Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 148

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Du Shaofu didn’t say a word. His eyes narrowed as he listened to his second brother. He understood that his brother’s enhancement in strength had made him fearless of other forces, but he was still no match for White Tiger Sect.

The incident in A Thousand Cavern had surely made White Tiger Sect their enemy. The master of the sect, He Li, naturally wouldn’t forget this easily.

It was true that the White Tiger Sect didn’t dare to go against Lan Ling Prefecture, but it was also true that they didn’t put Star Dragon Society in their eyes.

“Brother, what’s your plan then?” Du Shaofu contemplated for a moment before he asked Du Yunlong.

Du Yunlong looked over at Du Shaofu and replied, “I have pondered over this for a long time. I have decided that I will be the one who takes control of Star Dragon Society, but it is gone now. So, I will have to rebuild Star Dragon Society into a new force. I will be taking the second highest position and Third Brother, you will be the controller of the society. With your presence, I am sure that White Tiger Sect wouldn’t dare make a move on us.”

“Me…be the master?” Du Shaofu was surprised.

“That’s right.” Du Yunlong smiled and continued, “You are the only one who have the ability to control the overall situation of the society. For me, I don’t think I can even handle the aftermath of the battles, let alone making sure that our society stays competitive.”

“Brother, I’m afraid I won’t be staying in Lan Ling City for long. I’m leaving soon.”

Du Shaofu gave a wry smile. If Prefecture Lord would not come out of his seclusion within these few days, he would take his leave as he had already gathered sufficient information about Liuyun County. 

“It’s fine. After joining our society, you aren’t obliged to stay in Lan Ling City. I just need people to know that you have joined our society, particularly the White Tiger Sect. After that, you can go wherever you want.”

Du Yunlong said.

“I haven’t really thought about it. Can you give me some time to think it over?” Du Shaofu said to Du Yunlong.

“We don’t have time. You have to decide quickly, otherwise, not only will the territories of West Pro Society be seized away from the other forces, our society will also face the same fate.”

Du Yunlong looked at Du Shaofu and continued, “I have discussed about this with the remaining disciples of Star Dragon Society. Only a small number of them opposed the changing of Star Dragon Society’s name and majority of them agreed. In fact, I too am not willing to change it as I was a founding member of the society. Unfortunately, it no longer exists. We are now rebuilding it but it doesn’t mean that Star Dragon Society is completely gone. It has just changed. I want them to know that we are a newly-emerged force that is strong and competitive. By the way, how should we name the society?”

“You want me to name it?” Du Shaofu looked at Du Yunlong doubtfully.

“You are the master and I am the vice-master. Naturally it’s you who should name it.”

Du Yunlong nodded and said, “If you don’t mind, I think Stone City is too small. In order for the Du Clan to step out of the city, we will need a second home, a stronger Du Clan. It must be a place where all the disciples of our clan can stay. And this place is going to be developed by us.”

“*exhale*…a stronger Du Clan, the second home of Du Clan!”

Du Shaofu took a deep breath. He felt his emotions being stirred up and his eyes sparkled. If Du Clan really could get stronger, why were his drunkard dad and him separated from his mother and sister?

“The boiling of hot blood in the cavity will cause great waves for thousands of miles. While eradicating all the evils under the heavens, the hero will empty out all the hatred. The World Association…let’s call it The World Association!” Du Shaofu said to Du Yunlong.

“The World Association.”

Du Yunlong mumbled before he smiled and said, “Good name. We’ll call it The World Association from now on. I will now prepare its establishment. When that time comes, I will invite Third Brother to the opening ceremony.”


Du Shaofu shook his head. He said, “I don’t wish to show my face for the time being. However, in these few days when you are preparing for its establishment, bring Xiao Hu along with you. I’m sure having Xiao Hu around will  ease your mind.”

“Yep, with Xiao Hu’s presence, we won’t fear White Tiger Sect, even if we encounter them.” Du Yunlong said with excitement.

The two brothers continued their conversation for another half an hour before Du Yunlong left Lan Ling Prefecture. Du Shaofu summoned the Demonic Scale Tiger and ordered it to stay by his second brother’s side for these few days. It nodded and left Lan Ling Prefecture along with Du Yunlong.

“The second home of Du Clan! We are going to build a stronger Du Clan.”

In the hall, Du Shaofu muttered. “Mother, sister... Dad and I will find you two as soon as possible. I promise!”

“Du Shaofu, get out.”

At this moment, a female yell was heard from outside. Before the voice faded, Ouyang Shuang stormed into the hall.

Du Shaofu knew that it was Ouyang Shuang’s voice the moment he heard it. He looked at the furious Ouyang Shuang and asked with doubt, “Did I offend you? Why are you acting so furiously in front of me?”

“I have gone to Murong Youruo’s place. If I was slightly late, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Ouyang Shuang said.

“Miss Youruo? What happened?” Du Shaofu’s face darkened when he heard Ouyang Shuang.

She continued in a deep voice, “When I arrived there, someone was trying to disturb Youruo and Xingyu. Luckily I was there in time. After a series of interrogation, I found out that it was because of the conflict between you and the city guards because you have captured their captain. Then, they found out that you have good connection with Youruo. After that, they decided to target the two of them.”

“How are Miss Yourou and Xingyu now? Where are they now?” Du Shaofu asked in a deep tone. His face was turning slightly green.

Ouyang Shuang noticed Du Shaofu’s dramatic change of expression and her clear eyes twitched a few times. She then said in a more gentle tone, “They are of course fine. My initial plan was to arrange for them to come to our prefecture but Youruo insisted her refusal. I didn’t know what to do, so I came here to tell you about it.”

Du Shaofu’s eye expression turned slightly heavy. After a moment of contemplation, he raised his head to look at Ouyang Shuang and asked, “Are you sure that those people are city guards?”

“I have interrogated all of them. They should be the city guards,” replied Ouyang Shuang.

“Where are they now?” Du Shaofu asked.

Ouyang Shuang was stunned for a while before she replied, “I can assure you that they won’t get near Youruo and Xingyu anymore. I have released them because there is a subtle relationship between the city guards and the prefecture.”

“A subtle relationship? You released them?” Du Shaofu couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Then, he turned and left the hall. “I will go out for a while.”

“Where are you going? Are you going to find those city guards?”

Ouyang Shuang looked at Du Shaofu’s back and asked. Du Shaofu didn’t turn. He just said, “I have my plans.”

After leaving the hall, he brought Huang San to find Zhang Lin in the private army barrack. 

“Young Master Shaofu, what brought you here?” Zhang Lin felt doubtful when he saw Du Shaofu.

“Captain Zhang, is that person with the surname Lin still in your custody?” Du Shaofu asked.

Zhang Lin felt awkward when he heard that. Then he replied, “Young Master Shaofu, that person with the surname Lin is still in your custody. Frankly, we currently have no idea about how to deal with him. I have interrogated him and concluded that he doesn’t have the intention nor the guts to start a rebellion. So I have imprisoned him in the barrack, waiting for Young Master’s order.”

“It’s good that he’s still in your custody.”

Du Shaofu nodded. Then he continued, “Captain Zhang, there’s something that I need to ask for your help.”

“Young Master Shaofu, please don’t  be very courteous with me. Just tell me what to do.” Zhang Lin nodded.

“Don’t answer with such an optimistic answer. Once you are in this, it will probably bring you troubles or cause you to lose your official position.”

Du Shaofu gave Zhang Lin a serious look and said, “But it will also bring you many advantages.”

Zhang Lin was staring at Du Shaofu. He knew that his young master wasn’t a blockhead. Just a moment later, he nodded and said, “Since Young Master Shaofu have told me both the disadvantages and advantages, it means Young Master isn’t ill-intentioned. So, just tell me what to do if you need my help.” 

“Before helping me on this, I need to understand more regarding the relationship between the city guard and the private army of Lan Ling Prefecture and the relationship between the Lan Ling City’s Lord and Lan Ling Prefecture’s Lord.” Du Shaofu said.

“About this…”

Zhang Lin was surprised to hear this. His eyes twitched slightly as if he was contemplating on something. Then, he nodded and replied, “As you wish, Young Master Shaofu, I will answer you with what I know without reserve.”

“Many thanks.” Du Shaofu nodded. Then he said to Huang San, “Huang San, you have to help me to do one thing. I guarantee that you will be promoted after this.”

“Thank you very much, Young Master Shaofu for the nurture you have given.” 

Huang San became excited after hearing that. He then patted his chest and said, “I, Huang ,San will accomplish any task that Young Master Shaofu assigns to me, even if it means undergoing the most severe trials.”

Du Shaofu smiled and said, “Nothing that serious. You just have to help me get Han Xin here to meet me. Tell him that this is related to that person with the surname of Lin.” 


In Lan Ling Prefecture, a black shirt middle-aged man came before Ou Yangling and said with a smile, “Prefecture Lord, the plan has already been set in motion. There was a minor accident in middle, which is that they encountered young miss. But the result is the same, the kid has acted.”

“Oh….” Ou Yangling felt interested. He then said, “So there is going to be a battle. I would like to see what that kid can do.”

“I have no idea either.”

The black shirt middle-aged man revealed a wry smile and added, “But that kid has made a trip to the barrack of his private army. He has sent someone to find Han Xin.”


When the sun was setting and the silver-grey evening dew was covering the sky over Lan Ling City, dusk approached and the sun’s glow shone at all directions covering half of the sky before it faded layer after layer until the entire sky turned grey-white.

In Lan Ling Prefecture, at a corner of the hall, a man that emanated cold aura stared at Du Shaofu and knitted his brows. He said, “You are looking for me?”

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