Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 151

The Second regular chapter!

Du Shaofu’s eyes blinked several times on his pale face as he gazed at the handsome middle-aged man. Then, he saluted him respectfully and said, “Shaofu greets Uncle Ling.”

The middle-aged man was naturally Ouyang Ling. After hearing that, he shifted his gaze to Du Shaofu. He curved the side of his mouth into a smile and said, “Kid, how did you recognize me?”

Du Shaofu’s eyes twitched, saying, “It’s very simple. I could see the similarities you have with Sister Shuang’s appearance with just a single look. So, it isn’t difficult to identify you.”

Ouyang Ling looked dumbfounded for a moment before giving a wry smile. “Don’t mention that girl. I have no idea what sin I have committed in my past life that I have a daughter like her in this life, who will soon anger me to death.”

“Sister Shuang has a very high talent in martial cultivation and her appearance can overthrow the men of a city. Uncle Ling should be happy to have her.”

Du Shaofu didn’t exactly know what to say, but it shouldn’t be a mistake to say good things about people.

“Don’t you know that she isn’t interested in men now? I just couldn’t believe that she likes women now. Your Aunt Shan and I have this headache for a long time.”

Ouyang Ling looked at Du Shaofu, and his clear eyes suddenly twitched, as if he had discovered something. “You are good, kid, and you are my good brother’s son. You’re special too. Why don’t I marry that girl to you?”


When Du Shaofu heard the remark, he was suddenly taken aback. It was unreasonable. If OuYang Shuang knew about this, the first thing that she would do was kill him. He quickly shook his head and replied, “Uncle Ling must be joking with me. I’m still young. Things like this should be decided by the parents.”

“Yeah, next time when I see my brother, I will talk to him.”

Ouyang Ling seemed serious. Then, he looked over at Du Shaofu again. His eyes twitched slightly. “You are like your father. I can see it at a glance. It’s been 18 years since I last saw him. How has he been?”

“He’s fine, just that he likes to drink a lot. I wonder if he liked to drink last time.” Du Shaofu replied in a soft tone. 

Without much conversation, he could feel that this handsome middle-aged man had a special relationship with his drunken father.

“He didn’t drink much alcohol last time.”

Looking at Du Shoafu, Ouyang Ling said with a sigh. “About what happened to your father before, you will know about it as the time goes by. However, I’m afraid that it may not be an easy thing to surpass your father.”

“I will try my best not to embarrass him,” said Du Shaofu.

“Ambitious.” Ouyang Ling stepped forward slowly. His clear eyes were gazing at Du Shaofu. His facial expression began to look a little solemn and his eyes twitched a little. He said, “Last night, when I went out of my seclusion…”

“I think Uncle Ling wasn’t in seclusion all this while.”

Du Shaofu interrupted Ouyang Ling, then he smiled and said, “If I’m not mistaken, the City Lord Han Qiang must have come to see Uncle Ling last night. I believe that Han Xin was released that very night. I’m afraid those city guards that were arrested by Lan Ling Prefecture private amy were also released.”

While looking at Du Shaofu, his face twitched due to frustration. A moment later, he asked, “Tell me. How can you be so sure?”

Du Shaofu smiled and replied, “I didn’t know at first, I only started to have doubts about it yesterday night before I come to this conclusion.”

After a moment of pause, Du Shaofu continued, “During such special period, the city guards wouldn’t dare touch my friends, the same goes to Han Xin. He even warned the city guards to stay out of trouble during this period of time. So, I was suspicious of the guards who went to harm my friends, but I wasn’t sure if my suspicion was true.

Ultimately, I went to the private barracks and learned that Uncle Ling came to Lan Ling City 16 years ago before becoming the Prefecture Lord.

Before you came to Lan Ling City, the City Lord, Han Qiang has already been in Lan Ling City for many years and has done a lot of meritorious services. He was supposedly the most likely candidate to be the next Prefecture Lord given his powerful background in the empire, but Uncle Ling has taken the place of Prefecture Lord not long after you arrived. At any rate, Han Qiang surely have some grudge against you. So, I’m afraid that he was just pretending to be convinced with your actions all these years.”

“Does it really matter?” Ouyang Ling looked at Du Shaofy, interested.

Du Shaofu said with a smile. “Of course it matters. Han Qiang wasn’t convinced in his heart. I think, as the Prefecture Lord, Uncle Ling must have felt somewhat uncomfortable in your heart. It’s just that Han Qiang is too clever. So, Uncle didn’t want to go against him because you can’t unmask his true colour.

But this time, I accidentally got into trouble after capturing the most important and trusted captain of Han Qiang. Uncle Ling wanted to take the opportunity to provoke Han Qiang but you couldn’t show your face.

Meanwhile, this time Han Qiang also didn’t show his face. He used his son, Han Xin, to show up for the meeting. Then, Uncle Ling chose me to attend the meeting. So, this was how things developed into the present matter.” Du Shaofu spat all these words out in one breath before his gaze fell back upon Ouyang Ling.

Listening to Du Shaofu’s words, Ouyang Ling crossed his arms behind his back and said with a smile, “What you’re saying is reasonable, but it is farfetched. I totally deny all of them.”

“It’s a little farfetched and there’s no evidence yet.”

Du Shaofu looked over at Ouyang Ling and said, “However, this is the truth, the result that Uncle Ling wanted. I think that Han Qiang went to find you yesterday night to clarify his stand. I think that he wouldn’t be doubtful in your actions anymore in the future. That’s why Uncle Ling released Han Xin and those arrested city guards, saying that this was only a misunderstanding between the two youngsters - me and Han Xin - right?”

The facial muscle on Ouyang Ling’s face twitched uncontrollably. He was surprised that the boy actually knew about the development of the matters regarding Han Qiang coming to see him last night so well. A moment later, his brows raised as he asked, “I just want to know how you can be so sure.”


Du Shaofu chuckled and said, “It’s very simple. I asked Sister Shuang an extra question last night. She said that you weren’t in seclusion the day before I came. I also asked her to describe the few people who went to harm my friends. Later, I went to the private army to make a few inquiries and found out that besides the normal shift of guards, there were a few of them who went missing. After the investigation, it was found that the missing private guards had very similar features to those people described by Sister Shuang.

Furthermore, only Uncle Ling and Uncle Ling’s trusted follower would be able to secretly mobilize those guards. So, what I guessed is probably right.”

“Why would I send someone to impersonate the city guards just to harm your friends?” Ouyang Ling asked.

“Because I didn’t want to be involved in the matter between the city guards and the private guards of Lan Ling Prefecture. Uncle Ling only did so to pull me into the matter. The matter was started by me, so naturally only I can end it.”

Du Shaofu looked at Ouyang Ling and said, “So, I simply stir up the trouble even more. Firstly, I asked someone to summon Han Xin to Lan Ling Prefecture. Then, I used Uncle Lin’s way. I found someone to disguise as the trusted follower of that captain who had the surname Lin, to inform the city guards that the private guards of Lan Ling Prefecture was going to charge them for intending to start a rebellion against Lan Ling Prefecture and had already captured the Young City Lord and the City Lord for execution.

During these past few days, I suppose they have been nursing a grievance against Lan Ling Prefecture. So, when they heard that the City Lord and his son were arrested, there would definitely be some impatient city guards who would rush to Lan Ling Prefecture at once without knowing the true story and would surround Lan Ling Prefecture. At that time, I tried to get Han Xin to attack me. So, these two reasons are evidences that was enough to shut Han Qiang’s mouth. 

In the end, Han Qiang was compelled to come to Lan Ling Prefecture. The only way he could do was to submit himself to Uncle Ling. Since Han Qiang went to find you personally, Uncle Ling had no choice but to get out of seclusion.”

“Good, kid!”

After staring at Du Shoafu for a long time, Ouyang Ling only spoke with a soft sigh, his clear eyes suffused with fluctuations. “What do you think, about the things that I have done to you?”

Du Shaofu looked at Ouyang Ling again and gave another salutation. “Thank you, Uncle Ling.” 

“You are worthy of being taught and being called the son of two terrifying people.”

While Ouyang Ling’s voice still reverberated, the air around him rippled. Then, his figure gradually moved further away in a strange way; a pill floated in front of Du Shaofu. He said, “You have broken through into Maidong realm. I, as an uncle doesn’t have anything good for you except for this Pulse Spirit pill. It has the effect of fortifying the pulse spirit of a cultivator who has just stepped into the Maidong realm. This pill is considered a precious item. Treat it as a meeting gift from me.”

When Du Shaofu reached out his hand and grabbed the Pulse Spirit pill, the silhouette of Ouyang Ling was already long gone.

Lan Ling City, the City Lord’s Residence.

In the quiet hall, a rather robust man looked at Han Xin. His brow slightly wrinkled and said, “You still lost.”

“I don’t understand why I fell into that kind of lowly scheme. If I didn’t attack, I wouldn’t have been tricked.” Han Xin sat down, looking pale. He lifted his head slightly, his eyes were dismal.

“It’s because you are in a hurry. You are always thinking about winning. That’s why you messed up.”

The robust man continued, “Even if you didn’t attack that kid, the outcome would’ve been the same. You have already lost all the control the moment you went into Lan Ling Prefecture. You were fazed. That’s why you lost.”

“That brat is too shameless.” Han Xin hit the handle of the chair hard. He didn’t expect to lose in such a way.

“Don’t give yourself an excuse for this loss. You have already lost twice. The winner becomes the king and the loser becomes the bandit. Being shameless is also a skill.”

Looking at Han Xin, the robust man said, “That kid isn’t like the simple kid as we thought. Your loss this time doesn’t mean it is bad for you. At least, you knew what your shortcomings are from this failure. So you won’t lose again when you encounter a similar opponent in the future. But if you can’t admit your defeat this time, you won’t have a chance to win again in the future.”

Han Xin lifted his head up slightly but didn’t respond.

“City Lord, Young City Lord, there is a man named Du Shaofu outside the door saying that he was looking for Young City Lord.” An elder who looked like a housekeeper came in and said to them respectfully.

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