Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 25

Golden-colored blood flowed out from the half broken bone into Du Shaofu, vaporizing his blood. This gold blood was too dominant, and simply refused to blend with his blood.

Du Shaofu’s heart, blood vessels, meridians, flesh, and bone were unable to endure the overbearing power of the golden-colored blood, and thus slowly being consumed and eliminated. The barely conscious Du Shaofu could only endure the extreme pain silently, powerless to let out even a scream. 

“I didn’t imagine you’ll be an ordinary person. Detestable human!”

Just when Du Shaofu felt his body was about to shatter into pieces from the extreme pain, a voice rang out, sounding despaired and outraged. Then purple flames spread out wrapping around him, helping him to resist against the overbearing golden-colored blood.

As the purple flames wrapped around Du Shaofu, instantly suppressing by half the overbearing violent golden-colored blood. However, the purple flames brought a different type of pain, it was scorching his internal organs, flesh, and bones like being roasted on high temperatur. Combined with the pain brought by the golden-blood made Du Shaofu wonder if he had fallen to the deepest level of hell*.

Du Shaofu did not know what exactly happened. From his vague and transient consciousness he faintly remembered the two demonic beasts exploding and under the horrible energy hurricane, a ball of purple flame pounced on him. At that point of time, he was powerless to struggle or move and under the scorching heat his conscious slipped away when pain took over his mind.

Under the extreme pain brought by both the flame and the blood, Du Shaofu fainted.

This time, in his confused state of mind, Du Shaofu was able to feel the overbearing golden-colored blood started to blend with his body, which was almost emptied of blood, with the help of the purple-colored flame. The golden-colored blood seemed to fear the purple flame as it began to circulate in Du Shaofu’s blood vessel, the mismatched bones fusing together as if of one origin…

No matter how overbearing and vicious the golden-colored blood was as it vaporized Du Shaofu’s blood, there were traces of blood not destroyed by it. However, these traces were too weak, and thus, was hidden within the golden-colored blood.

Time passed slowly as the golden-colored blood continued to flow endlessly from the broken bone in his chest until there was only blood of pale gold circulating in Du Shaofu’s body, bones, meridians, muscles, organs, and consequently, nourishing his whole body…

And all of these were aided by the purple flame, otherwise, there was no way for Du Shaofu to escape the fate of bursting into pieces just from the tyranny of the golden-colored blood.


Not knowing how much time had passed, a sound came out from the broken bone in Du Shaofu’s chest. Runes glowed from the broken bone’s surface and energy fluctuated as if it would rather explode than be fused with Du Shaofu.

With the runes fluctuations from the broken bone growing ever more violent, even the purple flames faced difficulty suppressing it. The pale gold blood churned and swirled -- if the broken bone were to explode then Du Shaofu’s body turned into ashes.


At this moment, from Du Shaofu’s body, a mysterious light suddenly bloomed. Some of these strands of lights were dim and some were bright, but they all linked with the meridians and blood, and ultimately combined, forming a bright net with a terrifying aura that fell on top of the broken bone.

*Gu! Gu!*

The broken bone whined and shook aggressively while being blanketed by the bright net. As the net shrunk and wrapped over it tightly, the broken bone trembled like it suffered the most horrible of oppression.

"Martial Pulse Spirit Seal. The spirit seal is condensed from the martial pulse. But what kind of martial pulse is this? It is obvious that it is only thirty percent of a complete martial pulse. So, how can it condense out the Martial Pulse Spirit Seal? Only those experts with the most outstanding abilites can do this. This human is too strange."

The purple flame under the coverage of the bright net quickly backs away, showing extreme fear towards the bright net covering the broken bone.

*Gu! Gu!*

Golden runes flickered intensely as the broken bone exerted its strength for a final struggle. The runes suddenly shifted into a life-like image of a golden-winged garuda. It flapped its wings wanting to break away from the bright net and soar to the sky.

The bright net indeed was torn by the golden-winged garuda, however it instantly wrapped itself around the wings tightly. An austere majestic breath surged to suppress the life-like shadow of the garuda.

In the end, all struggles of the garuda were in vain as the bright net diced through it instantly reverting it back to a line of runes streaming into Du Shaofu’s mind.

Du Shaofu had a dream, an unusual dream. He saw a scene that he found it unbelievable: there was a vast galaxy that was filled with shooting stars and rippling horizon of heavens. In the middle of it was a terrifying Golden-winged garuda crossing the galaxy. Sometimes, it soared up to the highest of the heavens, blowing each and every star. Sometimes, it spiralled above the galaxy. The rumbling sound of Golden-winged garuda shook the entire galaxy horrifyingly.

The gigantic garuda then broke down into numerous runes emerging in Du Shaofu’s mind. These runes were deeply profound and complicated, and difficult to understand but, strangely, Du Shaofu was able to understand them. In that dreamy state he immersed in pondering.…

This dream that Du Shaofu seemed to be having was very long. By the time he woke up, his mind was still foggy and confused before a pain shot through his mind as if it wanted to split his head apart like a watermelon. Even his body felt like falling apart for the pain had yet to recede.

“Can’t be, this is the golden-winged garuda’s exercise law.”

Du Shaofu opened his eyes. It seemed that the runes and image of the garuda in his dream were all part of the golden-winged garuda clan’s cultivation law that was divided into three parts -- body refining, practicing qi and supernatural talent.

Subsequently, Du Shaofu noticed that he was in a strange cave, naked, and unaware when his clothes turned to ashes while his body was aching all over. Even though he still did not know what happened after the garuda and the phoenix exploded, as long as he's alive then everything's good.

“Not only I did not die, but I got the golden-winged garuda's clan cultivation secret.”



  1. A Chinese culture belief that there are eighteen levels of hell, each more horrifying as it goes deeper.

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