Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 35

Night, the forest moved with the gentle wind.

At the bottom of a valley, Du Shaofu sat cross-legged while running the golden-winged garuda’s exercise law to readjust his condition as pale golden glowed and wrapped around his body, giving off a mysterious and profound feeling.


Spirit Gorge was located at the periphery of Wild Beast Mountains, has layers of overlapping canyons, and a sharp cliff pointing towards the sky. Every day, at dawn and dusk, dense fogs blanketed the whole gorge, making visibility non-existent.

According to rumors, the bottom of the gorge was a lair to the more powerful demonic beasts that even beast hunting teams would not venture near the gorge recklessly.

However, in recent days a mob had been gathering at the outer edge of Spirit Gorge, and the number increased each day. However, at the moment no one was brave enough to enter the gorge as of yet.

The night’s cold like freezing water as the bright moon hung high upon the Heavens.

From the bottom of the gorge, a strong concentrated aura spread out, making those who smell it feeling refresh and clear headed.

In the outer area of Spirit Gorge, a huge boulder was occupied by about a dozen young man and women. They were none other than the disciples of Mystical Talisman House.

Zhu Xue, Guo Ming, and Shen Yan had the leading positions within this group. Looking at the several figures standing approximately a hundred meters apart, Zhu Xue’s brow creased, and her cherry lips mouths lightly. “Sky Serpent Sect’s people are also here.”

“Senior Brother Shen Yan, most of our disciples are killed by Sky Serpent Sect’s people, we must avenge them!” Guo Ming said to Shen Yan.

Shen Yan was also observing the Sky Serpent Sect group. His expression surly, he said, “Sky Serpent Sect is together with White Panther Hunting Group, if we make our move now we will not gain any advantage.”

“Shen Yan, you’re quite early.”

Another dozen of figures emerged consisting of young people between seventeen to eighteen years old—a young man dressed in embroidered robe and another in a short-sleeved shirt. The young man dressed in embroidered robe leaped up to the boulder, his burning eyes staring lecherously at Zhu Xue.

“Lin Boguang[1], Wang Yuan, you just arrive?”

Seeing this, Shen Yan swiftly stepped forward. Aware of Lin Boguang’s lewd gaze on Zhu Xue’s body, dislike emerged in his eyes, however it disappeared quickly that no one noticed.

The young man dressed in embroidered robe ignored Shen Yan, contrarily, the short-sleeved young man answered Shen Yan. “Shen Yan, according to our previous agreement, Blacknether Sect will temporarily cooperate with Mystical Talisman House to deal with Sky Serpent Sect’s Lu Kun. However, who gets the elixir depends on ability.”

“No problem.” Shen Yan nodded.

“May I ask this junior sister’s name, I’m called Lin Boguang, let’s be friends?” The embroidered robed young man came beside Zhu Xue, his eyes roving all over Zhu Xue’s body nonstop, as if he had found a prey.

Zhu Xue glanced at Lin Boguang with an overt coldness that’s capable of repelling people thousand miles away, “Please behave.”[2]

With the words out, her slender silhouette turned towards the direction of the gorge, not wanting to trouble herself with Lin Boguang.

“You’ve got personality, I like it. Sooner or later you will be my woman.”

Lin Boguang said to Zhu Xue, standing next to her with his hands behind his back, and with a laugh, he too shifted his sight onto the gorge, and said, “From the looks of it, the elixir’s maturing very soon. I wonder in whose hands the elixir will fall into at the end. I heard many powerful demonic beasts make their home inside Spirit Gorge. Obtaining the elixir won’t be an easy thing.”

“With Mystical Talisman House and Blacknether Sect joining hands, our chances are bigger.” Shen Yuan replied, staring at Lin Boguang’s back, a ray of chill flitted across his eyes unnoticeably.

Far away, from the other side of the hills. Lu Kun looked at Shen Yan, Lin Boguang and the others standing on the huge boulder, his face darkened and turned sullen as he said to the middle-aged man beside him who is two meters tall, so skinny that ribs seem to stick out of his chest, “Head Captain[3], the kid that killed Second and Third Captain is not with them, but it's a guarantee that that kid have some connections with Mystical Talisman House.”

“Someone will have to pay the price for Second Bro and Third Bro’s death. Regardless if that kid has connections with Mystical Talisman House or not, I will not let it slide.” Skinny Tiger’s eyes were filled with piercing chill.

One night passed. When light took over darkness the morning sunlight poured down onto the earth. Suddenly, in the depths of the gorge, a bright iridescent glow invaded the sky.


An iridescent glow tainted with the color of blood shined out from the gorge, looking like a rising sun in mid-air for a long time. A strong aura fluctuation spread out from the depths of the gorge.

“The high-grade elixir is maturing, quickly get it!”

Almost instantly, numerous points of xuanqi burst out at the outer edge of the gorge. Shadows were dashing out one after another diving into the depths of the gorge. Sounds of piercing wind filled Spirit Gorge and the dense morning fogs were thinned out by the number of people rushing into the gorge.

“The elixir’s matured, go!”

Xuanqi fluctuated on Shen Yan, Lin Boguang, Wang Yuan, Guo Ming, Zhu Xue and the rest of the disciples as they rushed into the gorge, leaving behind streaks of afterimages.

Silhouettes moved within the fog-filled gorge, Shen Yan, Zhu Xue, Lin Boguang, Wang Yuan, Lu Kun, and Skinny Tiger were the quickest three groups to enter the gorge. All of their sights fixed to the top of a large boulder.

In one of the crevices, there is a one-foot tall stem of red ganoderma as thick as an infant’s arm billowing blood-red glow that seemed to pierce the sky. The blood-red ganoderma has a unique appearance that’s similar to an infant’s. It was vivid and realistic as blood-red runes floated around it and diffused strong aura causing everyone’s eyes to aflame with greed.

“That’s Blood-Infant Ganoderma[4], taking it strengthens the martial pulse, and it is the main ingredient for refining spirit-grade dans.”

“Blood-Infant Ganoderma is absolutely a treasure, especially for Maidong level warriors.”

Blacknether Sect, Mystical Talisman House and Sky Serpent Sect, without exception, started to make their moves and attack after just one look at the one-foot stem.

Others surrounding warriors were also quick to start fighting for it. Instantly, intense battles sparked all around the vicinity of the elixir, whenever someone got too near to the Blood-Infant Ganoderma would be the subject of a combined attack from all four directions, thus no one was able to get too close.


Out of nowhere, from above the dense mid-air fogs, a sharp cry rang out followed by an enormous flying beast swooping down. In general, flying beasts at the very least could reach up to thirty meters in length, and its spread wings seemed to be able to cover the sky. Its talons and beak emitted edgy sharp rays as it dived into the midst of battles and grabbed talons full of warriors, tearing them apart into pieces in mid-air; letting the blood and pieces of flesh rain down the gorge.


Then, from deep bellow the gorge, roars of demonic beasts resounded—more than a hundred demonic beasts dashed out. The first few fierce demonic beasts at the front are more than thirty meters tall. They randomly passed through the warriors, leaving dismembered corpses in their path.

“Not good, these demonic beasts want the Blood-Infant Ganoderma, and they very powerful.”

People that were fighting amongst themselves immediately flee in panic. The demonic beasts up in the sky and on the ground caused their hearts to shiver, not one of them had imagined that suddenly so many terrifying demonic beasts showed up.

The appearance of these demonic beasts as they swiped away the fog and displayed their might was not something these human warriors were capable of fighting.

As the cries and roars of the demonic beasts continued to resound, accompanying it are the agonizing screams and heart-wrenching wails of human warriors being torn apart alive.

The groups lead by Shen Yan, Zhu Xue, Lin Boguang, Wang Yuan and Lu Kun immediately retreated. With these many terrifying demonic beasts blocking the path, even if the Blood-Infant Ganoderma is right in front of them, they won't dare to touch it.

“Flee, ahhh!”

There are even loud cries telling others to flee for their lives. Their strengths were too low for this group of attacking demonic beasts. Faces turned white one by one, it didn’t cross anyone’s mind that there would be so many fierce demonic beasts appearing.

“Quick, look there. Who’s that? Actually not afraid of these demonic beasts!”

At this moment, someone suddenly exclaimed in surprise seeing there’s someone in the midst of the demonic beasts. As the young man strode forward, a pale golden glow wrapped around his straight-back silhouette. In big strides the young man walked towards the Blood-Infant Ganoderma.

*Ao! Ao!*

*Ji! Ji!*

The demonic beasts on the ground and up in the sky growled towards the young man, however as if afraid of something, none of them dared to block the young man’s path.

“That’s Brother Shaofu.”

Surprise was evident in Guo Ming’s eyes and the next moment joy filled his face, the straight-back young man is none other than Du Shaofu!

“It’s him!”

Zhu Xue, Shen Yan and Lu Kun, including Lin Boguang, Wang Yuan and the others, recognized Du Shaofu. Multiple pairs of shocked eyes stared directly at the middle of the gorge.

Wherever the young man stepped, the surrounding demonic beasts immediately retreated. Under the cover of the pale golden glow the young man is akin to a supreme being descending—a beast king coming out.

That young man, of course, is Du Shaofu. When he heard there’s an elixir maturing, and that he needed a lot of them for practicing the golden-winged garuda’s physique refining law, this was an opportunity he wouldn’t want to miss.

The truth is, Du Shaofu had arrived at Spirit Gorge early on, and from afar, he saw the disciples of Mystical Talisman House and Sky Serpent Sect. It’s just that he didn’t show himself for snatching away the elixir is the utmost important thing.

Du Shaofu himself wasn’t clear of the reasons why the demonic beasts within the Wild Beast Mountains were so keen to avoid him, but one thing he’s clear about is, in front of demonic  beasts he has an undeniable advantage. Most of the demonic beasts were detered by the aura from the golden-winged garuda’s exercise law that he cultivated, all the more reason for him to take advantage of this very moment.

Wrapped in the pale golden glow, Du Shaofu boldly strode pass all ‘obstacles’ as the demonic beasts quickly retreated away from him. Finally, with a leap up, he reached the spot where the Blood-Infant ganoderma grows.

A sharp fluctuation came from the ganoderma, filling Du Shaofu with delight. This elixir is truly extraordinary and will greatly supplement him in strengthening his physique.


Exactly at this moment, in mid-air the fogs separated and violent gusts of wind spread, revealing an enormous flying tiger. Its entire body is covered with majestic runic scales, a pair of great huge wings at its back, while its mouth issued a terrifying roar. Its wings spread wide reaching sixty meters long, and at the moment it is eyeing Du Shaofu malignantly, very obvious that it fancies the Blood-infant ganoderma.

“Heavens, that’s a Demonic-scaled tiger. Its strength is comparable to the existence of a demonic beast’s king.”

“This Demonic-scaled tiger’s aura is so strong, possibly even Maidong level warriors are unable to subdue it.”

The surrounding crowd was scared witless with the sudden appearance of the Demonic Scale Tiger. When it flapped its wings the people below found it hard to breath and the force of the winds sent them trembling in fright.

Du Shaofu lifted his head and looked at the Demonic-scaled tiger in mid-air. Without warning Du Shaofu's entire body burst out in a dazzling pale golden light as he condensed handseals, golden runes swirled around his body. A domineering aura burst forth from his body like a flash flood, and the golden light shone brightly, piercing through the sky. Vaguely within the golden light was as if a Golden-winged garuda was spreading its wings wanting to soar to the heavens.

At the same time, Du Shaofu scolded loudly, “Evil beast, leave now!"



  1. 林- Forest 伯 –Count (it also means Uncle) 光 – Bright /Ray

Pun-伯光, read with a slightly different tone means ‘stripped naked’ which brings us to his ahem, lecherous personality.

  1. ‘Please behave’ actually is ‘Please watch your conduct’ but the former is preffered.
  2. Head Captain/Second Captain is referred as Big Chief/Second Chief in previous chapters. The Author used ‘tangjia’ in previous chapters and ‘tuan zhang’ in this one, the differentiation is in how the subordinates/beast hunters and outsiders call them.
  3. 血婴灵芝 (Xue Ying Lingzhi) – lit. Blood-Infant Ganoderma; even though it may sound unappetizing…