Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 23

"That’s too troublesome. Since fate has brought this fortune upon my doorstep, naturally, I shouldn’t fail to live up to its expectation. I’ll take both the golden-winged garuda and demonic purple-flamed phoenix.” The white-clothed lady said softly and in a calm manner, her eminence undeniable.

"You sound so confident, then let us see who will get it in the end."

As the old woman said that, a powerful force broke out from within her body and soared like it was about to pierce through the sky, her eyes were sharp. Further negotiations was no longer necessary for they’re guests with ill intent.  Letting the elf girl down onto the ground, an invisible coercive force filled the sky like needles pricking the skin.

"You go down too, remember not to go near the demonic beast bodies.”

The white-clothed lady’s voice sounded in Du Shaofu’ ear, and the next moment, Du Shaofu was wrapped by an invisible energy floating him down to the ground.

Raising his head to look at the white-clothed lady in mid-air, he saw, with a wave of her long sleeves, numerous bright lights had surrounded her that congealed in mid-air, forming a dazzling sphere of light and within were faintly discernible runes. At this moment, on this piece of land, a plethora of heaven and earth energy surged with rolling momentum.

"I can tell that you’re injured, it seems that luck did not favor you much."

As the old woman’s terrifying power surged, runes began to swirl as she condensed a palm print and lunged it towards the white-clothed lady.

“Even though there is an injury on my body, your level is still a bit lacking," said the lady in white leisurely, but the look in her eyes became a bit more somber. Clearly, the old woman’s strength surprised her. With a move of her slender hands, the surrounding energy moved with her as bright lights shimmered. Space vibrated as she countered the old woman’s strikes.


A loud explosion rang out as their power collided, shockwaves rippled outwards in four directions like a solid entity.

In just a few breaths time, the two silhouettes exchanged blows again while they were wrapped in bright spheres of light with runes continuously swirling around them. The battle’s aftershock could shake the mind and soul. With each collision, thunderous sounds of explosion shattered the space due to their formidable powers. As both of the silhouettes flashed around battling, they were moving farther and farther away from the two bodies of the demonic beasts, perhaps to preserve the golden-winged garuda and the demonic purple-flamed phoenix from being destroyed.

Du Shaofu of course, was unable to follow the movements of the fierce battle happening in mid-air. Experts of that level were something he could only admire from afar. Gritting his teeth, he vowed that he too would be like those experts someday, he would rush headlong forward to create his very own heaven and earth.


The elf girl made her move, pouncing directly onto the bodies of the golden-winged garuda and the demonic purple-flamed phoenix.

*Hula ~!*


Suddenly, the ‘dead’ golden-winged garuda moved. Within its lifeless body, ripples of golden lights surged, a harrowing aura spread out, just like an unsuspecting tempest.



Du Shaofu obediently listened to the white-clothed lady. He had no intention of getting close to the two giants’ bodies, but seeing the eld girl hurt he threw caution to the wind because no matter what, the girl had saved him once thus his immediate reaction was to leap out to catch the elf girl.


Although Du Shaofu managed to catch the girl, the recoil from the impact superseded his assumption. His internal organs felt like they were about to shatter as he fell to the ground at the same time as the girl, blood spraying out from his mouth.

Their bodies stacked together as they hit the ground, the guy below and the girl on top, cheek to cheek and pair of blood-covered lips stuck together that the elf girl couldn’t help but blush.


When the golden-winged garuda awoken, a shrill scream escaped its mouth as its giant body got up. Its powerful claws dug into the demonic purple-flamed phoenix’s stomach as if it was about to rip the fabric of space.

At the same time, the demonic purple-flamed phoenix also awaken. Its sharp talons wrapped in a layer of purple-colored flame sank into the golden-winged garuda’s belly. In this short span of time, the once sharp and intimidating pair of garuda’s eyes were filled with fear and despair instead then replaced with a cruel light. Rune patterns surrounded its body, lights flickered and its momentum once again surge that even the heaven and earth’s energy started bubbling up.

“Not good, the two demonic beasts revived. Quickly, escape!"

Lying on the ground, pain coursed through Du Shaofu’s entire body like he was being dismantled apart, almost making him faint. Even though a soft body was pressing tightly against his chest at the moment, he had no superfluous ideas, especially after witnessing the two demonic beasts that stood up to the height of a tall mountain, and with the horrifying atmosphere flooding the surrounding.    

Hearing Du Shaofu’s words, the elf girl immediately jumped up. Another mouthful of blood was spewed out as she runs away with utmost effort. In front of the two demonic beasts, she was absolutely powerless.

Du Shaofu wanted to escape too, but his body felt like it’s falling apart. He was unable to get up as  xuanqi swirled violently within his body, as if on the verge of eruption.  

"It wants to detonate its arcane bone, damn!"

The revived demonic purple-flamed phoenix just sunk its sharp talons into the golden-winged garuda’s belly. Almost instantly, its expression changed for the worse like it was experiencing an appalling thing.

Putting everything into words sounded lengthy, but in actual fact, everything happened in a split second.



Quite a distance away, the old woman and the white-clothed lady discovered the alarming changes on the ground. The old woman’s face paled instantly as her silhouette flew straight down in haste, retreating at once after grabbing the elf girl.

The white-clothed lady’s face was ashen and her silhouette flashed, heading straight to Du Shaofu.





The three demonic beast king that pursued the trio, the bloodlust tiger, herculean blackbear and the strange beast with a sound wave attack, returned. The trio’s powerful attack aimed directly at the white-clothed lady.

“Evil creature, courting death!"

The white-clothed lady was truly angered now. Her usual calm face turned fierce as flickering lights of runes surrounded her body, instantaneously converging into a unique handprint in front of her.

Her handprint that was floating in front of her was akin to a full moon on display that had a holy, pure, clean and merciless aura exhibiting grand power that was able to completely shatter mountains and earth. It then shot out towards the three demonic beast kings.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*


The three beast kings’ attack was shattered and dissipated under this handprint. However, intead of stopping, the handprint continued onwards, crashing directly into the three beast kings, smashing the layer of protection runes of their bodies. Their skin and flesh were scrapped, revealing white bones as their blood splattered and finally, exploding in mid-air.

The three beast kings were obliterated by the white-clothed lady in one move.




The golden-winged garuda’s body exploded at the same time with the demonic purple-flamed phoenix. Golden energy and purple-colored flames fused together into a destructive energy sweeping across the forests and mountains, even space show signs of collapsing.


At this very moment, it was as if the whole world trembled. The hurricane of energy brought destruction in its path, beams of energy lashing up to the sky, emanating unbearable pressure. Just like a scene of Armageddon.