Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 18

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Du Shaofu’s complexion paled as they disappeared in mid-air. The high-altitude flight almost made him puke out the hog’s feet he just ate.

More importantly, the earth-shaking beast tide with fierce beasts roaring and flying made Du Shaofu’s heart shiver just by looking at them from afar. If he alone encountered such a beast tide even with ten thousand lives, it would not be enough for him to live through it. The enormity and terror of Wild Beast Mountains finally hit Du Shaofu.  

"Things are getting even more interesting. Unexpectedly, the Wild Beast Mountain is housing such a vicious existence that can command thousands of demonic beasts, and most of them aren’t weak either. It seems like I have underestimated this Wild Beast Mountain.”

The lady looked at the incoming beast tide from the depths of the forest with a slight smile. Then, she quietly sat cross-legged and, once again, the flute of olden ambiance appeared in her hands. Placing the flute under her slightly parted lips, a melodious sound was once again weaved through the air.

The mild sound of the flute was ethereal and familiar, yet Du Shaofu was still intoxicated by it.

Another night passed. When daylight shone on Du Shaofu’s face, he sobered up from the intoxicating melody. To him, the flute melody was just like a spell, unknowingly pulling him into the melody. It was as if the melody within the flute was able to cleanse one’s soul. He woke up feeling refreshed and energetic.

Meanwhile, the lady was still sitting cross-legged in the same position with her eyes closed.

"What a horrible beast tide."

Du Shaofu came to a realization when he saw the devastated forest where the beast tide had swarmed through. It looked like the aftermath of an earthquake that he couldn’t help but be awestruck. He galnced towards Stone City’s direction, feeling like it was way out of his reach, unsure how far this hilltop is from Stone City.

"Does it scares you?"

The lady’s brown eyes observed Du Shaofu, not knowing when she woke up.

"It truly is frightening." Du Shaofu did not deny it. Thinking of that mammoth beast tide yesterday, it was impossible not to fear it. 

"Your performance so far is pretty good. Thus, before Fu Yibai comes, your life is in good hands." The lady said to Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu frowned. First of all, let’s not say whether Fu Yibai will or will not come, just thinking about the dangers of Wild Beast Mountains, if Fu Yibai comes, will he be able to stay alive? Looking at the lady, he sighed and asked, ”What if that old man, Fu Yibai, will not come or perhaps unable to come?”

"Then I will kill you."

She looked at Du Shaofu then said. "We will stay here for a day or two, by that time there should be a good show to watch.”

"I am hungry."

Du Shaofu felt helpless. In the middle of Wild Beast Mountains, especially after experiencing last night’s terrifying beast tide, even if this lady released him this very moment, he wouldn't leave.

"During the beast tide last night, there should be a lot of demonic beasts that died being trampled on, you can go down and search for something to eat.” The lady in white no longer bothered with Du Shaofu and not in the least worried that he will try to escape.

"So high... and I have to go down and then climb back up again?"

Looking down from above, Du Shaofu sucked in a deep breath of cold air. To descend from the top of the hill to the foothill, and then climbing up on the jagged mountain trail. Just from the distance he'd need to travel, he’d die from exhaustion even on a flat road, not to say this…

"The one who is hungry is you, not me." The lady closed her eyes after uttering this sentence.

Du Shaofu gritted his teeth in vexation, but as he was powerless against his rumbling stomach, he had no other choice. He began to climb down from the mountain peak.

It took him one and a half hour to reach the foot of the hill. Halfway down, he nearly slipped, and a layer of skin from his arm were scratched off. If not for being able to initiate xuanqi, he would have toppled down.

This was definitely not a hill an ordinary person could climb up or down easily.

Reaching the foot of the hill where everything was a wreck due to the beast tide that even the huge thick trees were broken in half. Du Shaofu managed to gather quite a bountiful harvest of low-level demonic beast bodies which he assumed were trampled to death by the stronger demonic beasts during the beast tide.

Du Shaofu was slightly frustrated, if he could transport these demonic beasts' bodies to Stone City, even though they are only Houtian level beasts he could still sell them at a very high price.

Searching nearby, Du Shaofu dared not venture too far way. In case he came across a demonic beast, he’d be in big trouble. Finally, he decided on a two smaller Houtian level demonic beasts: two scarlet fire rabbits and mystical iced python, and headed back up to the hilltop.

Scarlet fire rabbits are half a meter long, and are able to spit out scarlet-red flame, extremely agile, but their attack is relatively weak. Most of the beast hunting teams do not like this meat and it’s easily available in Stone City.

Mystical iced pythons are also Houtian demonic beasts, about three meters in length, its body exuding a chilly non-toxic air, but once bitten the victim’s body will turn into ice.

Scurrying around and foraging some natural spices, and ripping down a tree vine to tie the two small demonic beast bodies around his waist, Du Shaofu started his climb towards the hilltop.

By the time he reached the peak, the sun’s high up in the sky. Exhaustion took most out of him, leaving only a couple of breaths that he practically lied down for a full ten minutes before he managed to get up. The white-clothed lady remained still, sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed as if there was no one around.

However half an hour later right when the roasted scarlet fire rabbits were ready and the smell of the roasted meat permeated the air, and Du Shaofu was about to gobble down on the tender meat, the white-clothed lady opened her eyes and with a turn of her slender hand, ignoring the distance, grabbed the entire rabbit and tore out a thigh piece before flinging the rest back to Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu could only stare fiercely at her but dared not to voice out any complaints.

Wiping his mouth clean, there’s not much for Du Shaofu to do after filling his stomach, so he started contemplating on how to perfect Raging Storm Waves Palm. The last time he only managed to practice the skill but yet to have the time to perfect it.

"If the xuanqi can accumulate more in 'Heaven Gate' and 'Heaven Pond', it will be easier to manipulate the ‘hard’ aspect that the momentum can continue uninterrupted due to sufficient qi. Only then it will truly be like raging storm waves and covered up some flaws and weakness.

Knowing that the lady's an expert, Du Shaofu had no intention of hiding anything and soon immersed himself in the thought of improving Raging Storm Waves Palm.

"Being able to practice a Xiantian martial skill without any cultivation. You've not only practiced but also improve a Xiantian martial skill with a wasted martial pulse that seems to have restored a little. In such a small border town, unexpectedly there’s such a unique kid.”

Watching Du Shaofu who was totally immersed in contemplation of perfecting Raging Storm Waves Palm, a light glimmered in the cold lady’s brown eyes.


*Ao ao!*

This was another tumultuous night within the mountains as the demonic beasts once again went on a stampede, resulting in a mammoth beasts tide that was more terrifying than the night before. A higher level of powerful demonic beasts stormed through the forest, exuding immense pressure that even Du Shaofu was woken up from his contemplation.


From the depths of the mountains ahead, a vast stretch of beasts rampaged through. Trees were uprooted or broken down, tree branches falling from high above scattered everywhere that were cut by the wings of the demonic birds.

Beast roars thundered and resounded through the mountains. Some of the lower level demonic beasts were trampled flat in the stampede as blood splashed in every direction, painting a gory picture.

"Quickly retreat, this beast tide is too ferocious."

In the mountains, a tall man with rune-patterns on his bald head was swinging his powerful fist around. Each punch he sent was combined with the glow of rune-like patterns, reducing its target into bloody pieces, and consequently leading his companions behind him to evade the beast tide.

"Retreat to the cliff, first get away from the beast tide!"
Not far away, an oldman in black clothes holding a copper snake-head staff was guiding his group towards the cliff with the young girls and boys protected in the middle by several strong warriors, all the while sending out talisman-like pattern as quick as lightning towards the surrounding demonic beasts.

Note: In the progress of changing wicked beasts to demonic beasts.