Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 152

The Third regular chapter!

“Du Shaofu…”

Han Xin looked quite puzzled before he shifted his gaze to his father.

“He is here looking for you. Your gaze tells me how much your morale has dropped. It seems like he has left a trauma in your mind,” said Han Qiang.


Han Xin knitted his bows and took a deep breath. Then he said to the housekeeper, “Bring him in.”

“I would like to meet that kid but today is not the day.” As the voice fell, Han Qiang turned and went into the inner hall.

After Ouyang Ling and Du Shaofu parted at the empty square, Du Shaofu left Lan Ling Prefecture and headed towards the City Lord’s Residence by himself. After that, he was led by an elder who looked like the housekeeper to meet Han Xin.

“You have the guts to come alone.” The eyes on Han Xin’s indifferent face looked coldly at Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu smiled. He walked familiarly towards Han Xin and sat on a chair beside him. He looked at Han Xin and said, “Why wouldn’t I have the courage to come? You can’t do anything about me anyway.”

Han Xin looked at Du Shaofu from the corner of his eyes. He said, “Tell me, why did you come to see me this time? Did you come here just to mock me? This time, I really fell into your plot…”

“We are brothers. There’s nothing that I would want to mock you about. Actually, you already knew that the outcome of the incident is not up to neither of us to decide.”

Du Shaofu didn’t feel distant just because Han Xin showed an indifferent expression. He was still smiling warmly. He picked a dim sum on the table and stuffed it into his mouth and praised. “This tastes really good.”

Staring at Du Shaofu for a long time, Han Xin said, “We don’t seem to be brothers yet.”

“We will, at this instant.”

Du Shaofu swallowed the dim sum in his mouth and told Han Xin. “I’m here to invite you to join the World Association.”

“What World Association?” Han Xin’s gaze fluctuated.

“Star Dragon Society is the predecessor of the World Association. My second brother is the vice president and I was given the title of president.” Du Shaofu answered.

Han Xin’s cold eyes looked at Du Shaofu and said with a smile, “Star Dragon Society? Haven’t heard of it before, but I have heard about your second brother, Du Yunlong. I think he had offended the White Tiger Sect right? My relationship with He Jun has always been good. Among the so-called four young lords of Lan Ling City, I get along with He Jun better than any of them. Do you think that I would agree to join this tiny World Association? If I want to join a sect, I would have joined the White Tiger Sect, why should I come and join your little sect?”

“I know that you and He Jun have a good relationship. He Jun wouldn’t have been able to collect the protection money from others in Lan Ling City without your support.”

Du Shaodu looked at Han Xin and said. “But this has nothing to do with you joining the World Association. You won’t join White Tiger Sect because the head of the sect is He Jun’s father, He Li and a bunch of elders. According to seniority, you won’t be able to use your talent in White Tiger Sect. The World Association on the other hand is different, it allows you to utilize your talents and skills freely. More importantly, I am in this association. If you still have the thought of defeating me, you should join the World Association, otherwise, you won’t get another chance for that.”

“First, what I want to correct that it isn’t called ‘protection money’ but management fee to ensure the safe operations of all shops.” Han Xin eyed Du Shaofu attentively. After a moment, he opened his mouth and asked, “If I were to join the World Association, what position will be given to me?”

“The vice president, like my second brother.” Du Shaofu said. 

A smile appeared on his face. He stood up, his eyes swept across the inner hall intentionally before he said to Han Xin. “It’s a deal then. I’ll ask my second brother to come to you in due course. I will take my leave now, no need for farewell courtesy.” As soon as his voice faded, he turned and left.

Han Xin was still sitting, looking at Du Shaofu’s back, petrified.

“That kid is truly not a simple kid.”

Han Qiang came out from the inner hall. He looked at Han Xin and said, “I am surprised that you will join this World Association. I thought your goal has always been to enter the Imperial Capital.”

“It getting harder for me to see him through. I want to win over him. I have no choice but to stay by his side, or else, like what he said, I will never have the chance to defeat him.” Han Xin said. “If I can’t even get past this barrier, it’s no use going to the Imperial Capital.”


When Du Shaofu left the City Lord’s Residence, he went to the house where Murong Youruo and Dai Xingyu resided.

Dai Xingyu asked Du Shaofu about the Demonic Scale Tiger’s whereabouts when she didn’t see it with him. Even though this girl was afraid of the Demonic Scale Tiger, she still missed it very much.

Du Shaofu casually asked about what happened to them yesterday. Then, he told Murong Youruo about the matter of the World Association and about Han Xin joining it.

“I feel surprised.”

In the living room, Murong Youruo nodded in surprise, she felt strange and interested while listening to Du Shaofu’s story. She looked at Du Shaofu, and raised the side of her lips and said, “Are you going to stay in Lan Ling City?”

“Nope. I would be leaving Lan Ling City soon,” said Du Shaofu.

“I’m leaving.” When she heard those words, an unnoticeable complex emotion flashed in her eyes. Then, she nodded slightly and said softly with a smile. “Where do you intend to go?”

“Heavenly Martial Institute of the Shilong Empire.” Du Shaofu replied.

“Heavenly Martial Institute? It’s the place that trains powerhouses. I’ve heard of it before.”

Murong Youruo nodded slightly and gave a unique smile before saying, “You will certainly become a prominent powerhouse which will become Xingyu and my reliable patron.”

Du Shaofu smiled, looking at the pretty girl. “In fact, I came here today to ask a favor from you.” Du Shaofu said.

“You still have things that want my help? Say it.”

The corner of her mouth curled perfectly. She continued, “I’m a little curious that you still need my help.”

“I would like to invite you to join the World Association,” said Du Shaofu.

“To join the World Association?” 

Looking at Du Shaofu, she twitched her eyes slightly but her expression remained calm. Then, she smiled with a blink and said in a gentle tone while lifting her head up. “I can only play musical instruments, I’m afraid that I won’t be of any use if I join the World Association.”

“Trust my insight.”

Decisiveness was in Du Shaofu’s expression. He knew that a beautiful girl like her who could stay untouched and undisturbed in Story Garden showed that she was extraordinary.

Back when he treated her, it wasn’t difficult for him to know her martial pulse level. As such, he was sure that this beauty was absolutely not a simple girl.

If there was a stage for her, she would outshine Han Xin and Meng Laicai. A lot of people were afraid of those two young lords mainly because of their background. As the saying goes, even the most skillful woman won’t be able to cook without rice, and a tiger which lost its way on some foreign land would be bullied by a pack of dogs. 

As such, a person must be put in the right position in order to show their innate talent.

“You have been very gracious to me and Xingyu. I shouldn’t have refused your invitation, but I want to know whether you have any other reason for me joining the World Association?” Murong Youruo said with a faint smile.


When Du Shaofu heard that remark, his face showed some awkwardness. He slightly pinched his right ear with his right thumb and forefinger. Then, looked at the grasses outside and said, “As a matter of fact, I think it would be nice if you aren’t in Story Garden.”

“You don’t like me being in the Story Garden?” Murong Youruo was slightly surprised. Then, she stared at Du Shaofu with a charming smile, that made her dimples visible on her face.

Du Shaofu nodded and said, “Yes, I just feel that it’s better if you aren’t in the Story Garden anymore.”

“Okay, I accept your invitation, kid. I will join the World Association.” 

Murong Youruo gave an indolent smile and ran her fingers through her black hair. There was a trace of a smile at the side of her mouth. She didn’t know why she agreed to this kid because she always refused to join any forces. It was also the reason why she came to Lan Ling City and became one of the girls in Story Garden. In comparison to those forces out there, although Story Garden was a red-light district, it made her more relaxed. However, in the end, she unexpectedly joined a tiny force named the World Association.

“That’s great. Thank you,” said Du Shaofu with a smile.

“But you have to promise me one thing.” Murong Youruo looked at Du Shaofu and said.

“I won’t refuse if I can do it.” Du Shaofu nodded.

Murong Youruo looked towards the courtyard outside the living room, at the daydreaming Dai Xingyu and said. “I think you know that Xingyu is a Spirit Talisman Master with good talent. So, if you are going to the Heavenly Martial Institute, I hope that you can bring her along.”

“You want me to bring Xingyu along?” Du Shafou felt dubious. He naturally knew the innate talent of Dai Xingyu. In fact, her talent was far better than good.

Murong Youruo turned to Du Shaofu and said. “Perhaps it will be good for her if you bring her along with you.”

After a moment of contemplation, Du Shaofu nodded and said. “I will take good care of her and treat her as my own sister.”

“I’m relieved that she would be following you.” Murong Youruo said with a smile.


After three days, when the sun set and the twilight settled, the foothills of the mountains outside Lan Ling City first darkened.

“Aunt Shan, Uncle Ling, thank you for taking care of me these past few days. I’m going to the Heavenly Martial Institute of Shilong Empire.” In Lan Ling Prefecture, Du Shaofu bade farewell to Yuan Shanshan and Ouyang Ling.

In these past few days, Du Shaofu and his second brother Du Yunlong had completed most of the matters regarding the World Association. There were no big movements from White Tiger Sect, so there was nothing that they needed to worry about because the other forces were just insignificant. Adding the fact that Han Xin had already joined the association, there should be no problems in the future.

Therefore, Du Shaofu was relieved of his concern. It was time for him to go to the Heavenly Martial Institute, he had already spent quite a lot of time in Lan Ling City. After all, the most important thing that he had to do was to enhance his strength. 

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