Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 44

When Du Shaofu returned from the kitchen with dishes in hand, the sky had already darkened and a beautiful full moon hung in the sky.

Father and son sat down; silence hung in the air in the absence of words.

Body reeked in alcohol, Du Tingxuan drank a big mouthful of wine straight from the jug before passing it to Du Shaofu, and asked, “Not hurt?”

“Not hurt, just went for a stroll in the Wild Beast Mountains.”

Du Shaofu understood that his father meant his disappearance. Thus he repeated what he said to his Second Uncle, he snuck into the Wild Beast Mountain because he wanted to train, without mentioning the white-clothed lady and her relation to Fu Yibai. He kept mum about the Demonic Purpleflame Phoenix and the Golden-winged Garuda to avoid attracting trouble to his door.

He passed the wine jug back to his father after he drank a mouthful. He had accompanied his father to drink since he was still small, sometimes he would even drink secretly, so his alcohol tolerance was quite good.


Du Tingxuan sounded in reply, his hand retrieved the wine jug and swallowed another mouthful, and silence ensued.

From early on, Du Shaofu was already accustomed to this pattern of conversation. The night continued in silent drinking until Du Shaofu started to feel dizzy and feel asleep in the yard…


When Du Shaofu woke up, rubbing his sleepy eyes, he noticed that the surrounding was pitch black.

“Again in the sarcophagus.”

He pushed opened the lid. His clothes were wet with sweat, and there were some impurities from his body. As if his meridians and marrow were cleansed once again.

“Young Master Shaofu, the Patriarch would like to see you in the study.”

By the time he returned to the courtyard, his drunkard father was already gone. After he had freshened up and put on a clean set of robe, he saw the main yard steward waiting for him as he was leaving the courtyard. Everyone in the Du Clan called him Uncle Lin, a sixty-year-old man that was extremely valued by his Eldest Uncle. Thus his position in Clan was quite high.

Du Shaofu nodded. Yesterday, his Second Uncle had already mentioned that his Eldest Uncle wanted to see him, but he didn’t expect his Eldest Uncle to send someone to fetch him so early morning. As if he thought of something, Du Shaofu suddenly asked, “Uncle Lin, how’s the work of Lin Hai in the rear courtyard?”


After a small hesitation, the old man smiled and said, “ Young Master Shaofu, I would have forgotten about it if Young Master didn’t mention this matter. This Du Hai was the backyard’s steward, but recently his work was getting sloppy, I intended to punish him.”

“Uncle Lin, you are the person Eldest Uncle and the whole of the Du Clan greatly values, these matters will need to trouble you. Those unqualified and intolerable people, you don’t have to tolerate.” Du Shaofu smiled gently and left.

The old man smiled as he watched Du Shaofu’s back. “Looks like this young master is going to wield the knife, who said this young master is a fool. How could Third Master’s son be a fool? It seems like some of the servants needs to be rearranged.”

Du Shaofu reached his Eldest Uncle’s study.

He knew that his Eldest Uncle never scorned him, thus he was requested at the study room instead of the main hall. It must be known that only a handful of people were allowed in his study, even amongst the Du Clan descendants.

“Shaofu, come in quick, let me see you.”

When Du Shaofu pushed open the study door, immediately, a good looking man in his fifties smiled and welcomed him.

“Eldest Uncle.” Du Shaofu greeted. The good-looking man in front of him is his Eldest Uncle, Du Zhenwu, a notable person of Stone City.

“I already heard what happened. You being unharmed is the most important thing. Next time don’t run into the Wild Beast Mountain on your own."

Du Zhenwu patted Du Shaofu’s shoulder, then he pulled Du Shaofu to sit down. Kindness flickered across his eyes as he asked, “ I heard that you could already cultivate, is that right?”

“En, can cultivate.” Du Shaofu nodded. It was needless to hide this since everyone in Du Clan already knows.

“It’s a good thing that you’ve have recovered, very good. The heavens really blessed my Du Clan, God bless my nephew, Shaofu.”

Du Zhenwu was extremely excited, and his smile became even wider. A while later, he calmed down and said to Du Shaofu, “In six weeks, Stone City’s once every three years juniors competition of the five families will begin. If our Du Clan would become the champion, not only the winner, even the whole clan would gain a lot of benefits. Prepare well, at that time our Du Clan will certainly need you.”


Du Shaofu nodded his head. He was aware of the competition that was held once every three years between Stone City’s Five Families.

Du Shaofu left the study after chatting with his Eldest Uncle for a while, there were questions that he couldn’t answer, but he still responded in a perfunctory manner. He insisted that he only went into the Wild Beast Mountains because he wanted to gain experience.

His smile was replaced by a solemn expression as he watched Du Shaofu leave, murmured. “Hope nothing goes wrong during the Five Families competition.”

In the back of the Martial Collection Building, there was a spacious yard.

Fu Yibai was squatting down, observing the ants on the floor as it crawled up and down, giving them his full attention, not daring to raise his bird's nest-like white hair.

Du Shaofu stood behind Fu Yibai, and then shifted to stand in front of him. Although he told his uncles that he voluntarily went into the Wild Beast Mountain to cover up Fu Yibai, however, that doesn’t mean that he’ll let it slide just like that. Fu Yibai needs to give him an explanation.

Fu Yibai turned his back towards Du Shaofu as if it was unintentional, he continued to focus on the ants in front of him.

The fire within Du Shaofu rose, he planted himself right in front of Fu Yibai and said, “Lao Bai, you should at least give me an explanation right?”

“What explanation?” Fu Yibai had a lost and confuse expression on his face as he looked at Du Shaofu, eyes full of innocence.

“Don’t act like a fool, what’s your relationship with that beautiful lady. I almost died this time because of you!”

The more Du Shaofu talked, the angrier he became, he was dragged into muddy waters all because of this old man, but he didn’t expect this old man to deny his involvement.

Fu Yibai looked at Du Shaofu and asked, “Did you die?”

The question dazed Du Shaofu for a moment and answered through gritted teeth. “No.”

 “Then did you lose your arm or feet?” Fu Yibai continued asking.

Again through gritted teeth, Du Shaofu answered. “No.”

“Then, what are you complaining?”

Fu Yibai glanced at Du Shaofu in contempt, and said, ‘She look cold like a glacier, but she wouldn’t kill indiscriminately. You, such a big opportunity knocked on your doorstep, but you missed it. Under this sky, countless of people wanted to be her disciple. If you’ve handled her correctly, she might've received you as a disciple, at that time, fame and fortune are yours, way better than staying in the Du Clan. I actually pity you ah.”

Du Shaofu stared blankly at Fu Yibai, from the way he described the situation, it was as if he owed Fu Yibai a huge favor.

“Fu Yibai stay where you are!”

In that split second where Du Shaofu went blank; Fu Yibai already disappeared from where he stood.

A short while later, at the Du Clan’s back mountain, smoke swirled up to the sky.

Du Shaofu and Fu Yibai was enjoying a feast as they wolfed down the meat.

However, no matter how many times he asked Fu Yibai about the beautiful lady, Fu Yibai won’t answer him honestly, in the end, he could only suppress his curiosity.

“Keep the things on your body safe, don’t lose it. It depends on your ability whether you can comprehend it or not.”

After they finished eating, Fu Yibai suddenly said something that Du Shaofu can’t make head or tails of, then added, “Stomach’s full, I’m going back to take an afternoon nap.”

Du Shaofu blanked again, and when he recovered, Fu Yibai was already gone.

“Du Shaofu, you’re finally back.”

Noon time, just as Du Shaofu reached the backyard’s door, returning from the back mountain, he was blocked by a group of people.

He tilted his head to look, those that blocked his way were full of familiar faces, his fellow brothers in the Du Clan, Du Hao, Du Chong and Du Yan were included.

“Coming to send dans and xuanbi to me? It seems like the three of you have not forgotten that you still owed me.”

“Owe you shit! Quickly handover our base building dans and the Violent Stone Demon Wolf's blood essence, or we’ll not be polite to you.”

Du Hao roared. The Violent Stone Demon Wolf’s blood essence was snatched away, how could he swallow this humiliation. His father went to the Patriarch about this, but unfortunately, it coincided with Du Shaofu’s disappearance, thus nothing can be done about it. However, he heard that Du Shaofu had already returned last night, so he gathered some of his people to settle the score with Du Shaofu. Unexpectedly they ran into him at the backyard.  

“Du Shaofu, give up the base building dans and the blood essence, if not, we will use force!”

Du Chong and Du Yan also demanded loudly. Since the incident, they practically lost all of thier faces. All of their prizes were snatched away by Du Shaofu. Nowadays, the way the elders looked at them was entirely different from before.

They were even afraid to leave their rooms because the news that the three of them weren’t able to handle even one strike from Du Shaofu had spread to the ears of the five families, An Family, Cheng Family, Qin Family and Bai Family. Every time they met anyone from these families, they will be mocked and laughed, seen as a joke.