Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 154

“Brother Shaofu, do you think we can join the Heavenly Martial Institute?”

On top of the Demonic Scale Tiger, Dai Xingyu looked at Du Shaofu with her limpid eyes. She was quite expectant to join the institute.

“Maybe we can.” Du Shaofu wasn’t quite sure, but given Dai Xingyu’s talent, it shouldn’t be a problem for her to become a member. As for himself, there shouldn’t be any problem as well.

“It’s too early to talk about this. It’s not easy to enter the Heavenly Martial Institute.” Ouyang Shuang darted Du Shaofu a glance.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult. If even you can join the institute, I think I should be fine.” Du Shaofu looked over at her and said in a soft tone.

“You…” Ouyang Shuang glared at Du Shaofu. She then said in a mean tone, “Let me tell you this, you have now left Lan Ling City, my mother is not around to help you anymore.” 

After hearing this remark, he looked at Ouyang Shuang and said with a smile, “You must have forgotten. We are in mid-air now and on the back of Xiao Hu.”


The Demonic Scale Tiger seemed to know Du Shaofu’s intention. It let out a roar and fluttered its wings to incline forward and flew up and down in the air, shaking Ouyang Shuang and Dai Xingyu’s body badly, turning their faces pale.

“Stop, you tiger!”

“Little Loops, slow down.”

“Du Shaofu, I’m not done with you yet!”……

Ouyang Shuang shouted repeatedly. Her voice echoed in the air. Du Shaofu was holding Dai Xingyu while looking at Ouyang Shuang’s hot figure and attractive curve moving left and right due to instability.

Finally, Ouyang Shuang compromised helplessly. She promised to tell Du Shaofu about the things regarding the Heavenly Martial Institute because she didn’t want him to be an idiot in the institute. The Demonic Scale Tiger slowed down, returning to its usual and stable flying speed.

Then, Du Shaofu found out from Ouyang Shuang’s words that the Heavenly Martial Institute wasn’t as simple as he thought. It was considered the sacred cultivation land of the entire Shilong Empire. There were numerous powerhouses that were born in the institute.

At least half of the kings and princes of Shilong Empire came from the Heavenly Martial Institute. It was enough to see the position of the institute in the Shilong Empire.

Virtually all of the cultivators of Shilong Empire wanted to join this institution, but it wasn’t opened for all to join.

There were a lot of assessments that one needed to go through before being accepted. One must have a certain level of talent in order to join the institute but it wasn’t merely referring to the level of martial pulse. The overall requirements were always extraordinary to many cultivators.

Every enrollment of the institute, there were always countless number of people, but only very few could truly join the institute. These were the cultivators that had extraordinary talent.

The descendants of the royal family of Shilong Empire would also be sent to the institute for training, although the institute was located in Shilong Empire, the royal family didn’t have any jurisdiction over them.

To some extent, the position of the Heavenly Martial Institute wasn’t any lower than the royal family in the empire. 

Some said that there were countless number of powerhouses in the Heavenly Martial Institute, but it still remained a mystery. But it’s a fact that none of the forces in the whole Shilong Empire would dare to provoke the Heavenly Martial Institute.

“I wonder how powerful the powerhouses of the Heavenly Martial Institute are.”

After listening to Ouyang Shuang’s introduction of the Heavenly Martial Institute, he was curious to find out how strong those seniors were. He wondered how strong are those powerhouses compared to the huge power that was related to his mother.

Ouyang Shuang replied, “About how strong the powerhouses of Heavenly Martial Institute, no one knows about that, but many of the teachers in the institute are of Wuhou realm. The elders are even stronger.”

“It’s worthy to be called Heavenly Martial Institute.” Du Shaofu sighed. His anticipation for the institute only grew.

Travelling from Lan Ling City to the Heavenly Martial Institute was a very long journey. Even though the Demonic Scale Tiger was very fast, it still needed to rest.

The Demonic Scale Tiger had already rested once. In the dusk, it landed on the peak of a mountain and took another rest.

On the mountain peak, Du Shaofu’s eyes swept around the mountainous terrain below them before he said to the two girls, “We will rest here for today, we will continue our journey tomorrow.”

Ouyang Shuang made a lazy stretch, revealing her wonderful and blood-spurting curve, and said, “I didn’t expect the Demonic Scale Tiger to be this fast. I’m afraid that with this kind of speed, we will be able to reach the Dark Forest at dusk tomorrow.”

“I am feeling a little hungry.”

Dai Xingyu rubbed her stomach. Although she was a Spirit Talisman Master, she could still feel hunger after a day without food.

“Don’t worry. You will have something to eat in a moment.”

Du Shaofu patted Dai Xingyu’s shoulder. Then,he said to the Demonic Scale Tiger, “Xiao Hu, can you do one more thing for me? Help me find something to eat.”


The Demonic Scale Tiger responded in a low roar, then it leaped down with its wings.

Du Shaofu began to bustle around on the mountain. Both Ouyang Shuang and Dai Xingyu had a look of confusion on their faces. First, they saw a huge pile of firewood placed by Du Shaofu. Then, they saw a stove built out of rocks, and finally, they saw him taking out lots of fragrant leaves, spices and seasoning from his storage pouch.


Also, at this time, the Demonic Scale Tiger returned from its hunt. Its ferocious mouth carried three things, a wild hare and two wild pheasants. Although all of these weren’t demonic beasts, they were still very big for an ordinary animal.

“What a lovely hare... Little Loops, you are too violent.”

Dai Xingyu couldn’t help but berate the Demonic Scale Tiger when she saw the dead hare, but it totally ignored her and went to a side and rest.

Du Shaofu handled the wild animals with ease: after peeling off their skin and putting the seasoning and spices on them, he wrapped them in the fragrant leaves and put them in the fire.

In less than half an hour, the hare and the two fat pheasants were roasted and a delicious smell filled the air.

“It smells good.”

Dai Xingyu was still feeling sad for the wild hare half an hour earlier, but now, her eyes were fixed on the roasted meat and she almost drooled.

Ouyang Shuang stared at it with surprised eyes. It seemed like she didn’t expect Du Shaofu to have such a skill.

As a complete Maidong cultivator, she could survive for a few days without eating, but the tempting aroma started to make her stomach growl.

“Let’s eat.”

When the aroma of the food reached its peak, Du Shaofu flicked his long sleeve and started to eat.

“It’s really tasty! This is the best food I’ve ever had.”

Dai Xingyu didn’t hold back anymore. She first went for the pheasant leg as if she still had the trauma for the dead hare. She tore off the meat with her teeth and praised the taste as she ate.

Ouyang Shuang hesitated for a moment, but finally gave up to the temptation of the aroma and took the leg of the hare.

The Demonic Scale Tiger couldn’t resist it either even though these meats couldn’t fill its stomach.

In the end, Du Shaofu and the Demonic Scale Tiger were gaping at the two girls who grabbed as many meat as possible in their hands, as though they were afraid that someone else would steal their food.

Dai Xingyu seemed to have put aside the trauma of the dead hare. She relished her meat very much.

A wild hare and two pheasants turned into bones in the end, Du Shaofu and the Demonic Scale Tiger only ate less than thirty percent of the food.

A man and a tiger couldn’t even compete with the two girls in eating. They could only watch the girls swallow their food madly with oil splashing everywhere. Finally, they wiped their hands, sat cross-legged and started their breathing exercise.

“Women are fiercer than tigers.” Du Shaofu sighed. The Demonic Scale Tiger too, felt resentful and went back to its side and rest.

The sky had already turned dark. There was a bright moon above the sky. The moonlight shrouded all the peaks in the mountain range.

Du Shaofu found a rock and sat on it cross-legged. He glanced at the bright moon before shutting his eyes and began to comprehend the Mysterious First Style.

As long as he had time, he would never stop comprehending the Mysterious First Style whether it was in the aspect of spiritual force, concoction,  arrays, or xuanqi.

It was because of his comprehension of the Mysterious First Style that allowed him to cultivate. Ever since then, he regarded the Mysterious First Style highly.

There were various wonderful things related to cultivation hidden in the Mysterious First Style. Even now, he had to admit that he was still very far away from mastering it entirely.

The next morning, the dawn gradually emitted a charming color of light. The first light from the rising sun fell on the peaks of the mountains.

Du Shaofu stopped his meditation and opened both of his eyes. Light sparkled from his eyes as he gazed at the sky and the rising clouds that gradually changed its color as hundreds of beams of light penetrated through the sky.


Stretching his body lazily, he took a deep breath of fresh air in the mountain. He felt refreshed and full of strength.

Dai Xingyu and Ouyang Shuang stopped their breathing exercises. The night of breathing exercise also refreshed them.


A moment later, the Demonic Scale Tiger spread out its wings and continued the journey to the Heavenly Martial Institute. 

In the middle of the day, the Demonic Scale Tiger cultivated while resting. At dusk, a vast and boundless forest appeared in their sight.

Looking at this vast forest, Ouyang Shuang’s eyes turned serious and her brows knitted slightly. She said, “Ahead is the Dark Forest. We can’t ride on this Demonic Scale Tiger anymore. We must find a way to get past this forest.”

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