Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 21

Edited by Fingerfox and Lifer

The white-haired old man's words did not sound pleasant to the ears of the Sky Serpent Sect’s younger generation and they were already felt downcast from the event. Someone took out a medicine and bandaged the young man’s wound. With the deterrence earlier, no one dared to find trouble with the youth in purple robe further, for the person behind him was not someone they could afford to provoke.

"Exactly who is on that cliff? Are they also vying for the same thing as us? It appears that this time, there is an additional competitor."

Baldy Zhong frowned as he looked at the towering peak. The sun had set by the time Du Shaofu reached the cliff top, and the white-clothed lady was sitting there cross-legged with eyes closed.

Du Shaofu did not speak as he quickly busied himself with roasting the meat to fill his stomach. When the scent of the meat wafted through the air, the lady did not wait to be offered and help herself to the meat.

Cleaning up after he finished eating, Du Shaofu began to comprehend the stone tablet’s mysterious first style which, compared to Pulsate Fist and Raging Storm Waves Palm, was many times more complex and profound.

The night was especially quiet. Perhaps all the demonic beasts ran off with the beast tide that plunged the forest into an eerie silence.

However, this particular silence brought a sense of foreboding.  It was too quiet. Apart from the occasional blow of the wind, there was no other sound—just like a piece of death land, desolate and lifeless. Only the occasional wind passing through the boundless forest, swirling some dried shriveled leaves along the way, suggested that their was life.

This quietness lasted until the middle of the night when suddenly, up above the cliff, the beautiful white-clothed lady suddenly opened her eyes and stood up. Her eyes reflected the moonlight as she looked towards the depths of the mountains.

"Something’s not right."

Those of Blacknether Sect and Sky Serpent Sect in the surrounding peaks gazed towards the deeper parts as they too could sense a bone-chilling danger encroaching.

Under the moonlight, the shadow of the many mountain peaks and vast forest created an illusion of tsunami that was about to engulf the entire mountain.

"At last, you’re unable to wait any longer." From the deeper parts of the forest, a crisp but calm female voice echoed out, sounding melodious.

"Because now, you’re at your weakest. This time around, you are no longer my opponent.” A second voice was heard, deep and thunderous.

“But your patience is at its limit, how sure are you that I’m at my weakest at this moment.” The calm female voice said again.


Subsequently, sounds of thunderous crashes resounded throughout the mountains, shaking the forest. The mountains trembled as if about to crumble, lightning strikes among the surging clouds up in the sky intermittent with purple-colored flame and dazzling flashes of gold.

“The fight started."

"Someone's actually able to rival the hegemony existence.”


Up on the cliffs, the baldy, Elder Copper Serpent, and Crane Spirit Daoist looked at each other with shocked eyes, and then staring rigidly at the inner forest. It looked like that part of the world was facing a catastrophe as the earth quaked, space distorted and monstrous talisman energy filled the sky, causing the ones looking from afar to feel dread.

The horrifying battle lasted for several hours until dawn arrived.

*Ji~!*(TL – Sound of a chirp)

A shrill cry resounded through the air as a gigantic bird shrouded in blazing purple-colored flame akin to an inferno fireball appeared across the sky in everyone’s line of sight.


A giant golden-winged bird pursued from behind as it spread its wings that reached three hundred meters in width, a flap of it created a horrifying gale with streaks of dazzling gold. The bird’s eyes were sharp and intimidating as it dived towards the giant purple flamed firebird with speed as quick as lighting.

The purple-flamed firebird was unable to contend with the golden-winged bird further. It flapped its wings to speed away.

Unwilling to let it enemy go, the golden-winged bird pursued with fervor. The two giant figures’ battle ravaged the forest, leaving it in a devastating state.

"That hegemony existence is being suppressed by the giant golden-winged bird unable to retaliate.”

“That golden-winged bird looks a bit like a legendary existence, but it’s not possible since when did Wild Beast Mountains have such a powerful bloodline of a fierce beast.”

"Things seem to be different from what we imagined, ah.”

Up on a mountain peak in the forest, Baldy Zhong, Elder Copper Serpent, and Crane Spirit Daoist were shocked, whereas those of insufficient strength were barely able to control themselves from prostrating on the ground just from the aura that spread out from the two giant birds.

"I did not expect that there is such a powerful bloodline here, it really is a coincidence, ah.”

The white-clothed lady’s eyes shimmered as she observed the earth-shattering battle.

*Chi la.*

Far away, the golden-winged giant bird finally caught the giant purple-flamed firebird. Then, it began attacking as it flapped its golden wings, it’s sharp feathers shone a dazzling gold with mysterious talisman-like patterns, spreading out sharply.

The purple flamed firebird did not lose out either. It flapped its wings and counter-attacked,  talisman-like patterns surged and a lava-like eruption of flame resisted the golden light attack.

With two monstrous entities battling, the sky was filled with clashes of opposing talisman energy. The golden-winged giant bird’s cry were like sounds of thunder while the purple flamed firebird’s cry pierced the sky. Monstrous energy surged and collided in the early morning sky, shaking the heavens!


The earth trembled like thousands of beasts were running as the shockwaves from the battle bombarded the forest. Huge cracks lined the grounds, towering trees were broken and collapsed, mountains crumbled as the abyss shifts.


As they were battling in mid-air, the golden-winged giant bird finally found an opening, with a terrifying momentum, one of its wings slashed out quicker than lightning accompanied by a dazzling golden light from talisman-patterns, striking directly onto the body of the giant firebird.

*Bang! Bang!*

Receiving a direct hit from the giant golden-winged bird, the purple flamed firebird’s surrounding talisman-pattern shield was smashed apart, instantly scattering the purple-colored feathers in the wind. Its back had a bloody picture as it went crashing down to the ground from the impact between two mountains. The forest area surrounding the fall scorched  the ground by the terrible purple-colored flame.

The giant golden-winged bird dived down using its wings to fan-off the burning flames, seemingly eager and anxious to retrieve something.


However, the fallen purple flamed firebird suddenly moved. A stream of powerful purple-colored flame was spewed from its mouth. The outbreak of the hidden flame was like a purple lightning piercing through the void, making the golden-winged giant bird’s sharp violent eyes widen in surprise as it rapidly retreated to avoid the incoming attack. Alas, it was too late as the purple flames pierced into its body, shattering the dazzling golden light shield. Blood the color of gold seep out from its severe wound.


In a furious rage, the giant golden-winged bird, with strength enough to shatter space, slammed its golden wings at the purple flamed giant firebird’s head.

"It’s a no-win situation. Both sides lost!"

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, there will not be any another chance if we miss this. Both are top-grade beasts blood’s, a treasure amongst treasure.”

"If our younger generation is able to use these blood essences for their base building baptism, there is a high chance that they will be able to have the beast’s talent, and will definitely be a prodigy that will tremble the heavens and shake the mainland.”

*Sou!* *Sou!*

Suddenly, figures emerged in mid-air from different mountain peaks, all of them possessing airfloat ability. Then, they launched directly towards the fallen giant birds, each were afraid that the others would arrive faster than themselves.