Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 20

"Blacknether Sect."

Seeing it was the brawny bald man and his group, the old man in black and the others with him did not look too good. The tall middle-aged man who was questioning Du Shaofu earlier furrowed his brows,  "Baldy Zhong, Blacknether Sect moves quite quickly.”


"Sky Serpent Sect is not slow either. Something isn’t right with the hegemony existence within the Wild Beast Mountains, and matters of this scale are not something Sky Serpent Sect is qualified to meddle in.” The bald headed brawny man said to the middle-aged man. His gaze shifted to the old man in black clothes holding the snake-headed staff and said, “I did not expect Sky Serpent Sect even sent the dignified Elder Copper Serpent here.”

"Aren’t you here too? I’m certain you desire to gain some benefits from that existence too.” Gripping the copper snake staff, the old man looked past the bald brawny man towards the several youngsters behind him, and said, “This generation of Blacknether Sect’s disciples are quite good, just waiting for an opportunity for build-the-base baptism. However, it is dubious whether such an opportunity will present itself.”

"Sky Serpent Sect’s younger generation is also not bad, but life’s fortune seems a bit shallow in my opinion. Most probably, they will be returning empty-handed this time." Baldy Zhong’s eyes swept over the several young men and women of Sky Serpent Sect, not losing in sarcasm. Whenever the two sides meet the atmosphere would immediately become tensed.

"So lively, it was indeed a smart choice to come early, ah.”

Following the old hoarse voice was the arrival of several people led by an old man at the front. His hair was as white as a crane’s and had an exceptionally strong aura. Behind him stood young men and women that were also extraordinary and were circled protectively by some strong experts.

"Mystical Talisman House’s Daoist Crane Spirit."

Seeing the white-haired old man, whether it was Elder Copper Serpent or Baldy Zhong, their pupils flitted unnoticeably.

Du Shaofu, who was carrying a few demonic beast bodies, did not imagine that he would run into three different groups of people. Both Sky Serpent Sect and Blacknether Sect were forces Du Shaofu had heard of. Rumors had it that these sects were more powerful than an empire, even emperors needed to greet them in person.

Forces of this level existing in the outside world were something that Stone City could only look up from afar.

Now, Du Shaofu finally understands why these people dare to enter Wild Beast Mountains during this period, turns out each one has an amazing background.

"Please continue your discussion, don’t mind me."

Du Shaofu was not a fool, whether it was Sky Serpent Sect or the Blacknether Sect, both were not forces he could mess with and that last group, most probably was not weaker than the initial two forces. Getting out of here as fast as possible was the smartest choice. Furthermore, he’s not even familiar with them.

"Kid, you have yet to answer my Shishu’s[1] question!"

An arrogant young man about Du Shaofu’s size stepped out from the Sky Serpent Sect’s group of youngsters, directly blocking Du Shaofu’s way. Obviously, Du Shaofu was nothing in his eyes.  

"Don’t block my way, I’m hungry and wants to go and roast meat."

Du Shaofu was very unhappy with this arrogant young man obstructing his way. Then through bypassing the young man, Du Shaofu moved towards the hill.

The young man felt he had lost face. He was the pride of the sect and within the sect, his presence was heaven-like, nobody dared to be disrespectful towards him. If not for waiting for the strongest demonic beasts’ blood essence for the building the base baptism, he would have already entered into Xiantian realm.

"Hmph, looking for abuse[2]."

Seeing Du Shaofu bypassing him, the young man snorted. He suddenly punched, aiming towards Du Shaofu’s back. Within the shadow of the fist, faint lines of runes surging with momentum was rapidly closing the distance in between.

"Raging Storm Waves Palm!"

Du Shaofu, of course, was not a fool. He had been wary and was quietly arming himself when he felt the vibration of a strike coming from his back. Immediately, the improved version of Raging Storm Waves Palm shot out surging xuanqi with the power akin to a volcano erupting, clashing head-on with the young man’s punch.


A thunderous sound like the stormy waves surging with energy of the wind crashed continuously against the young man. From the ground, clouds of sand rose, fallen leaves fluttered in the wind, and the young man of Sky Serpent Sect staggered ten steps back in succession before landing on his butt, drops of blood trickled from the edge of his mouth.

Du Shaofu was still standing, although his body shook slightly. Sighing in his heart, he thought, this young man is really strong, much stronger than those cousins of his, if not for perfecting the Raging Storm Waves Palm he would probably be the one planted on his butt.

"What a strong youth."

It happened so swiftly that the people from all three forces had yet to react. Many of the young girls’ eyes fell on Du Shaofu, surprised.

Some of the experts from Sky Serpent Sect look petrified. The defeated young man, though had yet to enter Xiantian level, but was still a peak Houtian warrior waiting for his built-the-base baptism. Base on his strength, an ordinary Xiantian level warrior was not the youth’s opponent, however, the very same young man was defeated by a wild youth in the mountains. It was simply unbelievable!

Some of them can’t even determine the level of cultivation of the purple-robed youth. He was possessing only xuanqi without any aura of a realm, this youth was simply terrifying.

"The palm skill he used just now seems like Xiantian martial skill, however, there are traces of Maidong aura. Could this kid be a Xiantian Warrior or maybe even a Maidong Warrior, damn!”

Doubts appeared in many of the strong warriors’ heart whereas most people were in a dazed surprise.           

"Hmph, just a little brat but dared to hurt others, unforgivable.”

The face of the middle-aged man earlier sank and turned gloomy. Then, his hand reached out to grab Du Shaofu. As his hand was about to reach Shaofu, space distorted and Du Shaofu’s body felt as if it solidified, unable to move even a finger.  


In this split-second time frame, a stream of flashing runes dropped from above like lightning crossing space, penetrating the middle-aged man’s palmprint.


His palmprint shattered but the stream of runes continued to drill into that man’s hand that a bloody hole appeared, and after a moment, blood flew everywhere as he screamed.

"I’m immediately coming back to roast meat for you, don’t be anxious.”

Du Shaofu laughed. That move earlier must have been the white-clothed lady. He gambled correctly, she wouldn’t let him die. He’s also right that she’s far stronger than any person here. Grinning, Du Shaofu no longer bothered with the so-called three forces. He turned around with some demonic beast bodies and began climbing up the hill.

"So strong!"

The crowd exclaimed as they regained their focus. That middle-aged man’s strength was considered strong. However, he was unexpectedly hit by someone out of thin air without him knowing. The youth in purple robe had the backing of someone with such terrible strength behind him! It’s no wonder he dared to appear in these inner part of Wild Beast Mountains and strike the youth of Sky Serpent Sect without hesitation.

"There’s another sky above the sky, and people above other people[3]. You all have to remember it well, do not behave arrogantly in the outside world, learn to have an open mind."

The white-haired old man advised the younger generation behind him. He then looked at Du Shaofu as he climbed, some doubts remain in his heart: This young man is so remarkable and yet he just climbs up the hill, is this a special physique training method. It’s obvious this youth’s physique is very strong, almost comparable to a demonic beast. Otherwise, it is impossible to collide head-on with the Sky Serpent Sect’s youth’s punch and remained steady as Mount Tai.                                                                                                                  

"Yes, we will remember Elder’s teaching."

The young men and women nodded in understanding. They indeed witnessed the profound truth of the idiom that there exist people stronger than the extent of their knowledge and that young man in purple robe climbing up the hill was not much worse compared to themselves.





  1. Shishu- (Probably most knows this) Master Uncle, i.e, the person (persons) that apprenticed under the same Master as one’s master.

  2. The actual wordings were ’敬酒不吃吃罚酒 ‘literally refusing to drink a toasting wine only to drink a penalty”

  3. There’s another sky above the sky and people above other people: There will always exist people better than oneself.