Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 145

2nd regular chapter! 


The combat blade howled like a tempest, trembling the entire cavern. The light illuminating from the talisman was swift and fierce. 

“This is a talisman weapon!”

Du Shaofu was shocked. His second brother’s combat blade named ‘Thousand Kill’  was actually a talisman weapon.

In general, it was already very hard for a Mailing expert to have a spirit weapon, let alone a talisman weapon which was a notch higher than spirit weapon.

“Good blade!”

Du Yunlong looked delighted. His previous combat blade was broken by Chou Jiang. It looked like this ‘Thousand Kill’ blade was a weapon that was waiting  its true master’s arrival.

A Talisman Rank combat blade was priceless. If news of this weapon spread out, it would not only shake Lan Ling City but the entire empire.

Using a talisman weapon would certainly improve one’s strength significantly.

“Drip your blood for you to be acknowledged.”

Du Yunlong condensed a hand seal. Blood dripped on the Thousand Kill blade through his fingertips. It caused the talisman light on the blade to ripple and a terrifying wave of Qi was unleashed. After a few moments, it finally stopped.

“Return to me!”

The mystical hand seals landed on the ‘Thousand Kill’. When the last hand seal was formed, the seven feet combat blade turned into a talisman light and went straight into Du Yunlong’s palm and vanished.

Du Shaofu didn’t feel the slightest bit of oddness from the scene. Any weapon of Spirit Rank and above wouldn’t need to be carried in a storage pouch. It could be kept into one’s shenque and would be nourished by xuanqi, like how the bones, muscles and limbs were nourished.

The weapon would be more connected to the master when it was nourished. It would become like a part of the master’s body. Besides that, the nourishment could also upgrade the rank of the weapon.

*Ka* *Ka*

As the Thousand Kill combat blade entered Du Yunlong’s body, the bones of the middle-aged man who was sitting cross-legged produced a cracking sound before he turned into dust in front of Du Shaofu and Du Yunlong.

“Dust will return to dust and soil will return to the soil. I couldn’t disagree with this. I am your disciple from now on for I have received your  inheritance. I will ensure a proper burial for master’s remains.”

Du Yunlong said. Then, he buried the skeleton powder of the middle-aged man using the piles of sand. After worshiping his master, he turned to Du Shaofu and said. “Third brother, let’s go.”


Du Shaofu nodded. While they were about to leave, they didn’t notice that the cavern trembled lightly. Lines of cracks appeared on the surface of the walls.

Roughly ten silhouettes stood outside of the cavern. Their attention were focused on the sky.

They saw a robust man wrapped with dazzling talisman energy and fluctuating xuanqi that looked like a whirlwind.

In front of the robust man was a sixty meters large flying tiger, spiralling in the air. The terrifying Qi from it shivered people’s heart.


The robust man took a deep breath as he fixed his eyes on the Demonic Scale Tiger. This intermediate Mailing demonic tiger was a lot stronger than what he had imagined. He wouldn’t be  able to control it even though he was a already a completed Mailing warrior.


The Demonic Scale Tiger let out a roar and glared at the robust man. It flapped its wings hard, creating a storm. Pale golden talisman patterns fluctuated on its wings. Its body pounced forward at lightning speed. Thumping sounds were produced as the void began to crackle by the for of its terrifying Qi. It reached the robust man in an instant.

“This Demonic Scale Tiger sure is powerful!”

Astonishment could clearly be seen in the robust man’s eyes. He clenched his fists and stamped forward. A knuckle seal that was wrapped with xuanqi rippled with light. A series of afterimages was left behind as he moved. Then, he materialized in front of the Demonic Scale Tiger.

The large body of the Demonic Scale Tiger charged forward. A large tiger claw that was blanketed with a pale golden light ripped the space off as it moved and collided with the incoming knuckle seal.

*Chi La La*

Two silhouettes came to a half in mid-air. Under the fierce energy, the robust man was forced to stagger a few steps back. He had fully defended the terrifying attack of the tiger claw.

Demonic Scale Tiger was sent backwards as well but it quickly regained its balance with a flap of its wings. Despite the fact that it was only an intermediate Mailing beast, it was still able to withstand the attack of a completed Mailing warrior. 

“This demonic tiger is truly strong! It can even withstand the master’s attack.”

The ten warriors below changed their expression instantly when they saw how powerful the demonic tiger was.

“It seems like I will need to launch my strongest attack to defeat this monster!”

The robust man’s eyes became heavy. The xuanqi in his body was surging, causing the energy particles in the sky to vibrate. He then yelled at the people below. “All Mailing warriors, attack at the same time to take down this Demonic Scale Tiger!”


Among them, four Mailing warriors rose to the top. Three elders and a middle-aged woman surrounded the tiger in all sides. There was a late Mailing warrior, an intermediate Mailing warrior and two early Mailing warriors. They had all surrounded the Demonic Scale Tiger.


The Demonic Scale Tiger roared with an incredible Qi and was about  to pounce violently.

“Attack now!”

The three elders and the middle-aged woman lunged at the Demonic Scale Tiger simultaneously. Energy rushed forth in four directions. The talisman patterns from the attacks attempted to encompass the Demonic Scale Tiger.

*Hong Long Long*

It flapped its wings, creating a rolling storm. Pale golden talisman patterns fluctuated on top of the wings. The explosive force pulverised the attacks of the four Mailing experts.

“Evil beast!”

The robust man appeared behind the Demonic Scale Tiger like a ghostly figure. The light of a knuckle seal produced a thumping sound that travelled forth and landed violently on the Demonic Scale Tiger’s back.

*Bang* *Bang*

A deep explosive sound like of fireworks was heard from the sky. The huge impact pressed the huge body of the Demonic Scale Tiger downwards, causing it to fall from the sky.

Outside the cavern, two silhouettes emerged in rapid speed. The purple-robed silhouette travelled like lightning to the group of warriors below the battlefield.

“Be careful, someone came out of the cavern!”

Someone yelped. Although this group of warriors were only Maidongexperts, they weren’t ordinary warriors.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

Before the voice faded, a low pounding sound was heard. The silhouettes of those warriors were sent flying away one after another by the massive force. They were totally defenceless. The situation below had turned chaotic.

The Demonic Scale Tiger was falling downwards in the air, before it stopped itself with a flap of its wings.

“Who dares to sneaked-attack us? Courting death?!”

The robust man wanted to strike the Demonic Scale Tiger again, but his facial expression changed when he noticed the abrupt change below. His silhouette swooped downwards at lightning speed.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

The pounding sounds were continuous. The purple-robed silhouette was covered with a pale golden light. Every place that he passed by was stifled by his powerful Qi. He suddenly appeared before a tall and stalwart youth.

“Du Shaofu…”

The stalwart youth wasn’t a stranger. He was the young master of the White Tiger Sect, He Jun. His eyes widened as he stared at the purple-robed silhouette.

“That’s right, it’s me!”

His tone was cold. He struck with a knuckle seal. 

“Your strength…improved again!”

He Jun could feel it from Du Shaofu’s Qi. It was a notch stronger than last time. His facial expression changed. He quickly met the attack with a knuckle seal of his own. 


The two knuckle seals collided together. A muffled noise was heard. A strong gust of wind was created. Lines of cracks appeared on the ground.

*Chi La*

The body of He Jun flew away like a kite that had its string cut and landed heavily on a rock ten meters away. His mouth was spurting out blood.

“You dare to harm my son! Receive your death!”

A bellow came from Du Shaofu’s back. The robust man lunged at Du Shaofu at lightning speed.

Du Shaofu’s eyes turned sharp after seeing the incoming silhouette, he moved rapidly to He Jun’s side and bent his five fingers into a claw and clenched He Jun’s throat and said. “If you dare to move a step forward, he shall die!”

The robust man quickly landed on the ground and looked at the purple-robed youth with a darkened face. 

“Young master…”

Their gazes shifted to He Jun and all of their expression changed, they then shifted their gaze to Du Shaofu.

“Third brother.”

Du Yunlong came to Du Shaofu’s side. He was also holding a late Maidong realm  brawny man with  his hand. He whispered to Du Shaofu. “These are the strong experts of White Tiger Sect. The one in front is the master of White Tiger Sect, He Li. He is renowned and an outstanding expert across the entire Lan Ling City.”

Du Shaofu raised He Jun up while his claw-like finger pressed against He Jun’s throat. His eyes swept across the crowd before gazing at the robust man. He had already guessed the identity of this man when he saw the physical similarities between him and He Jun.

“Brat! Who are you? Put down my son, and we’ll talk.”

He Li looked at Du Shaofu and Du Yunlong with a panicked and annoyed expression, no one had ever threatened him before.

“My name is Du Shaofu. I have already beaten your son not long ago, and this is the second time.”

Du Shaofu stared at He Li. The fluctuating Qi from the robust man’s body made him feel extremely terrified. Although he wasn’t as powerful as the Demonic Lightning Lion and his drunkard dad, he was definitely a very powerful expert.  

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