Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 147

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“Prefecture Lord, do we need to talk to He Li? If he nurses a grudge against the kid, I’m afraid he will do something bad to him.” The black shirt middle-aged man said.“No, we can’t interfere until his life was in danger. We also can’t allow sister Shan to get involved either.”

Ouyang Ling looked at the black shirt middle-aged man. His eyes radiated out a brilliance. He softly said. “Compared to the warriors that he would be facing, He Li is just as powerless as an ant. If he can’t even handle He Li, how is he going to face the stronger opponents in the future? And how would he help his father?”

The black shirt middle-aged man’s eyes twitched, maintaining his silence for a moment before saying. “Prefecture Lord, the captain of the city guards is still in our private army’s custody. There isn’t any movements from Han Qiang. It seems like that kid doesn’t care about the matter of the city guards anymore.”

“That kid has the same character as his father. He won’t take charge of the things unrelated to him and as long as you don’t provoke him.” Ouyang Ling said.

“Then what should we do? Should we let him be involved in the matter?” The black shirt middle-aged man asked.

“Of course we should. If that kid wouldn’t be involved in the matter, how should we know if that kid is stronger or Han Xin?” Ouyang Ling smiled faintly. Cunningness was evident in his eyes. He continued. “Make the arrangements. Let that kid  fight Han Xin and see who will win.”

“Brother Ling, do you have any news of Shaofu?” The moment Ouyang Ling’s voice faded, Yuan Shanshan stormed into the room.

“Prefecture Lord, Madam, I will leave first.” He revealed a faint smile before he left the room.

“Brother Ling, is there any news about Shaofu? I have been wanting to find him but you won’t let me. If something were to happen to Shaofu, I will have you  personally explain to sister Ao Tong.”

Yuan Shanshan huffed irritably. She wanted to go to the Thousand Cavern but was stopped many times. Many days already had passed and she couldn’t wait anymore.

“You’re always in such a hurry. Don’t worry, that kid has returned safely. He should be back here later.” Ouyang Ling smiled faintly.

“Good to hear that.” Yuan Shanshan heaved a sigh of relief. Her eyes became gentle again, before she asked. “When are you planning to meet Shaofu? Haven’t you observed him enough?”

“Very soon.” Ouyang Ling said with a smile.

When the sun had set and the twilight dew covered the surface of Lan Ling Prefecture, Du Shaofu returned to Lan Ling City from Murong Youruo’s residence.

Once he arrived at Lan Ling Prefecture, he was immediately brought back by the guards that were arranged by Yuan Shanshan to the backyard. She berated him for his actions, but even that couldn’t hide her solicitude and love for him. He felt a sense of warmth from it. He promised to stay in the prefecture obediently in the subsequent days. Following that, he was probed about the incidents that happened, and what he did these past few days.

Du Shaofu didn’t say much. He just told her that he had made a breakthrough. After that, he had gone into seclusion and lost track of time.

During the night, in the room, Du Shaofu was sitting cross-legged. There were shock and doubts in his pale golden luminous eyes.


A pale golden light fluctuated behind Du Shaofu’s back. The image of a Five-Finger Mountain squeezed into the spaces behind his back. The secret patterns of the talisman surrounding it were illuminating. The surging Qi was very powerful, as if it could crush all things.

“Pulse spirit…could it be you are my pulse spirit?”

His hand seals dissipated. The shock and suspicion in his eyes intensified. He practiced the Golden-Winged Garuda’s cultivation method which shouldn’t have a pulse spirit, but there was currently a pulse spirit in his body.

Currently, he could clearly feel the pulse spirit awakening inside of him. 

Due to his martial pulse not being fully recovered, the feeling of the pulse spirit wasn’t as intense as it should be. After advancing to the Maidong realm, he was able to connect the martial pulse in his body. After connecting the martial pulse, the pulse spirit began to condense into an illusory Five Finger Mountain. 

“Are all of these related to it?”

Du Shaofu muttered. His facial expression changed. He took out an item – the ancient coppery rock that he picked up from the pile of sand in the cavern.

The rock had a bizarre shape – five summits that joined together, giving it the shape of a five finger. If one looked closely, one would be able to see five types of indistinct lustre, but if one focused on it for a period of time, one’s line of sight would become blurry and dim.

He analysed it carefully and found out that this rock had the same shape as his pulse spirit.

While looking at the rock, he felt a faint mysteriousness that was profound and abstruse.

However, under his thorough examination, not a single reaction was detected from the rock. The only obvious feature about the rock was its hardness. He could feel its indestructible surface.

Du Shaofu eventually kept the five-finger-rock into his chest again. Then, he started to analyse his pulse spirit – the illusion of Five Finger Mountain. This pulse spirit was mystical and extraordinary. It could allow one to connect with the energy of the heaven and earth.

In the cultivation stages of the Golden-Winged Garuda, when the cultivator advance to the Maidong realm, despite not being able to condense a pulse spirit, he or she would still be able to activate some of the divine abilities of the beast. Du Shaofu wanted to meditate on this as well.

The next day, early in the morning, Du Shaofu stopped his meditation and went to have his breakfast with aunt Shan. He saw Ouyang Shuang wearing a green long dress. Her eyes were gazing at Du Shaofu all the time.

Because of Du Shaofu’s friendly interaction and her mother’s presence, she had no choice but to reveal a faint smile. The smile on her beautiful face and her tender red lips could overthrow all the men in the city.

“Sister Shuang, you look very nice when you smile.”

Du Shaofu looked at Ouyang Shuang shamelessly and added. “I’m not sure who will be the lucky man to marry someone as beautiful as sister Shuang.”


Ouyang Shuang glared at Du Shaofu. Her cold aura was no doubt implying Du Shaofu to back off. This kid should have already known that she didn’t like men but he still said it anyway. Naturally, this was a deliberate attempt to provoke her. She then growled. “It’s not going to be a wimpy kid like you anyway. You won’t have this luck in your life.”

The moment her voice faded, she somehow felt that she had spoken something that she shouldn’t have. She immediately turned her head away, remained silent and ignored Du Shaofu.

“Girl, this isn’t true. You are only three years older than Shaofu. It will be good if the both of you can be together.” Yuan Shanshan has just arrived and heard the conversation. She then shifted her gaze to Du Shaofu and Ouyang Shuang. The more she looked at them, the more satisfied she felt.

“Mother, what did you say? I…”

Ouyang Shuang huffed and glared at her mother. How could she possibly have a relationship with this kid? She didn’t like men at all. She absolutely wouldn’t engage in a relationship with this shameless kid.

“Alright, let’s have our breakfast now. This is just my opinion, I’m not even sure if Du Shaofu is willing. I must have put you two in an awkward position.”

Yuan Shanshan interrupted Ouyang Shuang’s words directly. Her eyes implied the feeling that her own daughter couldn’t match her sister’s son.

“Yuan Shanshan, you are really my good mother.” Ouyang Shuang glared at Yuan Shanshan and addressed her disrespectfully by calling her name. She had always been like this since young.

“The mother usually knows her own daughter very well.” Yuan Shanshan darted Ouyang Shuang a glance and said. “By the way, Shaofu is a good kid.”

Du Shaofu didn’t say a word. He was just looking at the mother and daughter pair and felt  warmth in his heart.

After the breakfast, Du Shaofu planned to return to his room and continue his meditation on the pulse spirit, but Huang San whom he hadn’t seen in ten days dashed to him and told him that a man named Du Yunlong was looking for him. Huang San had already brought that man into one of the halls.

When Du Shaofu reached the hall, he realised that his second brother had cleaned himself up. 

“I have never thought that third uncle had established a strong friendship with the Prefecture Lord of Lan Ling Prefecture. Last time, I overheard the conversation between eldest uncle and my dad that third uncle was a peerless figure and the successor that will make the Du Family prosper. But, ai…”

Du Yunlong was analysing the interior of the hall. He sighed when he thought of his third uncle, who was a drunkard at home. When he saw Du Shaofu, he said with a smile. “The hopes of making our Du Family prosper will lie on you now, third brother.”

Du Shaofu let out a wry smile. His face turned slightly heavy before he said. “Second brother, why have you come? Could it be that those remaining warriors of Star Dragon Society have encountered some kind of trouble?”

“Not really.”

Du Yunlong shook his head and said. “In fact, I have come here to discuss an important matter with third brother.”

“What’s this important matter?” Du Shaofu’s facial expression became stern when he heard the words ‘important matter’.

Du Yunlong looked at Du Shaofu for a moment before he said. “Star Dragon Society had already been extinct but there are still quite a number of disciples. In addition to territories and businesses that took us two years to build, we also have the territories and businesses of West Pro Society. So, I have pondered deeply about this for the whole night yesterday and I have decided to take over Star Dragon Society.”

“Congratulations, second brother.” Du Shaofu smiled slightly. If his second brother could really rebuild Star Dragon Society, it would likely be larger than their Du Family.

“But it isn’t easy to take control of Star Dragon Society. There are numerous forces across all the regions that are governed by Lan Ling Prefecture. It is likely that those forces are eyeing the territory of West Pro Society and Star Dragon Society now. Putting aside the influential forces like the White Tiger Sect, there are still other forces that will be detrimental to us. With my current strength and the remaining disciples of Star Dragon Society, I’m afraid that we couldn’t compete at all, especially against White Tiger Sect, they would certainly settle this score.” Du Yunlong said in a stern tone to Du Shaofu. 

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