Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 153

In this instant, the energy of the Pulse Spirit Pill was being absorbed by the divine light. It needed no command from Du Shaofu to do so. The constant flow of the energy was moving towards the divine light.

As the energy was being absorbed into the stands of divine light, subtle changes began to take place in the light, it was as though it was trying to materialize itself.

Indistinctly, Du Shaofu seemed to be able to detect a roar of excitement, as though the divine light was cheering due to exhilaration.

His body was gradually being wrapped by the dense and flickering divine light. Talisman patterns accompanied by terrifying Qi spread across the void. Some of the divine light that Du Shaofu seldom saw gradually glowed. The light was sparkling and fluctuating. In the process, his Qi was rising rapidly. In the divine light was an inestimable amount of energy. When this energy was spread out into the void, Du Shaofu absorbed it. Despite the amount of energy being meager, it was enough to make him reap a great deal from it. It then turned into pure xuanqi and was kept in his shenque.

At the same time, he had also refined the residual energy he obtained after consuming the Golden Pear and turned it into xuanqi.

Judging by the rate his power is rising, he was afraid that it wouldn’t take long to reach another breakthrough.

Finally, the dense divine light around his body started to change. Above his head, the image of a Five Finger Mountain was transforming, evolving, and condensing, as if life was forming within the image as it was becoming more and more real .

Time passed slowly. Above the sky, the bright moon moved westward.

Du Shaofu’s body was wrapped around by the divine light. These lights were fluctuating as if they were testing something. The Five Finger Mountain was constantly changing, causing the surrounding void to bend a little, but the sense of pressure was getting stronger and stronger and the image was becoming more tangible.

The more tangible the Pulse Spirit the greater the strength in certain aspect.

If anyone saw the present scene, they would absolutely be shocked. Du Shaofu was just an early Maidong warrior but he was afraid that not even a complete Maidong warrior could reach such degree of solidification in Pulse Spirit. The illusory image of his Pulse Spirit was absolutely incredible.

The energy of the Pulse Spirit Pill was gradually being sucked until nothing was left, and the divine light looked more tangible than before.

Anyhow, that was all. Only a part of the divine light that surrounded Du Shaofu’s body turned tangible. These strands of divine light eventually diffused into his body and the atmosphere returned to its previous peace.

*Chi La La*

The illusory Five Finger Mountain behind him also returned back into his body in the form of talisman patterns. 

Presently, the night had passed and the sky was turning bright. There were still a few remaining stars visible in the deep sky.


Sunlight poured through the window into the room. When it reached Du Shaofu’s face, he slowed down the condensation of the hand seal and the last circle of pale golden light was reabsorbed back into his body. 

He opened both of his eyes. The pale golden light that flickered from his eyes went deep into his pupils.


Feeling the changes in the body, his eyes sparkled in surprise. As the hand seal came to a halt, a ferocious energy burst out of his body all of a sudden. His current Qi was more overbearing than before.

“I’m afraid I have almost reached the intermediate Maidong realm.”

Du Shaofu was surprised when he sensed the Qi in his body because it showed that he had gotten very close to the intermediate Maidong realm.

The function of the Pulse Spirit Pill was to stabilize the martial pulse, but he had no knowledge that it would also enhance one’s strength. So, Du Shaofu felt somewhat strange that he could make such progress in one night.

He converged all his Qi while feeling the surging energy inside his body. He smiled, stretched his back lazily, and jumped off his bed.

Today he would go to the Heavenly Martial Institute. Despite knowing the troubles his drunkard father had created there, he was quite expectant to reach the institute.

In the morning, outside Lan Ling City was a group of people standing. Du Yunlong patted Du Shaofu’s shoulder and said, “Third Brother, rest assured, he World Association won’t face any problem with our presence. Elder Sister is also in Heavenly Martial Institute. I have no idea how surprised she will be when she sees you.”

Du Shaofu nodded lightly. Then, he turned to the cold-looking person in golden long clothes standing beside Du Yunlong, and said, “I am really moved by the fact that you have come to say goodbye to me. Anyway, when can you change your cold attitude? You are a good looking young man but you are as cold as a piece of ice. You will never get a wife if you continue with this coldness.”

“I am just bored. About whether I will get a wife or not, it’s none of your business.”

The elongated almond eyes on Han Xin’s face was fixing on Du Shaofu coldly. The thin lips below his tall nose bridge arced into an arrogant expression. He then said, “I’m afraid that besides some people, no one else in the World Association knows who their president is. As the president of the World Association, you still choose to go to Heavenly Martial Institute. You are good at passing your responsibilities to your subordinates.”

“I will be relieved with you people around.” Du Shaofu chuckled and patted Han Xin’s shoulder.

“Don’t get too close, we aren’t very familiar with each other.” Han Xin stepped back.

Du Shaofu didn’t mind it at all. He replied with a smile. “We are a family. We will be familiar with each other sooner or later. After a certain period of time, you will find that I am actually a very good person.”

Ouyang Shuang couldn’t take it anymore and muttered. “Your face does have a very thick skin.”

“You are biased against me. You must be biased against me.”

Du Shaofu spoke while his eyes fell on Ouyang Shuang. Her appearance caught his eyes the moment he saw her.

It was mainly because Ouyang Shuang was wearing a tight attire which outlined her hot figure, long beautiful legs and attractive curve. Adding her pretty face, it could enchant any man. As such, Du Shaofu couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

Ouyang Shuang ignored Du Shaofu. She walked past him and stood beside Murong Youruo.

“Aunt, I will listen to what Brother Shaofu’s says. I will return to see you from time to time.” Dai Xingyu said in choked voice. Her face was like a pear drizzled with rain. She was pulling Murong Youruo’s hand and was reluctant to let go.

“Go now, practice well and become strong.” Murong Youruo wiped the tears on Dai Xingyu’s eyes. Her eyes hid her urge to cry.


A moment later, the Demonic Scale Tiger flapped its wings and rose to the sky causing the wind to whistle. Three figures were sitting on the tiger’s back and slowly vanished in their lines of sight.

Murong Youruo shut one of her eyes while caressing her jade-like face. After looking at the disappearing flying figure for a long time, she turned around and left.

In the Lan Ling Prefecture, On top of the roof of the courtyard, stood a man and a woman.

The man had a handsome face and an extraordinary temperament. The woman was dressed in red skirt, her face is fascinating. They were the Prefecture Lord and Yuan Shanshan.

Looking at the vanishing trail of the flying tiger, Ouyang Ling murmured. “I’m afraid Heavenly Martial Institute will no longer be peaceful.”

“Brother Ling, why don’t you make Shaofu stay for a few more days? That kid has been following that guy ever since he was young. Without Sister Aotong by his side, he must have suffered a lot all these years. I feel sorry for Sister Aotong that he has to go to that bitter place, the Heavenly Martial Institute.” Yuan Shanshan felt sorry for Du Shaofu as well.

“How am I going to make him stay? That kid is as smart as his father, but more cunning and shameless than his father. I really can’t hold him for a few more days. Just let him go there and let him cause trouble.”

Ouyang Ling’s handsome face revealed a smile. It seems he had already imagined that the Heavenly Martial Institute was going to turn chaotic because of Du Shaofu. The elders in the institute were going to gape at Du Shaofu with anger, like how they responded to Du Shaofu’s father last time, but they could do nothing about it in the end.

“Why do you say so? Do you know how nice that kid is? Why do you say that he is shameless?” Yuan Shanshan immediately glared at Ouyang Ling.

“Erm…I have said it wrongly. Sorry.”

Ouyang Ling quickly smiled apologetically as he didn’t want to get into trouble. He confirmed with himself that the kid wasn’t only shameless but cunning as well. The kid had just come Lan Ling City but the situation in the city had turned upside down because of him. Even He Li of White Tiger Sect and Han Qiang had both suffered losses due to his involvement. This wasn’t something that ordinary people could do.

After hearing Ouyang Ling’s words, Yuan Shanshan’s tensed expression eased. She then looked at him and said, “Brother Ling, if Shaofu is staying in the prefecture for a few more days, you will be able to give some pointers regarding cultivation to him. And I will be able to see him for a few more days.”

“His father is Du Tingxuan. How am I going to give him pointers regarding cultivation?”

Ouyang Ling’s face turned bitter. Then, he said, “I have tested the strength of that boy and I found out that I really have no pointers regarding cultivation to share with him. I really have no idea how his parents gave birth to that abnormal boy. Every member of their family is scarier than the other.”


In mid-air, the Demonic Scale Tiger was fluttering its wings while gliding across the sky and passing over the mountain range below.  

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