Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 30

The sturdy man could feel his opponent was just at Xiantian first layer. In fact, the savage youth had just stepped into Xiantian recently. Whereas he had been at the mid-Xiantian level for a long time, but the power of that punch was enough to destroy the vitality in his body and he fell limply to the ground.

“Third Captain’s dead, quickly run!”

Seeing the scene, the surrounding men were scared witless. Their horrified faces mirrored each other, their Third Captain, a Xiantian level warrior, was killed right in front of them. As veterans of Wild Beast Mountains their survival instinct kicked in, fleeing in panic. If the Third Captain wasn’t able to contend the enemy, they would meet the same end as him. Moreover, one’s life is the most important.

“Swift Snake Art!”

Lu Kun who was on the other side of the battle could no longer keep his calm seeing that the tide had turned. He wrinkled his brows while his hands formed seals, frigid cold xuanqi rotated around him. Faint runes swirled to form a black snake that was as thich as an infant’s arm, he then sent it to attack Zhu Xue. It moved as if it was a real life creature.

“Talisman transform, KILL!”

Zhu Xue who was seen getting ever more tired suddenly changed her demeanor as a sharp light flitted across her eyes. Her hands continuously formed strange seal signs, an abnormally fierce fluctuation gathered around her, and runes from her xuanqi condensed into a life-like goshawk*.


The goshawk issued a sharp cry as it spread its meters wide wings, bringing with it a small hurricane. It pounced onto the shadow black snake; its talons sank into the black snake’s vital spot, tearing it into pieces. However, after destroying the little black snake, the goshawk seemed to have exhausted its energy, it disintegrated into runes before dissipating in the air.

“Spirit Talisman Master, you’re actually a Spirit Talisman Master!”

Lu Kun stared at Zhu Xue, and his expression of shock was enough to prove the three words ‘Spirit Talisman Master’ was by no means an ordinary character. Shifting his gaze to look at Du Shaofu wrapped in leaves and vines, and looked back at Zhu Xue once again, he unwillingly said to the Sky Serpent Sect disciples who were with him, “We’re leaving.”

*Sou! Sou!*

Following Lu Kun’s words, the several young men’s expression changed greatly, however they still obeyed and left following behind Lu Kun.

“Thank you for coming to the rescue. I’m Guo Ming, a disciple of Mystical Talisman House. You saved my life that means I owe you a big favor.” The young man saved by Du Shaofu picked up his long sword from the ground and, with a look of gratitude, walked up to Du Shaofu to convey his thanks.

“So, you’re part of Mystical Talisman House.”             

Du Shaofu had heard of Mystical Talisman House before. According to rumors they’re a formidable power comparable to Sky Serpent Sect and Blacknether Sect. Every disciple is extremely strong, no wonder this young man in front, who was about the same age as him, had already broken through to Xiantian.

Tilting his head to look at Guo Ming, Du Shaofu seemed to think of something suddenly, “Do you have an extra set of clothes, give me a set.”

“Yes, I brought many.” Guo Ming was dazed for a moment. Scrutinizing Du Shaofu’s appearance, then realizing something, he immediately nodded his head.


Zhu Xue had been standing in the same spot, watching Lu Kun retreat, until she was sure that Lu Kun really left. Only then did her face instantly turned pale and red blood was spewed from her mouth. 

“Senior Sister, are you alright?’

Guo Ming immediately ran to Zhu Xue’s side, his face colorless from fright.

“I’m alright, I just consumed too much energy just now. We must leave at once. If they return with reinforcement, we’ll be in trouble.” Zhu Xue said to Guo Ming and nodded towards Du Shaofu with a faint smile as thanks for lending a helping hand.


Du Shaofu didn’t mind them at all, squatting beside the sturdy man’s corpse, his hands became busy searching. Whatever deemed valuable was plundered clean, even the several Houtian beast hunters killed by Guo Ming did not escape the same fate. This scene stunned Guo Ming and Zhu Xue so much that they looked at each other in disbelief.

Not long after, in a valley, Du Shaofu put on a set of new blue robes given to him by Guo Ming. Compared to the purple robes he used to wear, the material the new clother is so much better, making him appear tall and straight.

From Guo Ming and Zhu Xue, Du Shaofu got to know that roughly a month had passed from the time the golden-winged garuda and demonic purple-flamed phoenix blew up. So much time passed from the time he regained conscious and practiced the golden-winged garuda’s exercise law.

Apart from that, from Guo Ming and Zhu Xue, Du Shaofu also got to know that Sky Serpent Sect, Blacknether Sect, Mystical Talisman House and other sects’ experts’ intention was to search for treasures from the garuda and the phoenix’s bodies, however when they left and didn’t return. The disciples that were left behind waiting didn’t know what happened to them. After waiting for a very long time, they carefully ventured out to check the situation.
When they reach the place of the incident, the whole area was a scene of destruction. The golden-winged garuda and the demonic purple-flamed phoenix’s bodies were nowhere to be found. What they did find however was feathers from both wicked beasts. Although those were just remains of feathers, they were still considered as rare treasures which caused everyone to fight over for it.

Disciples from the three sects got into a heated battle, many died and some injured. However, when everyone dispersed, they were separated.

Later, the surrounding area’s beast hunting teams and mercenaries entered Wild Beast Mountain and their numbers were still increasing. Zhu Xue and Guo Ming found out that Lu Kun was co-operating with a beast hunting team called White Panther Hunting Group, and they were targeting the demonic purple-flamed phoenix feather in their possession and, while escaping, they coincidentally met Du Shaofu.

Listening to them recount the details of what happened, Du Shaofu had a rough idea about the overall situation. Even so, Du Shaofu wasn’t going to tell Zhu Xue and Guo Ming that the experts from their sect had already been torn apart by the three beast kings. The white-haired oldman who fled was pursued by one of the beast kings and from the looks of it, the chances of him surviving were extremely slim.

It wasn’t that Du Shaofu intentionally hid the information from Zhu Xue and Guo Ming since matters were related to the Golden-winged Garuda and the Demonic Purpleflame Phoenix, but because it was better to keep his mouth shut rather than attracting some unforeseen disaster.

Du Shaofu was no fool, if anyone found out that he’s practicing the golden-winged garuda’s exercise law, trouble will come endlessly—from being treated as an experimental guinea pig or worse, killed without question.

“We still don’t know your name, from which sect are you? This time we are truly thank you for your help.” Zhu Xue’s clear, bright eyes observe Du Shaofu, as  a smile curving at the corner of her lips on her oval face. She was currently dressed in a light green skirt that made her look elegant and beautiful.

“Du Shaofu. No sect, no faction*.” Du Shaofu answered Zhu Xue with a faint smile.

Zhu Xue and Guo Ming seem to find it hard to believe. They saw behind this youth there was the existence of a strong expert that could oppress Sky Serpent Sect, even Elder Copper Serpen dared not to move recklessly. Thinking perhaps Du Shaofu was reluctant to disclose anything due his master’s reminder, they did not question further. Smiling lightly, she asked, “Do you have any plan?”

“I intend to leave Wild Beast Mountain and head towards Stone City,” replied Du Shaofu.

Frowning, Zhu Xue said, ”From our location, to reach Stone City, with our speed and without any delay, even half a month might not be enough. Junior Brother Guo Ming and I also intend to leave Wild Beast Mountain and then think of a way to contact the experts from our house to look for our separated disciples. There is danger lurking in every corner of Wild Beast Mountains, how about we move together?”


Du Shaofu pondered for a moment. Guo Ming and Zhu Xue are both Xiantian level warriors, their strength’s not weak. And, since there was safety in numbers, even though they brought along some trouble, he had already interfered, and thus he nodded, “Alright, let’s go together.”