Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 33

Sometimes, when facing a dangerous situation experience probably counts more than strength.  

Originally, Du Shaofu got no experience at all however surviving the recent days had surely helped him accumulate some of it. This made him feel a little grateful towards the white-clothed lady, and it also made him wonder if she’s still somewhere in Wild Beast Mountains.

“Demonic beasts are coming, quickly run, ahhh!”

A minuscule smile etched on the corner of Du Shaofu's mouth as he rushed out from the bush in disarray, panic on his face but his actions were very quick, heading towards the five men of the White Panther Hunting Group.

“Demonic beasts!”

Hearing someone shouting ‘demonic beasts’ behind them, the five men instantly turned around vigilantly, in full defense mode as they stared at a young man dashing towards them in panic. Immediately, one of them questioned loudly,“Kid, what demonic beasts?”

“At the back, there are demonic beasts coming behind…”

Du Shaofu quickly ran up to the group of five in ‘panic’—frightened senseless.

“Where are there any demonic beasts behind…”

The earlier brawny man had yet to finished his sentence when Du Shaofu’s already in front of him. With a wave of his hand, a cold ray light slashed across the brawny man’s neck in lightning speed, his unfinished words forever remained in his throat.

After eliminating the beast hunter, the panic on Du Shaofu’s face was taken over by a cold sneer. With a flip of his hand, another cold ray shot out—slashing a second beast hunter’s chest. Meanwhile, his left fist being enveloped in xuanqi and with strange fluctuations fell heavily on a third beast hunter’s chest.

*Bang Bang Bang!*

While the small blasting rang out, that one punch’s force was enough to carom him. Whereby the second beast hunter fell to the ground, stuck on his chest was a sharp dagger, as his blood spurted out like a fountain.

The dagger belonged to a person of the White Panther Hunting Group that died the day before. Du Shaofu dealt with three beast hunters at lightning speed as if he had rehearsed the act. His quick speed made it difficult for people to react in time.

“Who are you...? You are the one who killed the Third Captain…”

A short while later, the remaining White Panther Hunting Group’s beast hunters finally regained their wits.


However, it was already too late. Accompanied by a salvo of noise, a muscular man spat out blood from his mouth as his body flew back from a punch.

Du Shaofu moved towards the last brawny man, and asked in a low voice, “How many of you are there in White Panther Hunting Group. How many Xiantian level warriors, and what is the cultivation level of your Big Chief and Second Chief?”

“Overall, there are three hundred people in our White Panther Hunting Group. There are five Xiantian level cultivators; Second Chief is mid-Xiantian and Big Chief is already at peak Xiantian. Daring to kill members of White Panther Hunting Group? You will definitely not walk out of Wild Beast Mountains alive.”

The brawny man stared at Du Shaofu, his body trembling slightly. His words earlier were to boost his own courage a little. At the same time, his left hand secretly took out a whistle and immediately placed it on his lips and blew out a high sharp sound.

“Was just waiting for you to inform your comrades!”

A tiny smile etched on the corner of Du Shaofu’s mouth, his silhouette dashed and xuanqi wrapped his fists as another punch striked on the man’s chest. The brawny man saw clearly the fist strike down his chest but he was powerless to dodge. When the fist landed, he could hear the sound of his ribs fracturing then his internal organs shattered into pieces from the impact. His life gradually dimmed.

After killing the last beast hunter, Du Shaofu swiftly searched all five bodies but unfortunately, he did not find any elixirs and couldn’t help but to feel disappointed.

All elixirs fetched a high price, these five men’s strength weren’t powerful and had little status within the hunting group. Even if they managed to scour some elixirs inside Wild Beast Mountains, they were not qualified to keep it.

After grabbing some miscellaneous items, Du Shaofu surveyed the surrounding area. From around the forest's shadows he could see something moving towards him.

From the mouth of the last brawny man, Du Shaofu knew that White Panther Hunting Group only has five Xiantian level in total, and he had already killed one of them, thus only four remained. The Second Chief is mid-Xiantian whereas the Big Chief is at the peak of Xiantian, if he was somehow surrounded, the result would not be to his liking.

“White Panther Hunting Group.”

Muttering softly, a smirk skimmed past Du Shaofu’s face as he turned around disappearing quickly.

More than a hundred people of White Panther Hunting Group rummaged the forest to find him, thus he had to think of a way to elude them. The more people were here, the easier it was for him to avoid detection. This was what they call a diversion tactic.

“Second Chief, our people are killed.”

Moments later, more than thirty silhouettes emerged, looking respectfully at a fat man.

The fat man wore a murky expression on his face. Squatting before the five corpses and examining them, the result only made his face turn even gloomier. “The killer is a Xiantian level warrior, they died the same way as Third Captain. It must be that brat who did it. I will tear him into thousand pieces!”

In the evening, another set of five corpses laid somewhere within the forest. The surrounding areas were not badly messed up, a proof that the killer made his kill neatly: killing of five people using the shortest time.

“Bastard, search, quickly search. We must definitely find that brat!”

The fat man lost his temper, his face looking incredibly ugly and his eyes were filled with murderous aura.

Dusk. The sky grew dimmer however, within the forest, a blood-thirsty aura pierced the sky.

“Bastard, spread the message out, say that that kid stole our White Panther Hunting Group’s ‘Dong level martial skill’. I want that brat to have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.” Beside the several corpses of White Panther’s beast hunters, the fat man roared furiously.

In the next few days, a rumor spread like wildfire—a young man stole the White Panther Hunting Group’s ‘Dong level martial skill', and quite a number of White Panther Hunting Group’s people died by his hand. His movements were mostly unpredictable which caused panic and fear inside the White Panther group.

“The White Panther Hunting Group’s Fat Dragon and Skinny Tiger are not to be trifled with; it’s absurd for a young man to be stronger than the both of them.”

“I heard that the young man is also a Xiantian warrior. I guess he’s a descendant of a prominent sect or a renowned family, or he wouldn’t dare to challenge the White Panther Hunting Group. Anyway the White Panther Hunting Group sure got a loud slap to the face this time.”

“I heard Skinny Tiger headed to a spirit gorge. Hearsay has it that recently the spiritual aura became overly concentrated, it's most probably due to a high-grade elixir maturing.

“High-grade elixirs could fetch an extremely high price. Let’s go and have a look, who knows that we might be able to get it…”

Within the mountains, sporadic conversations could be heard from small teams passing by. The most popular topic of discussions was relevant to the mysterious young man and White Panther Hunting Group.”

“High-grade elixir.”

Du Shaofu’s figure, which was hidden by the forest, surfaced—his eyes bright. The physique refining law of the golden-winged garuda prompted his need for a significant amount of elixirs, and the higher the grade of the elixir the better the result.

“Really insidious.”

Du Shaofu’s brows scrunched up, White Panther Hunting Group actually spread the rumor that he stole a ‘Dong level martial skill’. A ‘Dong level martial skill' enables one to link to one’s martial pulse—a Maidong warrior’s martial skill. A 'ong level martial skill’s value was attractive enough to lure every beast hunter and mercenary within Wild Beast Mountain to relief it from him.

His figure emerged only for a few seconds before disappearing again in the forest.

Sunsets in the mountain range showed itself, its colors of clementine-red filled half the sky.

“That kid’s right in front, chase quickly.”

“There a Dong level martial skill on that boy, don’t let him run away...”

A rare peaceful dusk on the edge of Wild Beast Mountains was suddenly broken by numerous loud shouts that kept resounding within the forest as people chased on a dead hunt.

“Such an insidious guy!”

In front of the pursuing crowd, Du Shaofu ran as quickly as he could while cursing under his breath, spitting out in an aggressive manner at some bushes as he ran past. Unfortunately, he was discovered by some people nearby when he was killing another batch of White Panther Hunting Group’s people and fell into an endless pursuit.

“Brat, where can you run? You will definitely die today!”

A slightly stout middle-aged man, who looked clumsy but has incredible speed, shouted while pursuing Du Shaofu, a cold sneer on his face. Behind the middle-aged man, various figures were dashing towards his direction. A blatant dead hunt began in the mountain range.

Du Shaofu dared not linger, it’ll bad if he’s surrounded. As the saying goes 'two fists are hard to contend even with four hands.'

The stout middle-aged man squinted his eyes as he watched the back of the fleeing young man, his expression turned dark—it didn't cross his mind that the young man was so agile.

“Let’s see how far you can run. Dragon Strolling Step!”

With a loud howl, xuanqi fluctuated around his body, and under the soles of his feet streams of xuanqi gushed out. And, as if the Gods were aiding him, his body surged forward rapidly, closing in on Du Shaofu and devouring the distance between them.

“Movement martial skill.”

Sensing the vibration of piercing wind behind him, Du Shaofu hastily turned his head back to look, and he was greatly surprised. Clearly, the stout middle-aged man used a movement type skill to increase his speed. With a faint pale gold light spilling out from his body, Du Shaofu too increased his speed, maintaining the distance as he ran towards the mountain range in front.

Two people—one in front running and one at the back chasing. From behind them, loud shouts of other pursuers resounded through the forest. It’s just that none of their speed was comparable to the stout middle-aged man. Awhile later, only the stout middle-aged man waas left chasing behind Du Shaofu.

“Brat, you won’t be able to escape today!”

Half an hour later, the stout middle-aged man shortened the distance, chasing closer and closer behind Du Shaofu. His meaty face was filled with murderous killing intent. Xuanqi gathered in his palm and condensed into a whip-like gust of wind, and directly striked Du Shaofu’s back.

Sensing the wind-like attack coming from his back he looked back. On his left hand, xuanqi fluctuated like waves, and made it clash against the incoming whip-like wind.