Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 29

“You’ve got some skills. However, you are still just a mid-Xiantian whereas I have reached late Xiantian, and you alone are not enough to fight against me.”

Zhu Xue was very swift and her speed alarmed Lu Kun. Nonetheless, he recovered quickly from his shock. His foot side-stepped and a fist punched out to collide head on with the fingerprint condensed out of xuanqi. During the collision, the opposing xuanqi neutralized each other before dissipating, but clearly, Lu Kun had the upper hand.

“All of you, get into formation.”

At the same time, the sturdy man took action. Gripping a huge blade in his hand, he slashed at the young man with xuanqi lined at the edge of his huge blade, rippling across the space. Out of expectation, the sturdy man is a Xiantian level warrior.

“Bastards, you measly beast hunters dare to oppose Mystical Talisman House. There’ll be a day you regret this.” The young man rebuked loudly yet kept vigilant. His xuanqi fluctuated and the sword in his hand emited a cold ray, and with lightning speed, defending against the blade slashing down on him from the sturdy man.

Instantly, the fight between the two men became intense. The young man’s cultivation was at the same level as the sturdy man. However, strength wise the young man solely relied on his high-grade martial skill and his own talent to fight on par with the sturdy man.

The young man is only sixteen to seventeen years old, whereas the sturdy man is more than thirty, nearing forty. The gap in talent was obvious, but given a little more cultivation time, the young man could easily beat the sturdy man.

Not far away, the battle between Zhu Xue and Lu Kun was so intense it's difficult to decide a winner. Although Lu Kun had the upper hand, it’s impossible for him to suppress Zhu Xue in the meantime.

“All together, waste this kid first.”

Attacking for so long without success and was instead suppressed in return, the sturdy man seemingly did fear the young man’s background. He became increasingly anxious and immediately yelled at his team of men.

“Attack together!!!”

Hearing that, several tall men with different weapons in their hands rushed to attack. Even though their cultivation had yet to reach Xiantian their advantage lies in number, creating obstacles for the young man.

Meanwhile, the youths who came with Lu Kun had fucosed their attention on Lu Kun and Zhu Xue instead, and ignored the sturdy man and his group. Their eyes revealed only contempt and disdain when looking at the sturdy man and his team. The sturdy man and his team were disposable in their eyes, and the so-called co-operation was just to make use of them.

*Boom!* *Chi la~!*

Although besieged, the young man seized the chance to kill off a few beast hunters and injure those below Xiantian level. It was extremely arduous for them of the lower level to fight against a Xiantian warrior.


Under the circumstances, the sturdy man finally found an opening and his blade snaked out towards the young man.

“Exalt Sword Arts!”

The young man’s face paled, the sword in his hand moved quickly as streaks of sword rays blocked the lethal blade.


At this time, the sturdy man’s years of experience showed, a fist hit the young man squarely on the chest. The force of the impact pushed the young man back as he staggered a dozen of steps. The sword in his hand fell to the ground as he spat out blood.

“Kid, don’t think Mystical Talisman House's name is useful in Wild Beast Mountains. If you managed to survive this, of course, I’ll need to be afraid. But when both of you are dead, who will know that this is related to me.

Being a person that makes his living from Wild Beast Mountains, he didn't mind killing a few people for benefits. Moreover, from these Mystical Talisman House disciples, they were bound to harvest something good.

Without wasting any time, his foot tapped heavily on the ground, his blade cutting down on the young man.

With the young man being already injured and staggering, any hope to block this latest wave of attack was impossible. He could only stare wide-eyed at the blade slashing down on him.               

“So many people bullying a few people, it’s a little too inconsiderate.”                       

When the young man was about to fall into despair, a stern voice suddenly resounded next to him, and in the blink of an eye, a figure appeared next to him in a ghost-like manner.


The surrounding space seemed to shake as a faint sound of explosion rang out. Then, everyone could only see the sturdy man’s silhouette flying back. Staggering as he finally steadied himself, his face was colorless and shock was obvious in his eyes. Immediately, he raised his head to look up.

In that instant, numerous pairs of eyes fell upon the silhouette that came out of nowhere, and suddenly, astonishment filled their eyes.

This person, who suddenly appeared, is a youth. His body was densely covered with large pieces of leaves held together in place with tree vines. He looked exactly like a savage but his eyes were clear bright with clean-cut features, and his temperament were very much unlike a savage.

The youth of course, is Du Shaofu. Only after crawling out from the mysterious cave did he realize that he was at the bottom of a cliff, his clothes burned to ashes.                            

He did not come out with spare clothes, and at his wit's end, he had no choice but to find some large leaves and tree vines as a temporary solution. Not long after climbing up the cliff, he came across this fighting scene. Seeing so many people ganging up on two people, he couldn’t control himself and took action; besides he’s a Xiantian level warrior now.

“It’s him…”

The youths who followed Lu Kun immediately recognized Du Shaofu. At that time, Du Shaofu struck off a disciple from their sect with just one palm, they didn’t expect that they would meet again here.

“It’s you…”

The young man who just experienced a narrow escape was fully shocked as he looked the just appeared Du Shaofu. At that time, he was not too far away and witnessed Du Shaofu striking the youth of Sky Serpent Sect.

“Where did this wild boy come out from. He dares to be nosy to matters related to our White Panther Beast Hunting Group.”

Being pushed back, the sturdy man was greatly shocked. However, seeing that it was only a wild savage boy, he yelled aloud. Concentrating all his xuanqi around his body to his arms and clenching the huge blade with both of his hands, and as his heavy step hit the ground, he rushed forth with extreme speed as blades of wind swept up the nearby leaves and the heavy strike came upon Du Shaofu.

“Immense Gravity Cut!”

This blade skill was what this sturdy man was famous for that even Xiantian level demonic beasts had fallen under this trick—an attack that wanted to shatter everything in his path into thousand pieces.

Du Shaofu raised an eyebrow. His face was calm as he faced the increasing wind pressure, and just when the blade was about to reach him—agilely, his foot stepped to the side, making the blade barely graze down his ear.

*Ka ka!*

As the blade cut down, numerous cracked lines appeared on the ground from the heavy qi force, a huge tree the size of a barrel burst to splinters from the root up.

In just a short moment, as Du Shaofu sidestepped to avoid the blade, his fists clenched and lightly tapped his foot on the ground and, in a ghost-like manner, appeared behind the sturdy man. His fists, enveloped in xuanqi, punched out forcefully. When the fist met the sturdy man's back, unique thirteen echoes resounded.


Receiving the heavy blast, the smirk on the sturdy man’s face froze. He was stunned as blood spewed out from his mouth alongside pieces of shattered internal organs.

“You just stepped into Xiantian, how is it possible, how…”