Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 19

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer

The beast tide this time was shorter compared to last one. From the hilltop, Du Shaofu looked downward. Gusts of breeze from the passing flying beasts’ flapping their wings stung Du Shaofu’s cheeks and made his heartbeat quickened from shock, making him quickly step back.

The demonic birds were so huge and had an overbearing pressure that towering trees nearby broke.

"Looks like whatever that is happening inside is not so simple." Looking at the effects of the beast tide, the lady that had been sitting cross-legged murmured to herself.

After the beast tide had passed, Du Shaofu continued to roast the scarlet fire rabbit. The scent of roasted meat wafted through the air and this time, Du Shaofu took the initiative and tore off a whole rabbit leg and handed it over to the lady in white.

The lady did not hesitate, after wrapping the leg with a handkerchief, she started to nibble. However, instead of eating, it looked more like she’s reliving memories.

On the other side, Du Shaofu was the opposite, devouring the scarlet fire rabbit with just two to three big bites. Though having finished, it did not seem to have quelled his hunger as he went on to roast the mystical iced python as well.

"I’m not eating snake meat, it looks kinda strange."

When the fragrant scent from the roasted snake drifted out, Du Shaofu handed another piece of meat to the lady again but she refused to even look at it.

Du Shaofu didn’t mind it and continued eating everything. Once done he wiped his mouth clean and again start to comprehend how to perfect Raging Storm Waves Palm.

Between comprehending and perfecting both martial skills, Du Shaofu noticed that perfecting Raging Storm Waves Palm was harder than Pulsate Fist. There exist some flaws and weaknesses he clearly was able to feel but unable to resolve, and as a result, stagnating his progress.

At this time, the intoxicating sound of the flute had once again reached his ears, pulling him into the sound, cleansing his soul.

As he enters the vague world of the melodious flute, as if enlightened, the bottleneck he encountered with Raging Storm Waves Palm faded away as if swept away by the sound of raging storm waves.

"What a mesmerizing flute sound, looks like someone arrived ahead of us."

In the distant mountains on a hilltop, an old man with hair white as a crane looked ahead towards the cliff with brows creased together.  

"Crane Elder, are they from those several forces?" a middle-aged man asked.

"I don’t know, but we must hurry over quickly. We mustn’t allow other forces to have an advantage over us. Two beast tides have already passed, something must have happened to the hegemonic existences that made it clear the forest in such a way to prevent mishaps from occurring later.” The white-haired old man said.

Above, on the hilltop, Du Shaofu’s hands kept condensing seals as xuanqi flowed along specific meridians points for one complete turn, and then it gathered in his palm again. At this moment, his aura suddenly changed drastically. With him as the center point, terrifying layers of wave constantly swirled, and endless myriad of energy gushing towards his body, causing the surrounding space to become unstable and ripple like water boiling. Du Shaofu’s momentum surged to the point of terror like a volcano about to erupt.

"Ei, extracting power from the pulse, Maidong level strength."

The lady, who was not far away, noticed the faint light between Du Shaofu’s eyebrows like it was interacting with a mysterious energy, making her brown eyes widen in surprise much more than all the previous times.

"Raging Storm Waves Palm!"

Du Shaofu shouted and sent a strike with his palm with surging xuanqi. An extremely loud explosion sounded in the air like a thunder that came out of nowhere. Stormy waves of wind energy collided multiple times with the vast masses of rock about a hundred meters away.


Rocks cracked then split into pieces of different sizes rolling down from the top of the cliff to the bottom. Silence ensued after a long echo through the mountains.

"Success at last!"

Admiring the damage caused by his palm, a smile appeared on Du Shaofu’s face, 'I finally improved part of Raging Storm Waves Palm, and the actual power was higher than I imagined.' Still, Du Shaofu also felt that Raging Storm Waves Palm could further be enhanced, it’s just that the current level was his limit to further enhance the skill. As the saying goes, the heart is willing but lacks the strength.

*Gu lu lu~*

Looking at the sky, Du Shaofu realized it was already evening. His stomach began growling, signaling that it's time to feed it. He found recently that he seemed to be turning into a glutton. Even stranger was, these days he did not spend any time to comprehend the mysterious stone tablet’s first style, however, his xuanqi's capacity had increased again, brimming as if it was about to explode.

"I'm going down to get some food."

Du Shaofu said to the lady who was sitting cross-legged immediately after climbing down. He managed to reach the foot of the hill a lot faster due to his previous experiences and he did not wander far just in case he would encounter any high-level demonic beasts, and just quickly gathered a couple of smaller demonic bodies and returned to the hilltop.

Du Shaofu did not encounter any demonic beast what he encountered was people. More than a dozen figures appeared in front of him that was consisted of the young as well as elderly. Both men and women were led by an old man wearing a black robe, his hand holding a peculiar looking copper rod with a serpent twirling up the staff.  

"Boy, who are you?"

A middle-aged man looked at Du Shaofu with doubt in his eyes, he was unable to sense any fluctuation of cultivation from the youth’s body, but there was an indication of xuanqi.

 "There are powerful demonic beasts around, it is better you leave quickly." Du Shaofu raised his head and looked at these people. Each one of them had distinctive air stronger than his eldest and Second Uncle, even those few young men and woman were not ordinary and were even more dazzling than Du Clan's younger generation.  

"You have not given me an answer, who are you? Aren’t you afraid of beasts tide?"

The middle-aged man had a stomach full of doubts as he looked around. Apart from the youth in front, there were no other people in the vicinity. Managing to survive two beasts tides, the youth was definitely not an ordinary person.

"Who I am needs not your concern."

Du Shaofu became upset, in recent days all he felt was vexation, and these people are behaving quite rudely. Thus, naturally, he too wouldn't be polite. Facing these extraordinary people under normal circumstances, Du Shaofu wouldn’t be so blunt but now things different. He knew firsthand how strong the white-clothed lady was. His intuition told him that that lady was stronger than these people, and thus he let caution fly out of the window. After all, she ate the meat he roasted and abducted him to lure Fu Yibai, that old bastard, out so she wouldn’t actually disregard his little life.

"Where did this wild mountain boy crawl out from, do you know who we are? Disaster will befall on you for disrespecting us."

The middle-aged man turned gloomy. He was an illustrious character, and was considered an authority in a reputed sect, never did he imagined he’d be contradicted by such a young ignorant boy.

"Sky Serpent Sect is truly a dignified and prestigious power, ah. Even coming to Wild Beast Mountain to frighten a little boy, truly prestigious.”

The sound of a hearty laughter was heard from the mountain depths. About ten people that also had distinctive atmosphere, including a few juvenile, could be sensed. The one who spoke was a very unique looking hefty bald man with strange azure lines similar to runes, adding an edge to his atmosphere. 



  1. the heart is willing but lacks the strength – desires for something to have/happen, but is powerless/unable to achieve it.