Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 15

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"The thing you fed me last night was a poison dan! A beauty comparable to immortal fairies but the heart is venomous as a scorpion. There is no grudge or grievance between us...  Hey, wait for me..."

Nevertheless, he had swallowed a poisonous dan, and he failed miserably at escaping. His little life was at the mercy of others. Du Shaofu started venting out, however, seeing the white-clothed lady leaving, he could only forcefully drag himself up and follow behind her.

In the silent mountains, the white-clothed lady walked in front, her pace leisurely.

Du Shaofu’s eyes glared fiercely at her back while following behind her. His discontent towards the white-clothed lady made him grit his teeth in silence for he understood that his current strength, even calculating the mysterious first style, it was impossible for him to be this white-clothed lady’s match.

"Fu Yibai, wait until I get back. I will definitely settle this score with you.”

Du Shaofu had to be wary of his surroundings, in case a demonic beast suddenly drilled out from nowhere it would be disastrous. All of these hardships and misfortune that he had suffered, Du Shaofu naturally counted it on Fu Yibai’s head. If not for Fu Yibai provoking this lady in front, he wouldn’t be in this situation. Only God knows how he managed to provoke her and from the looks of it, it would not be easily to settle.


Suddenly, from the towering trees above, a streak of light as quick as lightning shot towards Du Shaofu.

"Pulsate Fist"

Upon detecting it, Du Shaofu was momentarily startled, his hands, however, were rapidly condensing a handseal. Clenching his fingers into a fist and directly blasted out pulsate fist when his momentum soared.


Low muffled sounds of thirteen-layered overlapping waves finally came crashing against the swift light that fell from above.

The streak of light lagged for a moment then fell to the ground. It turned out to be a white-patterned snake that was a full five feet long. Its whole body twitched for a while on the ground, clearly it was having difficulty to move.

*Whoosh!* *Whoosh!*

Another sound of piercing wind, a total of five streaks of light as quick as lightning aimed at Du Shaofu from above and in an instant it arrived behind him.

*Chi la la!*

Space twisted and rippled just like waves and a blade of light appeared as if cutting across space, slashing the five lightning-like streaks into pieces, falling around Du Shaofu. All five are white-patterned snakes.

"Voltaic White Demon Snake!"

Looking at the white patterned snake on the ground, Du Shaofu was no stranger to its kind. Du Clan’s collection of the varieties of demonic beasts did not fell short, especially those often seen at the edge of Wild Beasts Mountain. Voltaic White Demon Snake was a Houtian level demonic beast and it rarely evolves higher, basically a low-leveled demonic beast.

Voltaic White Demon Snakes were known to be non-toxic however its speed is extremely fast. Once it bites, it releases a voltaic current, causing the whole body to feel limped and unable to gather xuanqi. Thinking about the earlier scene, Du Shaofu’s heartbeat quickened a little.

Although he managed to bring down a demon snake, it was his first time dealing directly with a demonic beast after all.

“Your reaction speed is not bad for someone without any cultivation but still able to deal with a Voltaic White Demon Snake. However, you almost lost your life just now."

The beautiful white-clothed lady looked at Du Shaofu quietly and then continued to move onward.

Du Shaofu did not know what to say, he was indeed tensed up earlier. If a similar situation were to repeat itself again, his little life might just be the price to pay.

Looking at the Voltaic White Demon Snake on the ground that was rendered unable to move by his pulsate fist, Du Shaofu’s eyes glinted and mercilessly added another fist to ensure that the snake was undeniably dead; only then did he quickly followed the lady while becoming more vigilant towards his surroundings.

The irony was, being in the deeper part of Wild Beast Mountains yet wishing to avoid a demonic beast was obviously impossible. Morning had barely passed but they had already encountered several waves of demonic beasts' attack.

The most baffling thing to Du Shaofu was that those demonic beast never attacked the white-clothed lady in front. Every time, the demonic beast targeted him as if they knew whom not to mess with. Though the demonic beasts looked terrifying, fortunately, they only have Houtian level of strength in which he was barely able to cope with.

Encountering attacks more often than not, Du Shaofu progressed rapidly, whether it was his reaction speed or coping ability that even the white-clothed lady glimmered with praise.

"Raging Storm Waves Palm!"

Within the forest Du Shaofu shouted lightly, strands of xuanqi condensed into three shadows of a palm in the middle of his palm, a fierce momentum rose like a fierce beast awakening. The space rippled like boiling water fluctuating non-stop. A palm print immediately fell on a demonic beast's body brown-yellow in color, three meters long and a half meters high, covered with scales.


Blades of winds visible to the naked eye trailed the palm print when it finally landed on the scale-armored beast. A thunderous sound of impact resounded as the wave-like wind blades crashed against the demonic beast time and again.


The scale-armored demonic beast was in extreme pain, its mouth issued loud growls while its body swiftly retreated to the back. A pair of blood red eyes staring fiercely at Du Shaofu.

*Howl* *Howl*

Suddenly, from the depths of the mountains came numerous roars of demonic beast.


The scale-armored beast directed a loud roar at Du Shaofu, its blood red eyes glaring fiercely at him. The next moment, it quickly drilled into a half a meter wide bottomless cave not far away, as if it was afraid of the many beast roars.

"What formidable scale-armored beast, it is indeed a demonic beast bordering Xiantian level.”

Du Shaofu felt relieved looking at the fleeing scale-armored beast. His palm was still shaking from the fight just now, just by using one Raging Storm Waves Palm has consumed most of his strength.

A martial skill of Xiantian level coupled with Du Shaofu’s strongest means, the mysterious first style, not only did it not injure the Xiantian bordering scale-armored beast, but his palm became numbed from the exchange.

This made Du Shaofu feel bitter. If he had the time to improve Raging Storm Waves Palm and enhance its power, perhaps the beast would not be able to leave unharmed.

"A person without cultivation but possesses xuanqi, and is able to practice Xiantian level martial skill can be considered a freak.”

The white-clothed lady stayed on the side with no intention of intervening; even when the scale-armored beast fled it was as if she did not notice it at all. On the contrary, Du Shaofu had piqued her interest more. From the beginning up until now, Du Shaofu had managed to surprise her slightly for several times.

"Where are we going?"

Du Shaofu was very uncomfortable with this lady in his heart, but at the same time, he’s powerless in this situation. Each time they come across a demonic beast, unless he was in real danger of losing his life, she would not lift a hand.

Just two hours prior, Du Shaofu’s calf got scratched by a beast, leaving deep bloody wounds but she did not bother at all. Adding all of his dissatisfactions, Du Shaofu could only endure for his strength was insufficient to beat the other person.

Along the way, however, Du Shaofu did notice that he’s progressing while dealing with the demonic beasts. No doubt this type of training was greatly beneficial to him.

"The deeper region is getting livelier. It appears that quite a sum of people has been attracted over, it looks like they are searching for something.”

The lady ignored Du Shaofu while listening attentively to the endless roars coming from the depths of the mountains. She then turned to Du Shaofu and said, "You wait here while I’m going to take a look at the situation.”