Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 32

“All of us met on the way. We guessed both of you will want to leave Wild Beast Mountains thus we traveled towards this direction. We didn’t expect that we really will run into you.” After explaining to Guo Ming, Shen Yan’s gaze fell on Du Shaofu, “Junior Brother Guo Ming, this is?”

“I forget to introduce you.” Guo Ming smiled and replied Shen Yan, “This is Brother Du Shaofu, if not for Brother Shaofu’s aid along the way, Senior Sister Zhu Xue and I would have been in a lot of trouble.”

Subsequently, Guo Ming recounted their encoutner with Sky Serpent Sect’s Lu Kun and the White Panther Beast Hunting Group to everyone, causing the few Mystical Talisman House's disciples to grit their teeth in anger, vowing to ‘properly take care’ of Sky Serpent Sect and White Panther Hunting Group later.

Hearing that Du Shaofu killed a mid-Xiantian warrior, Shen Yan couldn’t help but did a double take of Du Shaofu.

“Brother Shaofu, we will be much safer from now on. Come with us to exit Wild Beast Mountains.” Guo Ming said in a cheerful manner to Du Shaofu. Now that they were reunited with his separated brothers of the same sect, the journey would definitely be much safer.

“Junior Bother Guo Ming, I think you and Junior Sister Zhu Xue shouldn’t trouble Brother Du anymore. Brother Du might have other matters to deal with, and so we shouldn’t delay much more of Brother Du’s time.”

Zhu Xue and Guo Ming’s expression instantly changed when they heard this.


How could Du Shaofu not have known this Shen Yan clearly did not want him to be following them. A very obvious act of killing the donkey after the grinding is done[1]. A faint smile crept up the corners of Du Shaofu’s mouth looking at Shen Yan, Du Shaofu said, “Since you have reunited with your sect disciples, we shall say our farewell here.”                                    

“Brother Shaofu, it’s somehow not right for you to go alone. Just come with us.”

Zhu Xue came forward and said to Du Shaofu. She’s well aware of the dangers inside Wild Beast Mountains, it’s not right for Du Shaofu to be traveling alone. Furthermore, because of her and Guo Ming he offended White Panther Hunting Group and Sky Serpent Sect, it would be troublesome if he ran into them.

“Brother Shaofu, let’s go together. I’m worried about you traveling alone.” Guo Ming also tried to retain Du Shaofu.

With Guo Ming and Zhu Xue trying to retain him, the trace of displeasure Du Shaofu felt earlier vanished. He smiled and said, “No harm, be careful till we meet again.”

With these words, Du Shaofu turned and left. Since there’s someone who did not welcome him, it’s not in Du Shaofu’s nature to impose on others, plus he doesn't like a crowd much.

“Junior Sister Zhu Xue, Junior Brother Guo Ming, it looks like Brother Du has things to attend to. We should not foist ourselves on him.”

Watching the leaving shadow of Du Shaofu, there was a hint of bewilderment in Shen Yan’s eyes. He initially thought that he would have to spend a little more saliva[2] before he's able to successfully send that person away, however he didn’t expect him person to be so tactful.

“Senior Brother, if not for Brother Shaofu rescuing us, we would have met with misfortune.” Zhu Xue’s bright eyes stared at Shen Yan, slightly irked. How could she not detect the underlined meaning of his words, trying to get rid of Du Shaofu.

Shen Yan turned gloomy as his darkened eyes looked at Zhu Xue.  “Junior Sister, we just need to compensate him a little when there’s an opportunity in the future. No matter what he is an outsider, having him with us is not safe.”


“Junior Sister, there’s a dark side to the human heart, you should be more careful. As long as I’m around, I’ll take good care of you.”

Zhu Xue wanted to say more but was interrupted by Shen Yan. “Junior Sister, there’s a reason why I wanted that Du Shaofu to leave. We discovered a place not too far ahead with a high concentration of spiritual aura. At night, there are glimmers of iridescent light, most likely there’s a high-grade elixir maturing, and an outsider following us at this time is inconvenient. I think Junior Sister can understand that I’m doing this for the good of all our disciples here.”

Both Zhu Xue and Guo Ming disagree yet they’re unable to find any excuse to refute Shen Yan’s reasoning.

Evening, the sunset’s glow colored the sky in scarlet amber.

With the setting of the sun, the forest gradually dimmed and turned dark.

After separating with Zhu Xue and Guo Ming, Du Shaofu decided to firstly look for a place to spend the night and continue heading back to Stone City the next day. So long time had passed, the white-clothed lady must’ve left Wild Beast Mountains, and his drunkard father at home was probably worried about him right now.

As for Du Clan, Du Shaofu sighed wryly. If it was before, perhaps there would be people searching for him if he was missing for half a year, but it's just around a month’s time...

Night. The cold, bright moonlight shone down, blanketing the forest in a soft mesh.

In a small canyon, a salvo of muffled noises resounded. A young man wearing only shorts, his muscular chest and broad shoulders bared, a pale golden glow was seen wrapping around his body as faint runes vaguely visible flowed above his skin; without warning, as if he had gone ballistic, he repeatedly threw his body against the canyon wall.       

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

The youth’s arms, elbows, back, chest, knees, shoulders and every part of his body repeatedly knocked against the canyon wall. Every collision shook the canyon as cracked lines appeared up the rock wall as gravels tumbled down.

This action continued for almost two hours before it finally came to a stop. Random patches of blue and black showed up on his skin. His handseals ceased, the pale golden glow dissipated and the flowing runes above his skin submerged into his flesh.

“This golden-winged garuda’s body refining law is a total self-torture, ah.”

As he breathed out a mouthfull of foul qi, Du Shaofu couldn’t resist exclaiming out loud. To throw himself repeatedly against the rock wall without any xuanqi cushioning was a part of the golden-winged garuda’s training method. During infancy, a golden-winged garuda swallows physique strengthening elixirs, and then proceeds to bang itself against a wall in this self-torturing method until they’re barely alive. Only during that time the body is at its most efficient in absorbing the benefits.

In a human warriors’ cultivation, an elixir’s energy converts into xuanqi accumulating in the Shenque, waiting for an opportunity to break through.

Demonic beasts also convert swallowed elixirs or other similar treasures and converts the energy into their own qi. However, the golden-winged garuda absorbs the energy from elixirs into their flesh, strengthening their physique to a point of terror.

The garuda's physique refining law is divided into three stages: the first is to fortify the golden plumage; the second is tempering the bones and meridians cleansing; lastly, the third being refining the divine physique. At that time the golden-winged garuda would become one of the most terrifying existences under the heavens.

Nevertheless, Du Shaofu was not a demonic beast, but after practicing the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law, he realized that he too could refine and temper his body using the same methods. He had skin and flesh instead of golden feathers, but he could definitely improve his defenses. As for the latter two stages, they were easy to understand.

The experiment just now proved his deduction that he’s able to temper his body according to the golden-winged garuda’s physique refining law. The elixir he used was the one taken from the Xiantian level sturdy man of the White Panther Hunting Group he killed previously. After consuming the elixir and trained according to the physique tempering, his whole body hurt like all his bones were about to scatter but he could clearly feel the energy from the elixir flowing into his flesh instead of being converted into xuanqi. The energy from the elixir spread throughout his body, and the self-torture made the flesh absorb the energy from the elixir more effectively.

If there was somebody's physique that could be as tough and terrifying just like one of the elite demonic beast, just thinking about it made Du Shaofu excited. His first time practicing already made him clearly feel his body was a little bit stronger than before.

“Seems like I need to find more elixirs.”

Du Shaofu thought to himself. He put on his clothes, and after a quick clean up, his shadow left the canyon under the moonlight in a ghost-like manner.

Early autumn of the year, the leaves began to yellow. Occasionally, there were leaves falling. Sunlight streamed through the layers of foliage emphasizing, even more, the traces of golden yellow among the leaves, making the sight truly captivating.

*Ka cha! Ka cha!*

Five brawny men were walking through the forest, stepping on dried branches making ‘ka cha ka cha’ noises as they passed by.

“Didn’t expect Third Captain was killed off, dares to kill a person of my White Panther Hunting Group that guy must be griping about his long life.”

“Some said Third Captain’s killer a skinny youth, however, I think it’s unlikely.”

“Most likely there’s some background to that youth, in short, as soon as we find that temerarious guy, we inform Second Chief and Third Chief to come and deal with them.”

Du Shaofu shrinks his body which was hidden inside some bushes, frowning, judging from the conversation it seems killing the so-called Third Captain of the White Panther Hunting Group they have no intention of letting the matter slide, there are people all over the forest looking for him.

“Since it has come to this, the one who strikes first gains the upper hand[3]. I wonder if there’re any elixirs on their body.”

Under the bushes, Du Shaofu pupils’ shrunk. His expression sank as he watched the five brawny men through the gaps of the bushes.

“I heard someone found a treasure inside Wild Beast Mountains this time, it’ll be so great if I was the one who got it.”

“After the beast tides from a while ago, some people managed to grab those demonic beasts’ bodies. Fortunately, our White Panther Hunting Group came in early and did not lose out. We’d make a fortune once we sold off those things…”

The five brawny men walked slowly but, instantly at the next moment, grouped together in a defensive formation, alert to any sudden attacks, proving the five of them were Wild Beast Mountains experienced beast hunters.



  1. Killing/discarding the donkey after the grinding is done (idiom) – discarded when no longer of use.
  2. Saliva (slang) refers to words; e.g: “Don’t make me waste so much of my saliva, just do as I say!”
  3. The one who strikes first gains the upper hand (idiom) – self-explanatory