Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 150

The First regular chapter!

In the strange Five Finger Mountain martial pulse, Du Shaofu could feel five kinds of very unusual attributes.

These were the five elements in the Heaven and Earth. The living spiritual body of Heaven and Earth would also carry these five elements namely, gold, wood, water, fire and earth, but among these five elements, some people favored towards while some were towards fire and many more.

The same was true for the demonic beasts. The difference in attributes would result in different types of attack.

Generally speaking, the five attributes had their own strengths, so no one would pay much attention to them, but these attributes were related to the cultivation of martial skills and the understanding of various meanings.

Martial skills were also divided into attributes. For instance, a martial cultivator who cultivated a fire attribute martial skill would naturally find it easier to comprehend the arcane bone of a demonic beast with a fire attribute. But if the martial cultivator tried to master a martial skill and arcane bone of different attributes, even if the cultivator could gain something out of it, the cultivator would eventually gain nothing in the end and all of his effort would only be in vain.

The same thing applied to martial pulse. Martial cultivators would choose their own pulse spirit. So, before looking for the stronger blood essence of a demonic beast, it was necessary to identify the attribute of one’s martial pulse.

If the martial cultivator was inclined to fire, naturally he would need to look for the blood essence of a fire attribute demonic beast to unlock the martial pulse and condense the pulse spirit. If one was using the blood essence of a different attribute demonic beast, not to mention that it would surely fail, the effect would also be greatly reduced. Plus, the cultivator would also face huge obstacles in his future cultivation path, causing his cultivation to stagnate. 

However, Du Shaodu found that the pulse spirit he condensed had the presence of the five attributes. He was a Spirit Talisman Master and an Array Talisman Master that is well versed in the five attributes. With this five attributes Five-Finger-mountain-like pulse spirit, it means that he would be able to cultivate martial skills of any attribute, and also comprehend arcane bones of different attributes, and the effect wouldn’t vary greatly.

“Where the hell does this rock come from?”

Du Shaofu once again felt doubtful and shocked at the five-finger-like rock. It was absolutely an unusual rock but he had no idea how it appeared in the cavern. Could it be an item that was left by the fallen powerhouse?

Early in the morning, a soft mist rose between the Heaven and Earth, and the peaks were painted with a soft, milky white colour that rendered everything hazy and illusory.

*Hu* (Exhale)

A turbid Qi was exhaled from the abdomen out to the throat. Du Shaofu closed his hand seal and stopped his cultivation. After the pale golden xuanqi converged into his body, he opened his eyes. A pale golden light was hidden in his deep and sharp pupil.

“Who is it?!”

All of a sudden, Du Shaofu seemed to feel something. He exclaimed, sprang out of his bed and hurriedly opened the door. He saw a figure leap away hastily.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

Du Shaofu gave a loud cry, and the man fled, which proved that he was definitely not someone from Lan Ling Prefecture, or a kind person. Xuanqi surged around his body and he began to chase after the suspicious person.

It was just that when the person in front realised that Du Shaofu was behind him, he sprinted, and quickened his pace.

“There must be something wrong.”

Looking at the fleeing figure in front, Du Shaofu’s mouth twitched. He squinted his eyes at the silhouette that was gradually pulling  away the distance between them. He frowned, and then a pale golden xuanqi quickly covered his body. Xuanqi surged under the soles of his feet. His feet heavily stepped on the ground and his body stormed forth. His speed quickened. 

At this time, Du Shaofu’s speed was more than twice as fast as before, and he quickly followed the figure in front, pulling the distance closer and closer.

The figure in front seemed to be very familiar with the land in Lan Ling Prefecture. After several twists and turns, they reached an open and empty square.

The distance was getting shorter, which was less than a few meters. Du Shaofu could clearly see the back of the person, a straight back and a slender figure.

“Where to run?!” Du Shaofu let out a yell. 

When the soles of his feet touched the ground, an even more violent xuanqi surged out at the soles of his feet, and with his hand clenched into a fist, he thundered forward. An invisible wave of energy swept through, like gusts of waves causing the air to rumble thirteen times.


The figure in front obviously felt Du Shaofu’s attack behind him. He let out a cold humph and spun around. He sent out a seemingly calm fist seal, but in an instant, it brought out a wild storm, and eventually exploded on Du Shaofu’s fist seal.


The collision of the two fists created gale-force winds, sweeping all the dust on the open square away.


Du Shaofu staggered backwards. Each step on the ground cracked the square. The strength of his opponent was extremely strong.

“You sure have some skills, continue!”

As soon as the voice faded, Du Shaofu turned around, the figure appeared in front of him again. The figure’s speed was too quick for Du Shaofu to catch his face, then a palm seal appeared in front of Du Shaofu.

The speed of the palm seal was as fast as lightning. A scary gust of wind fluctuated intensely, as if it was under someone’s control, and surrounded Du Shaofu in a circle.

Feeling that incredible gust of wind, Du Shaofu’s face turned solemn. The strength of the opponent was unfathomable, he was too strong and too fast for Du Shaofu. He had no other alternatives. He changed his hand seal. A layer of pale golden light surged out of his body. Talisman patterns flickered on his skin. He welcomed the attack with his violent strike.

“Rising Typhoon Shocking Wing!” Du Shaofu yelled. 

His palms were widely opened like a cattail-leaf fan. Every space that his hand passed through sparkled with a condensed pale golden talisman patterns, as if an arc of golden spatial indentation had formed around his palm.

The space around his palm was filled with dense golden talisman patterns that looked like the golden wings of the Golden-winged Garuda. A domineering Qi suddenly rushed out of Du Shaofu’s body, trembling the space and mercilessly hitting the opponent’s palm seal.

This strike was one of the techniques of the Golden-winged Garuda. Du Shaofu wasn’t able to wield it when he was still a Xiantian warrior. It was only after reaching the Maidong realm that the technique could be used. In addition, there were several other techniques that could only be used after reaching the Maidong realm. Besides, Du Shaofu has just studied the Rising Typhoon Shocking Wing the night before.


A deep sound of collision was heard. In the terrifying gust of wind, after Du Shaofu’s palm seal collided with his opponent’s palm seal, his palm seal was pulverized by a sudden increase of power from his opponent’s palm.

*Deng* *Deng*

Du Shaofu’s body was forced to retreat once more by the powerful force. After a dozen or so steps, the terrifying force faded, and the land that he stepped on were crushed to dust.

“This person is so strong!”

Du Shaofu looked up and finally got a clear look at the suspicious person’s face. The figure turned out to be a very handsome middle-aged man, his flickering eyes were clear as if they were dew. Especially the indistinct Qi on his body. At that moment, Du Shaofu felt like he was confronting the white and black middle-aged men again in Stone City.

“What kind of martial skill is this? It’s so aggressive and ferocious!”

The handsome middle-aged man murmured as his eyes fell on Du Shaofu in surprise. Then, he looked at Du Shaofu, his rebellious eyebrows were slightly raised, and said, “Kid, attack me with your strongest attack. Let me see what Du Tingxuan’s son really is, and whether he will cause his father to lose face.”

When Du Shaofu heard the remark, his eyes sparkled. He looked at the handsome middle-aged man with partially shut eyes. Then, a hand seal was condensed. Xuanqi fluctuated all over his body as if talisman patterns were going to burst out of his body. His Qi had suddenly become very overbearing.


When the middle-aged man saw the situation, his eyes were filled with doubts, and then he seemed to feel something, the surprise in his eyes surged.

In a short moment, along with the condensation of the hand seal and the fluctuation of the overbearing Qi, Du Shaofu’s eyes suddenly opened. His bright eyes flashed out lightning and his purple robe fluttered. Using his body as the center, lines of cracks were spreading below his feet and a loud yell was immediately heard.


The world-shaking howl was like a howl from a god. At this moment, the surroundings of the square resounded by the rumble, the space was trembling, and the momentum in the atmosphere was peerless and overbearing.


Within the overbearing momentum, the talisman patterns around Du Shaofu’s body fluctuated. His hands turned into countless of hand seals at lightning speed before the final palm seal was condensed, which created the sound of thunder. He made a step forward and leaped straight at the handsome middle-aged man. His palm seal appeared instantly in front of the middle-aged man.

The eyes of the middle-aged man trembled. He shook his long sleeve and a palm seal immediately struck out, heavily bombarding Du Shaofu’s.

In an instant, the two palms collided creating a thunderous explosion and the turbulent energy spread, trembling the surrounding space very quickly.

*Hong Long Long

The space trembled. The terrifying energy storm swept away like a hurricane until it reached a far distance and gradually disappeared from the view.

*Deng* *Deng*

Du Shaofu staggered backwards. This time, he only staggered three steps back, but each step was a heavy tremble. He regained his balance at the last step but his face was deathly pale.

“Early Maidong realm, is it really early Maidong realm? And that defensive strength…is exactly like the king of demonic beasts. Truly incredible!”

The handsome middle-aged man’s body was motionless, but the look of shock on his face intensified. In his astonished eyes, he felt as if he had seen the most unbelievable thing. This kid was just an early Maidong warrior, but the strength he showed was able to counter the attack of an early Mailing warrior.

Moreover, he felt marveled at the kid’s defensive ability. He clearly knew how much strength he exerted in his attack, so he was crystal clear on how crazy the defensive power that this kid had. If a warrior with the same cultivation as Du Shaofu received the same kind of attacks from him, the consequences would be unthinkable. 

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