Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 146

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He Li’s facial expression changed after hearing what he said. His eyes were fixed on Du Shaofu. He then said, “Release my son and you two can go. I will treat it as nothing had ever happened today.”

“White Tiger Sect and West Pro Society had eradicated my Star Dragon Society today. They have killed all of our disciples. Can I treat it the same way as you do?”

Du Yunlong stared at He Li. If it was before, he would feel dreadful when facing the White Tiger Sect, let alone the sect’s master, but after receiving the inheritance from the powerhouse, he could feel it from his existing energy that it was only a matter of time before he becomes fearless of White Tiger Sect.

“You are a member of Star Dragon Society?”

He Li looked at Du Yunlong. His eyes slightly twitched before he continued, “In Lan Ling City, people die every day, weaker forces disappear everyday as well. This is like the law of the jungle and an unchangeable fact. Star Dragon Society is eradicated because of its incompetence. Who else can you blame? I suppose Chou Shan of West Pro Society had already been killed by you two. What else do you want?”


Du Yunlong was rendered speechless by He Li’s questions. 

“Exactly, you are right. The strong will dominate the weak. This is an indisputable fact.”

Du Shaofu raised his head with a smile. His face looked indistinctly childish while it exuded an inharmonious cold intent. He looked at He Li and said, “I will release your son but not now. I will release him when I return to Lan Ling Prefecture."

“Brat! I know you are a member of Lan Ling Prefecture. Don’t think that you can use Lan Ling Prefecture to suppress White Tiger Sect. Release my son and I will let the two of you go. I promise!” He Li added in a deep tone. “But you’ll have to release my son first!”

Du Shaofu shook his head and said, “It’s me who gives the conditions, not you.”

As soon as his voice dropped, he shouted at the Demonic Scale Tiger in the sky. “Xiao Hu, we are leaving!”


It understood the command. Then, it swirled downwards before Du Shaofu’s while glaring at He Li.

He Li’s eyes twitched as he saw Du Shaofu carrying his helpless son, He Jun, and Du Yunlong leaped onto the back of Demonic Scale Tiger.

“The strong ones will eat the weak ones!”

Du Yunlong slammed the late Maidoing warrior to the ground violently. His eyes were full of cold intent.

“Du Shaofu, where are Elder Tu and Elder Lu?” He Li raised his head and asked.

“The strong ones will eat the weak ones right? Of course they were killed by me.”

Du Shaofu said with a smile. When he looked at the vague scar on Demonic Scale Tiger’s back, his eyes turned heavy. He then said, “You have injured my Demonic Scale Tiger. I will surely settle the score with White Tiger Sect.”


The Demonic Scale Tiger’s wings flapped when his words dropped. The large body of the tiger disappeared gradually in their line of sight.

He Li’s eyes turned furious when he learned that a Mailing elder and a peak Three Star Spirit Talisman Master were dead. This was no doubt a terrible blow to White Tiger Sect.

“Master, young master is in that brat’s custody right now. Should we chase after him?” An elder asked He Li as several demonic beasts had already been summoned to the scene.

“Let’s have a look at the cavern first.”

He Li gritted his teeth. There must be some sort of secret if these two brats stayed inside the cavern for so long. Perhaps there were some kind of inheritance left by the powerhouse.

*Hong Long Long*

As they walked towards the entrance to the cavern, it shook abruptly. Cracks formed on the surface of the walls speedily. Then, it started to crumble. Large rocks broke loose from the rocky walls and rolled down, creating dusts on the ground and a torrential rockslide.

“Back away!”

Their faces changed. All of them quickly retreated to a safe distance.

At that moment, the cavern and the surrounding caverns were all sealed off by rocks. It was impossible to seek the cavern that they were originally looking for. Everything had disappeared just like that.

“How could this have happened? There must be treasures in the cavern.”

He Li floated in mid-air while looking at the collapsed caverns. His face was filled with regret now. If he had chosen to come here personally, he would have been able to obtain the treasure inside the cavern. 

Roughly half an hour later, outside Lan Ling City, Du Shaofu looked at He Jun who was in front of him and said, “See, here we meet again.”

“Because I am unlucky.”

He Jun smiled bitterly. He looked at Du Shaofu and continued, “I would have never imagined that you will be there. If I knew you were involved in Star Dragon Society, White Tiger Sect won’t interfere in the matter between West Pro Society and Star Dragon Society.”

Du Shaofu looked at He Jun for a moment before he said, “I have said that I will release you. I never break my promises.”

“Many thanks.” He Jun said softly still with a bitter smile. The corner of his mouth was stained with blood. He then walked towards Lan Ling City.

“Third Brother, are you just going to release him like that?”

Du Yunlong frowned and added, “Given the fact that we have released their young master and the powerful forces of White Tiger Sect, I don’t think they will give up on this incident.”

“As long as we are in Lan Ling City, they won’t dare to harm us because they will have scruples if they do that.” Du Shaofu said.

“Have you forgotten about Lan Ling Prefecture?”

Du Yunlong began to recall his third brother’s backer which was the Lan Ling Prefecture. Despite the White Tiger Sect’s strength, they wouldn’t dare to go against Lan Ling Prefecture. 

Du Shaofu looked at Du Yunlong and said, “Second Brother, what are your plans now? Star Dragon Society already disappeared. Why not come with me to Lan Ling Prefecture to stay for a few nights?”

“Third Brother, I still need to find those remaining brothers. Although Star Dragon Society has been wiped off the map, the members still exist. I want to go and find out about their condition, or else I won’t be able to relieve my worries.” Du Yunlong said.

“Good. I will probably be in Lan Ling Prefecture in the near future. Come and find me whenever you want.” Du Shaofu said.

“Okay.” Du Yunlong nodded and replied.

Du Shaofu hesitated for a moment whether he should pay a visit to Murong Youruo and Dai Xingyu while he was walking into the city. If he returned to Lan Ling Prefecture now, he was afraid that Aunt Shan wouldn’t permit him to leave the prefecture as freely as he did last time.

In the old house, after Murong Youruo and Dai Xingyu saw Du Shaofu, their eyes revealed a smiling intent.

“Brother Shaofu.”

Dai Xingyu dashed towards Du Shaofu quickly, then she lifted her head to look at him. Her limpid eyes were filled with happiness. She said, “It’s been eleven days. Aunt and I was worried sick for you.”

“Aren’t I back now?”

Du Shaofu touched Dai Xingyu’s soft dark hair on her head. Then he turned to Murong Youruo who was making graceful steps towards him. Her figure was as slim and as soft and gentle as jade willow. Her black and shiny long hair hung down naturally to her waist. She still looked like the celestial beauty from the drawing.

“Are you alright?” Murong Youruo asked in a pleasing tone.

“It’s been resolved.” Du Shaofu shook his head and smiled lightly. When he gazed at her, he didn’t know why he recalled the moments in the bedroom with her and the music she played in Story Garden. It stirred up some sort of strange feeling in him.

Murong Youruo smiled. The smile on her beautiful face could affect people’s soul. She then said, “It’s good that you are doing okay. Your sister came here many times to look for you. She should be able to relieve her worries now when she knows you are fine.”

“That tomboy was worried about me?”

Du Shaofu expressed his doubts on the statement. He looked at Murong Youruo and added, “I’m afraid that my sister is merely using this as an excuse to meet you.”

“You sure are artful.”

Murong Youruo darted Du Shaofu a glare. Then, she poked on Du Shaofu’s forehead gently a few times and said, “You sister will fall in love with guys in the future. It’s just that there are no guys that can match with her now.”

Du Shaofu could smell a faint scent from her sleeve. He glanced at Murong Youruo a few times and said, “But she likes women, women as beautiful as you. Let’s put aside whether anyone dares to chase that tomboy or not, I’m afraid her existence at your side will cause the other males to stay away from you.”

“You have such a glib tongue at this young age. I’m not sure how many girls had been deceived by your words.” Murong Youruo darted Du Shaofu one more glance. It made him feel that her beauty was unrivalled.


At this moment, Dai Xingyu shouted. Du Shaofu and Murong Youruo quickly turned to her direction. They then saw her dashing speedily into the house, to Du Shaofu’s side. Her eyes were fixed on the shrunken Demonic Scale Tiger. She then said, “Little Loops, don’t come over here. I didn’t bully you.”

“Relax, Little Loops will never bully you.” Du Shaofu said. It seemed that this little girl wouldn’t dare to carry the Demonic Scale Tiger on her arms anymore.

In the study in Lan Ling Prefecture, Ou Yangling was standing up. The eyes on his handsome face was as limpid as a morning dew. He looked at the black shirt middle-aged man and asked, “Why is it taking so long for him to return? What has happened? If he isn’t returning, I’m afraid Sister Shan will need to go out and find him personally.”

“There should be some treasures in the cavern. I think most of them have already been acquired by that kid and his second brother. That explains why he hasn’t returned yet. Plus, he encountered He Li on the way.” The black shirt middle-aged man said.

“Could it be that the legends of the Thousand Cavern is real?”

Ou Yangling muttered. Then, his expression darkened a little. “Did He Li cause any trouble to that kid?”

“There were some but that kid was ruthless. He grabbed He Li’s son in his hands and returned to the city above board. He is now at the house of Murong Youruo.” The black shirt middle-aged man said.

“That is no doubt ruthless. I assume He Li felt very aggrieved at that time.” Ou Yangling revealed a smile on his face.

“His son was seized from him, and he knew the connection between that kid and Prefecture Lord. So naturally he had no choice but to comply.” The black shirt middle-aged man said.

“If he is able to break through one or two more ranks in cultivation, he will be considered strong. But unfortunately, he has been stuck at the complete Mailing realm until now.” Ou Yangling said.

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