“Ouch! Why is this martial pulse so powerful? Luck it’s not by my side this time.”

The voice spread out of the golden light again groaning in pain.


Some liquid started to flow out of the golden light’s body due to the pressure. The liquid was unusual and multi-coloured. There were also talisman pattern existing in the liquid.

The energy vibrating in the liquid was so terrifying as if it was powerful enough to reach a resonance with the energy of heaven and earth.

The multi-coloured liquid flowed out like fresh blood and then was absorbed by the net of the wire-like light.  

The wire-like light net turned brighter as it absorbed, as if they were instilled with some kind of life force and going to turn alive soon!

“I have suffered great loss this time because of this despicable brat! I will settle the score with you later.”

The tender voice was heard again. It was like it was on the verge of collapse. Then, a surging energy rushed out of its body.

This light was also illuminated with many colours. The terrifying Qi from the light was increasing and turning aggressive, trying to free the golden light from the net.


Finally, the golden light was able to escape from the grasp of its containment, falling on top of a golden pile of sand not far away. The brilliant shine from the golden light started to fade and dim. In the end, the light died, leaving a palm sized ancient and coppery rock.

The light surrounding Du Shaofu’s body dissipated gradually as well but the multi-coloured liquid had diffused into his body.

Du Shaofu could vaguely feel something turning alive in his body. It was evolving and condensing itself…

In the cavern, the dazzling circles of talisman light around Du Yunlong converged and dissipated slowly, going into his body. Then, a forceful Qi surged out his body, shaking the entire cavern and producing echoes of sounds.

*Chi* *Chi*

His eyes glittered as they opened. Currently, the Qi around his body was the Qi of complete Maidong realm. He had advanced from intermediate Maidong realm to late Maidong realm and then complete Maidong realm. 

Such incredible speed of advancement obviously had astonished him. He could feel the changes that occurred in his body. It was no longer the same as before. His shenque was full of xuanqi. It gave him the feeling to roar them out.

Right after he opened his eyes, he turned to find the strange feeling coming from the cavern.

“Third Brother…!”

Du Yunlong was amazed. His eyes swept across the place and saw the image of a mountain peak behind Du Shaofu’s back. If one looked closely, the mountain peak was formed by five mountain peaks.

The five mountain peaks were about the size of a palm. The middle one was the highest. The first mountain peak was the roughest and the last was the finest. The combination made it look like the Five-Finger Mountain

This imaginary Five-Finger Mountain was forming, evolving and condensing at the same time. It was like it had been given life. It was nourished by spiritual energy, and also by the heaven and earth energy. It looked extremely abstruse.

The terrifying energy released from it suffocated Du Yunlong. It caused his body to shiver involuntarily.

“Early Maidong realm… Could this be the pulse spirit that was condensed by Third Brother? How can his pulse spirit be a mountain?” Du Yunlong was shocked when he realised that Du Shaofu had merely broken through to early Maidong realm.

As for the imaginary mountain, he had never seen or heard of a phenomenon as shocking as this. Why wasn’t a human’s spirit pulse a demonic beast, but a big mountain?

However, Du Yunlong could sense the extraordinary Qi from the mountain. He was sure that the mountain wasn’t any ordinary mountain.

Du Shaofu was still keeping his eyes closed. The chaotic energy in his body shone out his body, illuminating the cavern.


Outside the cavern, the tiger’s roar was rolling and rumbling in the sky.

“Could it be that someone has come?” 

Du Yunlong’s shifted his eyes towards the opening of the cavern with a confused expression.

*Chi* *Chi*

At this moment, Du Shaofu could feel the image of the large mountain turn into a talisman pattern and entered the back of his body. He then opened his eyes. His eyes were glittered with a domineering Qi, the Qi of the early Maidong realm.

“Third Brother, what happened to you?”

Du Yunlong stood up and asked Du Shaofu worriedly.

“I’m fine. What about you?”

Du Shaofu stood up. He could feel a tremendous change in his body, as though his body had been purified and replaced by new and stronger parts. Despite all of that, the energy of the Golden Pear wasn’t fully refined yet. There were still some leftover energy in his body.

He could feel it from the huge amount of energy in his body that his current strength was many times greater than before.

“I have received the inheritance imparted by senior and broken through to complete Maidong realm. It’s a long story, but I will tell you the details later.” Du Yunlong said.

“Congratulations Second Brother.”

Du Shaofu felt happy for Du Yunlong. He had never thought that his second brother would be able to obtain such an inheritance because it required the luck of a person. It also indicated that his second brother had greater luck than him. Due to the inheritance being semi sentient, it could select the proper person to receive itsgift.

Despite that, he didn’t feel any regrets. Even if he had gotten the inheritance, it wouldn’t be of much help to him. Besides, he had gotten the Golden Pear.

“Huh? What’s this? Seems like it has some connection with me.”

After he spoke, he stared at the pile of sand below his feet.

They had no idea when the golden pile of sand turned into normal brown sand.

Even the small tree that bore the Golden Pear withered. It had lost all of its vital force and the vibration of energy was no different to a withered plant.

However, a palm size ancient and coppery rock caught Du Shaofu’s attention.

“This rock sure is strange.”

Du Shaofu held the coppery rock in his hand. The rock had the shape of Five-Finger Mountain. Despite its size, it was heavy and took effort to hold.

“This is an extraordinary rock. If it is used to hit someone, I suppose it will break the person’s skull.” Du Shaofu said. 

He kept the coppery rock into his chest and turned to Du Yunlong. “Second Brother, someone has come. Let’s go out and see.”

“Wait up, Third Brother.”

Du Yunlong stood before the combat blade inserted into the ground and said in a soft tone. “Thousand Kill, follow me from now on.”

As he finished, he held the seven feet combat blade in his hand. The handle of the blade was club-shaped. Three feet above the blade, it was illuminating great amount of talisman light. It was like the combat blade had come to life.

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