Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 149

The Third regular chapter!

“It’s not me who wants to find you. I heard that you wanted to find me several days ago but I happened to be outside during that day. I just came back yesterday. So, I want to find out why you wanted to see me on that day.” A faint smile was plastered on his face. 

The face of the cold-looking youth twitched. He slightly lifted his head. The layers of his dark long hair fluttered. There was a proud gaze in his elongated almond eyes while he was staring at Du Shaofu. He was one of the four Lan Ling young lords, Han Xin.

Han Xin naturally wouldn’t agree with what Du Shaofu said. It was he who wanted to see him but he just denied it in front of him. Under the bridge of his nose are two flaps of proud and thin lips. After staring at Du Shaofu for a moment, he spoke, “Let’s get to the main topic. Let’s resolve the incident of the city guards today. You already know that Lin Ming was just there to avenge his son, but he hadn’t thought that you are from Lan Ling Prefecture, which he absolutely couldn’t afford to offend. Now that you have imprisoned him for so long, he and his son should have suffered enough, you should have expressed all your grudge against him. So, I think you should let Lin Ming go, what do you think? You wouldn’t dare to kill him anyway, and he will only bring you trouble if you continue to keep him in your hands.”

“Lin Ming…?” Du Shaofu pretended to be puzzled. 

He then looked at Han Xin and said, “I remember now, I think Lin Ming was captured by the private army of Lan Ling Prefecture because he was suspected of being involved in rebel activities. It had nothing to do with me.”

“Du Shaofu, in that case, there is no need for us to talk any further. Perhaps you all have already felt that keeping Lin Ming is going to be a problem. But if you don’t wish to talk about it, I will say goodbye here. Try killing Lin Ming, I dare you!” 

Han Xin’s expression turned slightly heavy, making his cold-looking face look even colder.

“This isn’t my fault. But I do have something to tell you, something I just knew.” Du Shaofu looked at Han Xin with a faint smile. 

He paused for a while before he continued, “I just learned that Lin Ming finally couldn’t stand it anymore and blurted out all the facts.”

“What facts?” Han Xin’s expression changed slightly.

Du Shaofu smiled faintly and said in a soft tone, “Actually, there wasn’t much. It was just about your father and the city guards planning to rebel against the prefecture Lord. He said that you all are going to execute the plan next month and you all are already fully prepared.”

“Bullsh*t. That is impossible. You all must have beaten Lin Ming into confessing it. My dad and I don’t have such intentions at all.” Han Xin raged. He was certain that Lin Ming was tortured to confess a lie.

“Hahahaha…” Suddenly, Han Xin laughed loudly. 

His infuriated face lasted only for a short time. He then looked at Du Shaofu and said with a smile, “Du Shaofu, you are just trying to provoke me, aren’t you? If you really want to trick me, this method is too immature. What a shame.”

Du Shaofu’s expression still carried a faint smile. He said, “No doubt, you are smart. You deserve to be called the young lord of Lan Ling City. But, your time is almost up now.”

“What time?” Han Xin frowned and felt a bad feeling about this.

“Young Master Shaofu, no good, calamity has struck us!”

The moment Han Xin’s voice faded, someone outside the hall cried in alarm. Huang San and Zhang Lin ran into the hall with scared faces and said to Du Shaofu. “Young Master Shaofu, the city guards have revolted. Not less than ten thousand city guards in armor have fully surrounded Lan Ling Prefecture.”


Han Xin’s expression changed greatly. He had already informed the officers of the city guards not to act impulsively. So, this shouldn’t be happening. Presently, he was truly in shock, “This isn’t possible. It’s absolutely not possible.”

“Han Xin, it seems like your father and you, really have plotted against the prefecture Lord.” Du Shaofu looked over at Han Xin, surprised.

“This is not possible. I will go and check.” 

Han Xin’s facial expression became heavy. It would be a big problem if the city guards really laid siege to Lan Ling Prefecture.

“Young City Lord Han, wait.”

Du Shaofu blocked Han Xin’s path and said, “This is not an urgent matter for the time being. I think the private army of Lan Ling Prefecture will deal with it very quickly. We’ll know after they have arrested some of the city guards.”

“I think it would be better if I go there myself.”

Han Xin became anxious after hearing Du Shaofu’s words. The situation would be even worse if the city guards were arrested. He couldn’t understand why things suddenly turned out like this. According to his logic, it was impossible for the city guards to act in such a way.

“Young City Lord Han, why are you in such a hurry? Is it because you feel guilty?”

Du Shaofu had no intention of letting Han Xin leave, and immediately stopped him again.

“Du Shaofu, what do you mean by that?!” Han Xin stared at Du Shaofu. His face was getting gloomier.

“It seems like there is a need for you to stay in Lan Ling Prefecture.”

Du Shaofu gave a faint smile before he turned to Zhang Lin and said, “Captain Zhang, you stay here and watch Young City Lord Han. I will go and inform the Prefecture Lord that Han Xin, his father and the city guards have plotted against us. I will ask the Prefecture Lord to catch the City Lord Han Qiang to explain the situation.” Du Shaofu turned to leave as his words faded.

“Du Shaofu, you are fabricating false charges against us. Wait!”

Han Xin’s facial expression changed dramatically. He immediately grabbed Du Shaofu’s shoulder with one hand and pulled him.

“No, I have to tell the Prefecture Lord. Let go of me!”

Du Shaofu’s shoulder was being pulled. He suddenly turned and yelled while a palm print wrapped in light golden xuanqi struck directly at Han Xin. An amazing strong gust of wind rolled in the air. A smiling intent flashed in his eyes.

Han Xin’s expression changed. In the moment of panic, he loosened the grab on Du Shaofu’s shoulder and struck a palm seal with his left hand to meet the incoming strike.


A deep muffled sound came out immediately. At the same time, Du Shaofu’s body flew away in the wild gusts of wind, hitting the sidewall of the hall heavily, leaving lines of cracks on the wall.

“Not possible. How can this happen…?”

In that instant, Han Xin’s face changed drastically. He felt that as soon as his palm seal met Du Shaofu’s, his palm suddenly retracted, and then, Du Shaofu was blown away from his palm seal. Clearly, Du Shaofu wanted to be injured on purpose.

“Han Xin! How dare you attack our Young Master Shaofu?”

In an instant, Zhang Lin materialized behind Han Xin. He clamped his hand on Han Xin’s shoulder and exerted his xuanqi to restrain him, who was clearly still dumbfounded.

Several people behind Zhang Lin seemed to have already prepared for this. They took out a cold iron chain to lash Han Xin’s hands and legs together tightly as fast as lightning.

“I understand now. This is a scheme. Du Shaofu, you plotted against me!”

Han Xin didn’t struggle but stared at Du Shaofu who was getting to his feet slowly. He showed a faint bitter smile on his indifferent face and said, “I have never thought that I would be fooled by such a low-level plot.”

“You weren’t fooled. There are in fact quite many city guards surrounding Lan Ling Prefecture currently.”

Du Shaofu walked slowly to Han Xin. The corner of his mouth spilled out some blood but his face was still smiling. Then, he said to Zhang Lin, “Captain Zhang, you all have just witnessed all these right? Do you know what to do now?”

“Young City Lord Han has led an army of city guards to lay siege to Lan Ling Prefecture, and wanted to hold Young Master Shaofu hostage. Because Young Master Shaofu resisted, he attacked and severely injured Young Master Shaofu. If it wasn’t for my rescue, I’m afraid that Young Master will meet an unpleasant fate. It seems like the father and son really have the intention to initiate a rebellion against us,” said Zhang Lin.

“Very well, I will leave this man to you all. I am severely injured, I have to retreat to heal.” Du Shaofu gave a satisfied smile and turned to leave the hall.


In the evening, a damp, soft, transparent and clear air floated in the sky.

Above the sky of Lan Ling Prefecture, the setting sun rolled in the rosy clouds before it gradually sunk into the dark horizon behind.

This evening, however, had shaken the whole Lan Ling City. Everyone witnessed an army of city guards and horses encircling Lan Ling Prefecture.

However, it wasn’t long before the people saw the private army of Lan Ling Prefecture dashing out of the compound as if they had already prepared for this for a long time, encircling the city guards instead.

All of these happened within the short evening. Then, the calm in Lan Ling City was restored again. It seemed as if nothing had happened and no traces were left.

In the air, the golden rim of the setting sun shone in the red, before it gradually dimmed. A distance away from Lan Ling City, the contour of the mountains began to emerge like a series of blue lines when the sky slowly entered the night.

The night, however, was filled with panic. The incident about the confrontation between the city guards and the private army of Lan Ling Prefecture spread to everyone as if it had grown wings.

The more ambiguous the situation, the more frightening it was. All the small, medium, and large forces, including civilians were guessing about what had happened in Lan Ling City.

Not long after the nightfall, some people saw the rarely seen City Lord, Han Qiang, bringing several trusted followers out of the residence in a hurry. Then, they entered Lan Ling Prefecture. After that, they left Lan Ling Prefecture along with the Young City Lord, Han Xin.

In the early hours of the morning, quite a few people saw those city guards who were arrested by the private army of Lan Ling Prefecture return to their homes as if nothing had ever happened before.

In other words, this seemingly calm night was actually a turbulent night for many people.

That night, Du Shaofu felt relaxed. He was in his room studying his strange pulse spirit.

The more he studied, the more shocked he was by the Five Finger Mountain like pulse spirit.

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