Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 28

*Chi la la*

The silhouette of the golden-winged garuda converged from the formation of sparkling runes floating behind Du Shaofu and once again reverted into runes, disappearing into his body.


When things calmed down, Du Shaofu breathed out a mouthful of foul qi and opened his eyes, traces of gold could be seen deep within his bright eyes bearing a domineering aura.

“Xiantian level! Directly breaking through to Xiantian level!”

Du Shaofu was shocked as he sensed the changes inside his body. Not too long ago he was someone without any cultivation and in this short period he had already broken through to Xiantian level.

Now, he can be considered a martial arts cultivator—a Xiantian level cultivator—and within the walls of Stone City, he too could walk sideways.

“The golden-winged garuda clan’s exercise law is too amazing.”

Du Shaofu exclaimed in admiration, him being able to step into Xiantian territory in such a short period was solely due to this exercise law, and this was not the limit of it. He could temper and refine his physique to make it stronger. Within the exercise law there were many other profound mysteries.

The improvement of his physique made him feel like he had undergone a thorough inside out body quenching and cleansing of meridians, his entire being reborn. This only goes to show how powerful the garuda clan’s exercise law. Moments later, he finally regained his senses from all the shock and surprise, miraculously, he stepped into the world of cultivation practicing a mighty beast race’s exercise law.

His hand reached up touching the spot atop his heart, he could feel where his rib bone was forcefully snapped broken and fused with a golden-winged garuda’s broken bone. And, from this piece of broken bone he got the exercise law of the golden-winged garuda’s clan.

The overflowing xuanqi from the broken bone had stopped the moment he successfully opened his Shenque and at the same time completely and flawlessly fused like they were one originally.

“Where is this, how did I get here?”

Only now did Du Shaofu realized that he's in a cave, not knowing how he got in here. Stark naked, he remembered being in the midst of the energy hurricane caused by the explosion of garuda and the demonic purple-flamed phoenix. Really, how did he get in the cave?

There was a vague recollection of his purple robe being to ashes by a certain purple colored flame.

Not far away, Du Shaofu noticed some remains of a jade bottle and pieces of a case that originally contained the blood essence of the violent stone demon wolf and two base-building dans. However, looking at the bits and pieces amongst the ashes, nothing remained after a bout of scorching heat.

The burned valuables caused Du Shaofu’s heart to feel a prickling pain, the blood essence of the demon wolf and two base-building dans were worth quite a lot of money. He initially planned to use them for his built-the-base baptism to breakthrough to Xiantian level.

However, thinking back, the current him had already broken through to Xiantian level and many aspects of his body had changed drastically due to the golden-winged garuda. There was a heaven and earth difference between the golden-winged garuda and the violent stone wolf demon, comforting Du Shaofu from the loss.


A look of surprised surfaced on Du Shaofu’s face when he thought everything had turned to ashes from the sea of purple flame. He saw an animal bone and a small tower, both were things he took from the Du Clan’s Martial Collection Building when he was searching for the Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture. The jade bottle and other items turned to ashes but the little tower and the animal bone were not damaged in the slightest, which made Du Shaofu feel strange. Perhaps these two items were not as ordinary as he thought...


Early morning in the vast forest, the morning air was laced with fogs and mists.

Canopies of towering trees obscured the sky, allowing nothing more than fragments of sunlight to pass through the gaps of the dense foliage.

A young girl and a young boy were shuttling through the vast forest, their expression somber, appearance extremely disheveled.

“We must locate Elder Crane and the rest as fast as possible. If not, we’ll be in big trouble.” The young girl said as xuanqi rippled under her feet as she moved speedily through the forest like she was escaping from something.

“Detestable Sky Serpent Sect, I definitely will not let this be.” The young man, sixteen to seventeen years old, gripping a long sword in his hand, cursed while shuttling behind the young girl. His strength was obviously lower than the young girl.

“Zhu Xue*, you won’t be able to escape. Handover the treasure and I will let you go this once.”

Without warning, a few silhouettes appeared in front, lead by a young man over twenty, a faint smile emerged on his face. He's tall, with a good looking face which would make quite popular among the opposite gender, but his eyes were sinister and cold that influenced his aura.

*Sou! Sou!*

With the appearance of this young man, on tall trees nearby, more figures appeared, encircling both the young girl and young man in the center.

The young girl and young man were startled immediately and stopped their advancing pace. Both of them stood back to back and observed the surrounding with vigilance.

“Lu Kun, if you dare harm us, Mystical Talisman House will definitely not let you go!” The slim young girl, dressed in a long skirt, circulated her xuanqi around. Her bright eyes were grim with the gravity of the situation.

“Zu Xue, do you think my Sky Serpent Sect is afraid of your Mystical Talisman House. You can say these words to threaten others, but it is useless to me.” The young man named Lu Kun smiled at the young girl. The corner of his mouth curved up in a sneer, and said, “I’m asking you again, handover the treasure, or not?”

Zhu Xue gave a glanced over at the encirclement, her expression distressed, but her xuanqi continued to surge. “You want to grab the treasure, but your strength may not be enough to take it away.”

“Then, I can only take it myself.”

Lu Kun sneered, then said to the about thirty sturdy men next to him, “Third Captain, they really run in this direction just like what you’ve said. I will handle the girl. The youth I will leave to you. Settle it quickly. As per our agreement, the treasure belongs to our Sky Serpent Sect and everything else goes to you.”

“Young Master Lu, rest assured no one is more familiar with Wild Beast Mountains than us beast hunting teams. I’ve already said they won’t escape. You take care of the girl and leave the boy to me. When we’re finished here, we can go and take care of the others.” The sturdy man said, on his bare arm there’s a tattoo of a leopard head, the breath fluctuation around him is a tell-tale sign that his strength is not weak.


“Then, let’s start.”

Lu Kun nodded and headed straight towards Zhu Xue not far away, a cold sneer emerging on his face. Xuanqi rippled under his feet, and a palm filled with a frigid xuanqi shot out directly at Zhu Xue.

“Junior Brother Guo, be careful.”

Facing the incoming frigid xuanqi, Zhu Xue felt her skin tightening. She became even warier as her graceful silhouette swiftly skirted to one side and retreated in haste.

*Chi la~*

A frigid cold qi streaked passed Zhu Xue’s neck within a hair's width. At the same time, her slender hands condensed handseals rapidly and a fingerprint shot out aiming at Lu Kun’s chest!

Note: Zhu Xue – Pearl Snow