Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 45

“Handover the Violent Stone Demon Wolf's blood essence and the base-building dans or there’ll be consequences!” Several young man and women within the group clamored at Du Shaofu, they were also one of the victims back then.


“You are that Du Shaofu, the idiot?”


A young man in his early twenties came up to the front, he wore a silver colored armor that enhanced his tall height, and a good looking feature that made the young girls unconsciously want to get closer to him, their eyes shined with adoration.


In fact, from the very beginning, Du Shaofu had already noticed this young man, and when he heard the silver armored young man’s words, he became upset: “You are the idiot, your whole family are all idiots!”


“Arrogant! Dare to insult an Imperial Knight, just this crime alone is enough to throw you into the Imperial Prison for the rest of your life.” 


The silver armored youth’s face immediately became gloomy.  As an Imperial Knight in this God forsaken remote border town, everyone would naturally give him some face, if he doesn’t teach this Du Shaofu a harsh lesson, wouldn’t he look bad in front of these girls?


Du Shaofu turned to look at Du Hao, ignoring the silver armored young man, “Is this your so-call reinforcement? I’ll give you guys one last chance, willingly settle your debts or I'll take it myself.”


“Du Shaofu, don’t be too arrogant! My cousin brother is an Imperial Knight, you’re dead!”


Du Hao said through gritted teeth and smiled coldly at Du Shaofu. He turned towards the silver armored young man, and said, “Cousin Brother, you mustn’t be lenient with him, we must absolutely get the Violent Stone Demon Wolf's blood essence, and the base building dans back.”


“No problem, this fool is looking for abuse!”


The silver armored young man looked gloomy, the moment his words faded, an intense xuanqi fluctuation rippled around him, and formed into a small tornado, even Du Hao, Du Yan, and Du Chong were pushed back from the strong atmosphere.


“Early Xiantian warrior.”


Du Shaofu raised an eyebrow; this-whatever Imperial Knight young man does have some ability, to be able to reach Xiantian at his age.


“Today I will give a fool like you an unforgettable lesson.”


From the very beginning, the silver armored young man had already decided not to hold back.  His hands were condensing handseals as he took a big step forward.  An azure xuanqi gathered into a handprint and burst forth, enveloping Du Shaofu. 


He knew from Du Hao and the others that Du Shaofu had once defeated them with just one move. Thus, although he did not fully utilized all of his Xiantian power, but it should be enough to deal with Du Shaofu.


With a flash, the handprint had arrived before Du Shaofu.


In a split second time, a pale golden bright light flickered in front of everyone’s eyes, and before anyone could see clearly, a loud impact resounded. 




Following that powerful impact, a figure flew out, landing heavily on the ground. 




Fine cracked lines appeared on the ground as it shook from the force!


All the young men and women sucked in a breath of cold air when they saw the figure on the ground. The figure on the ground was the silver armored young man, a Xiantian level warrior, the envious existence that they looked up to was actually beaten up.




Blood spurted out from the young man’s mouth as he laid on the ground, his handsome face turned pale and fearful.


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Everyone had yet to recover from their shock, yet another chain of blast resounded. A figure tumbled across the ground, perfectly timed with the blasts, and finally, the young man lay motionless, unable to move on the ground.


Du Shaofu flicked his purple sleeves and nodded in satisfaction looking down on the floor. Afterwards, regardless of male or female, everyone who was present, be it their dans, xuanbi, and some other strange gadgets were all taken away by Du Shaofu, and of course, he did not forget the silver armored young man.


A dozen of people’s stuff was a little much to carry, so Du Shaofu stripped Du Hao off his robe and took everything away, bundled up in a cloth parcel. During the process, no one dared to even resist, as none of them had the strength to.


“You’re welcome to trouble me anytime.”


After he had packed everything, Du Shaofu threw this sentence out and swaggered away.


All around was silent, watching Du Shaofu’s back.



Night entered as the darkness blanketed Stone City, stars twinkled in the sky.


In an olden bluestone pavilion, a young girl stood silently. Her jade-like skin, delicate face, and long black hair enhanced her elegance if not for the cold light in her eyes that distanced people.


“Zijin, have you decided?”


A lean middle-aged man asked. “I believe that in the coming Five Families Competition, no one could compare to Du Shaofu. Not even me.”


The middle-aged man was a little shocked. “I didn’t expect that you would have such an opinion towards Du Clan’s Du Shaofu. Now, I really feel like meeting him, how about tomorrow, accompany me to Du Clan. We can show some goodwill, and some things should be decided.”




The young girl smiled and nodded, the tall, and straight figure that was carrying a Lightning Leopard corpse appeared in her mind…




“How do I open this thing!”


Night, in his room, Du Shaofu was holding two storage pouches. The one that he got from the White Panther Hunting Group, Skinny Tiger, and the one that he got from the tangerine-red dressed girl’s body, but Du Shaofu didn't know how to open them.


“Brat, you won’t be able to open the storage pouches. How about I open them for you?”


From the little tower in Du Shaofu’s bosom, Zhen Qingchun’s voice transmitted out. Don’t know why his voice sounded a little wronged and depressed.


“You know how to open the storage pouch?”


Du Shaofu took out the little tower after a slight hesitation.


Of course, this little tower was wrapped with many layers of leaves. Du Shaofu has no desire to keep the little tower that was drenched in a virgin boy’s urine near his body.


“What a joke! I’m a Spirit Talisman Master, a very high level Spirit Talisman Master at that, a little storage pouch poses no problem to me.” Zhen Qingchun’s proud voice came out from the little tower.


“You are a Spirit Talisman Master?” Du Shaofu looked at the little tower suspiciously, and then said, “Alright then, you open the storage pouch and show me.”


“Hmph, what do I get if I opened the storage pouch for you?” Zhen Qingchun said from inside the little tower, feeling a little satisfied, this brat finally needs a favor from him.


 “If you help me, then I will not use a virgin boy’s urine to repel evil spirits, but if you can’t open the storage pouch, then I’ll straightforwardly throw this rotten tower into the latrine pit.” Du Shaofu said lightly.


“Brat, you dare!” From inside the little tower, Zhen Qingchun hollered.


“You guess, would I dare or not?” Du Shaofu replied.


“Brat, you win! I’ll open the storage pouch, but promise me not to attack my spirit body when I come out.” Zhen Qingchun was forced to compromise, he knew this brat would absolutely dare to do it.


“Deal!” Du Shaofu nodded in agreement.




Zhen Qingchun’s transparent silhouette floated out from the little tower. His eyes contained wrath and dismal, the corner of his mouth twitched, clearly suppressing his anger. “The things inside the storage pouch would be destroyed if a storage pouch was forcefully opened. Apart from the owner, the only way to open a storage pouch was to look for a Spirit Talisman Master stronger than the one who refined it to break the formation.”



When he finished saying that, Zhen Qingchun’s transparent hands formed seals, then the storage pouches on Du Shaofu’s left hand was wrapped in an unusual force and floated towards Zhen Qingchun.




Zhen Qingchun’s hands kept changing and moving as flickering runes started to appear and wrapped around the pouches. The room brightened with the glowing runes.


At this moment, Du Shaofu believed that Zhen Qingchun might not be a swindler. A swindler cannot have such an aura.


“It’s opened, drip your blood onto these pouches so that you can be its new owner, then pour in your xuanqi, these storage pouches belongs to you now.”


Moments later, Zhen Qingchun threw the storage pouches back to Du Shaofu, his already transparent body became even more see through.