Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 22

Interesting, let’s bring you to see another excitement.”

Finishing her words, she appeared next to the dumbfounded Du Shaofu. She then grabbed him with one hand and floated leisurely, not in the least bit concerned about the rest of the forces rushing forwards.

Large tracts of the mountains were devastated as the bodies of two huge giant birds fell in the middle of the wreckage, motionless as if they were already dead. Their huge bodies were like two huge mountains that was exuding extreme hostility, causing xuanqi within ones body inhibited, even the souls shivered.

One of the two giant birds, the one with the color dazzling gold with sharp overbearing and an intimidating aura, was none other than a golden-winged garuda.

The other giant bird’s body was purple in its entirety, akin to a phoenix, as flames surrounded it that seemingly not dissipating. The horrifying scorching heat hindered anyone who wanted to get close.

As Sky Serpent Sect, Blacknether Sect and Crane Spirit Daoist reached the giant birds’ side, each eyes were aflame with burning greed as their heartbeats accelerate. This was an absolute treasure, a blessing bestowed by the Heavens!

"Powerful demonic beasts’ body have an arcane-heritage bone, that bone is the paragon of treasures!"

Almost the same time, Copper Snake Elder, Baldy Zhong and Crane Spirit Daoist pounced onto the two giant birds.

"With your meager strength yet dares to covet such a treasure, you all are courting death!”

A sharp admonition rang out, three red streamers pierced through the air with alarming power.

"Not good, there are strong experts."

Baldy Zhong, Elder Copper Serpent and and the white-haired old man’s expression changed for the worse in mid-air as an overwhelming and dangerous aura awash them with crushing pressure. The three of them did not dare to move recklessly. The rune-like patterns on Baldy Zhong’s bald shone brightly as if coming alive, instantly condensing a vapory image of a large bell that shielded him.

Elder Copper Serpent’s movements were just as quick, flinging out the snake-head staff in his hand it warped into a hundred meters long boa hovering in front of him.

The white-haired oldman means were more unique. He made strange hand seals and the air behind him surged, releasing an amazing momentum. Then a pair of snow-white crane-like wings appeared behind him, embracing his body within.

*Chi la la la!*

Three bright streams of light collided in mid-air. The large bell shielding Baldy Zhong vibrated intensely, buzzing sounds of protest as cracks begin to appear. The long hundred-meter shadow of a boa transformed from Elder Copper Serpent’s snake-head staff was pierced through easily, and even the celestial crane’s wings protecting the white-haired old man whined miserably.

*Peng! Peng! Peng!*

Shockingly, the three the strongest persons around were unable to defend against a single attack. They plunged down from mid-air and hit the ground heavily with each one vomiting blood as a horror-struck look appeared on their faces. It had never crossed their minds they would be unable to endure even one move.





Almost precisely at the same time, three great beast roars resounded through the forest. Shadows of three behemoths of a beast appeared in front of the crowd.

The first was an enormous black bear, its paws stout like a stone pillar dispersing a mighty air. The second was a humongous blood-colored tiger with watchful eyes and sharp claws that reflected cold and harsh glint, and lastly, an odd beast only thirty meters in length just like a small hill but with the roar of a thunder that affects xuanqi, making blood to churn violently.

The three behemoths advanced towards the group of people brought by Sky Serpent Sect, Blacknether Sect, and the white-haired old man, those able to airfloat were known experts in the outside world, however, in front of these three behemoths, they were powerless.


Nightmarish screams reverberated through the dark forest. Up to a dozen people from Sky Serpent Sect, experts from the Blacknether Sect were wiped out in a blink of an eye by the behemoth beasts before the three pairs of crimson eyes locked onto Baldy Zhong, Elder Copper Serpent and the old man.

"All three are kings of a territory within the Wild Beast Mountains. Normally, with the demonic phoenix’s deterrence, these demonic beasts dares not act recklessly but now that the demonic phoenix and the golden-winged garuda are dead they are planning to devour their bodies to evolve and increase their strength!”

The old man, ELder Copper Serpent and Baldy Zhong were very clear what the demonic beasts desired. Even at their peak condition, it’s difficult for them to contend with a king level demonic beast, not to mention now that they were injured. As such, there could only be one ending if they fought.

"Run, quickly run. The losses are too heavy, the treasure is not destined to be ours!”

Between a treasure and one’s life, naturally, one’s life was more important. If one’s life was already gone, then no matter the treasure it would be of no use. The old man and the two were after all not weak, without further delay all three of them shot up to the, sky escaping at rapid speed.


The three behemoths roared furiously and started relentlessly pursuing the escaping trio with fury, space fluctuated and nearby trees were ripped off the ground as they passed.

*Chi la la la!*

As the three demonic beast king disappeared, two silhouettes appeared in mid-air, an adult and a child. The adult woman was around fifties with a slight hunchback, her long hair with slivers of white was combed into a high bun. She had a prim looking face.

But the girl next to the old woman had an amazing temperament, was dressed in tight-fitting green clothes, holding delicate bow and arrows, had an exquisite face and tall figure, and exuding a spiritual aura that one could not help but think of elves. "From the looks of things, amongst all the people here, you are the only one capable of competing with this old woman, may I know your name?”

The oldwoman looked on the other side, straightening her slightly bent body. There was no obvious breath of cultivation detected from this woman but she was capable of airfloat. Moreover, the sharpness in her voice was the same as the person who attacked the trio, which means she was the one who launched the attack.

"I arrived here unintentionally, in truth I just wanted to see the excitement. As for my name, it is not worth mentioning, however, it is unexpected that you have a person from that clan by your side. Could it be that you have some relation with that clan?”

The white-clothed lady appeared in mid-air, calmly giving the girl a glance with her clear brown eyes. Her gaze then shifted downwards onto the bodies of the demonic purple-flamed phoenix and the golden-winged garuda.

"It’s her!"

Du Shaofu stood in mid-air along with the white-clothed lady. Surprise crossed his face when he spotted the elf-like girl beside the old woman, she was the one who killed five mountainbore demon hogs with her arrows. He didn’t expect to see her again here.  

The girl, however, did not notice Du Shaofu as her attention was occupied to the two giant demonic beasts’ bodies.

"Such terrifying demonic beasts," Du Shaofu was stunned as he looked at the golden-winged garuda and demonic purple-flamed phoenix’s bodies that were comparable to mountains that were spreading overwhelming aura that made him almost fall from mid-air.

“The meaning of your words, this old woman does not understand. But since you are here just to look at some excitement, then the golden-winged garuda and the demonic purple-flamed phoenix’s arcane bone goes to me, while the blood essence and other bones will be divided evenly, what do you say?” The old woman looked at the lady in front. She could vaguely feel this woman was very strong, if possible she wanted avoid going against her, otherwise, there was no such thing as “sharing” in her vocabulary.




Purple-flamed firebird, demonic purple phoenix, and demonic purple-flamed phoenix refers to the same being, it’s like peeling the layers of a shallot. However, the name of its species is  ‘demonic purple-flamed phoenix’. Please, don’t be confused.