Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 47

“What must I do for you to trust me?”


Zhen Qingchun was on the edge of having a breakdown! What kind world is this that he needed to beg to receive a disciple; could this be Heaven’s punishment? Also, who said his face was wretched, it should be described as unique!


“Unless you could let me become a Spirit Talisman Master first, else needless to say anything I won’t believe you.” Du Shaofu answered.


“Hmph, you’re trying to scheme against me. You don’t want me as your Master, why should I teach you anything at all?!”


Zhen Qingchun dared not take risks; he knew this little brat is smarter than a thief, and after he had taught this kid, who can guarantee this kid would keep his word and acknowledge him as Master. So he cannot allow this kid to lead him in circles by the nose. As the saying goes an old ginger is spicier [1], he doesn't reckon that he can’t handle a kid.


Du Shaofu shrugged as he looked at Zhen Qingchun saying, “If you really want me to as your disciple, then you should take out some sincerity; what if I fall for your scheming?”




Zhen Qingchun truly felt dismal.


Taking a deep breath, suppressing his anger that was on the verge of exploding, said, “Okay, I will firstly let you become a Spirit Talisman Master, on one condition. My spirit body is too weak at the moment, and I need some of your xuanqi, don’t worry it won’t harm you in any way. Just one night of healing and you will be fine. Otherwise, I have no energy to teach you anything, you can go search for others who is willing. Worse come to worst, we go our separate ways.”


Du Shaofu hesitated for a moment; the moment Zhen Qingchun mentioned xuanqi Du Shaofu found it himself resisting.


The truth is, Du Shaofu do desire becoming a Spirit Talisman Master, which makes him indecisive.


“Okay, I agree.”


Du Shaofu relented in the end. He would gamble this one time.




Zhen Qingchun snorted coldly and stared at Du Shaofu angrily. He felt today he made a huge loss, although it was said that old ginger are spicier, but he didn’t gain any benefits when dealing with Du Shaofu akin to a hawk pecked in the eye by a small bird. Just like Du Shaofu said, he simply wanted and needed Du Shaofu’s xuanqi. Under Zhen Qingchun’s watchful eye, Du Shaofu started transferring xuanqi into the little tower till it shone brightly, exuding an antiquated atmosphere.  


Du Shaofu was surprised, he remembered last time he injected the little tower with xuanqi it had no reaction at all.


When Du Shaofu felt his xuanqi was nearly emptied, Zhen Qingchun who had early on returned to the little tower said, “Kid, your xuanqi's purity, and abundance exceeded my expectation. It’s enough for now, any more will affect your future cultivation. Wait three days, after three days I will teach you how to become a Spirit Talisman Master, in the meantime go and prepare these materials. Remember, do not tell anyone about me, not even your closest person.”


Zhen Qingchun continued to utter a long list of items, mostly are names of herb which Du Shaofu had never heard of before.


Since Zhen Qingchun ‘stole’ a significant amount of his xuanqi, Du Shaofu needed to heal, thus after committing the list to memory, he sat cross-legged and began running the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law.



Morning came, shadow of the morning sun peeked through the gaps of dawn fogs and mists as residents of Stone City roused to welcome a new day.


It was unusually lively outside of Du Clan’s main entrance; the Stone City’s Mayor, Ye Baolin and his precious daughter came to Du Clan's compound for a visit, and the purpose stated was to thank Du Clan's Young Master Du Shaofu for saving his daughter, Ye Zhijin in the Wild Beast Mountains.


The news instantly spread to every corner of Stone City. As Stone City’s resident, none of them is ignorant of Ye Family.


When one mentioned Stone City’s Five Families, no matter how intense these five families schemed in the dark, the residents would never believe the four families could be stronger than the Ye Family, and Du Clan is no exception.


The reason - Ye Family had consecutive five generations of Mayor. This point alone made Ye Family’s position unshakeable amongst the five families in the hearts of Stone City's residents.


In another month or so is the Five Families Junior Competition, held once every three years, and during this time Mayor had personally paid a Du Clan junior a visit, causing a certain number of individuals cracking their brain for the 'real' purpose.



It was morning when Du Shaofu stopped from a night of healing. His eyes opened when he heard footsteps entering the yard.


Du Shaofu walked out and saw a young man dressed in servant clothes.


The young man was polite and respectful toward to Du Shaofu, quickly introduced himself when he saw Du Shaofu; it was said that the backyard steward, Du Hai were miserably punished by mainyard 's Chief Steward for being incompetent, and stuffing his own pockets; and suddenly he was promoted as the backyard steward listening to Du Shaofu’s orders.


Du Shaofu nodded. He has seen this person before, a child of Du Clan’s older servants, grew up in Du Clan but doesn’t leave much of an impression. He sighed in admiration towards Uncle Lin’s efficiency and management, undeniably someone valued by Eldest Uncle. Arranging someone that doesn't draw attention as the backyard steward in consideration to him.


From this young man’s mouth, Du Shaofu knew the Mayor came to visit. However, his brows wrinkled when he heard the reason.


Drunkard Dad is not in. Thus he headed to the Main Hall after refreshing himself.     



There were many people already seated by the time Du Shaofu reached the Main Hall. On the main seats, Du Shaofu saw his Eldest Uncle, Du Zhenwu and his Second Uncle, Du Zhixiong as well as some of Du Clan experts that rarely show themselves.


Although these Du Clan experts rarely appear in front of people, their status is quite high, sometimes no less than the Patriarch.


Further down from Eldest Uncle’s seat are Du Clan Elders, and some of the younger generation, Du Yu, and Du Xue were there too.


But Du Shaofu didn’t see Du Hao or Du Yan or the rest of the bunch, yesterday’s injury was probably too much for them that they can’t see other people. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be absent in these types of important events.


The moment Du Shaofu stepped into the Main Hall, he felt many malicious gazes directed at him as if many elders were gritting their teeth when they saw him, unable to show their dissatisfaction.


In another part of the Main Hall were people who are strangers to Du Shaofu; at the forefront sat a valiant looking man in his forties in a long robe, and full of smile. The man seemed simple, and yet there was a dignified atmosphere around him that made others pays attention.


A very powerful man.


This was Du Shaofu’s first impression of the man, an aura different from Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle, seemingly calm and kind, but he definitely is stronger than his two uncles.


So, this is Stone City’s Mayor, Ye Baolin.


Du Shaofu raised his head to look at the valiant looking man, he had heard people talked about Ye Baolin but have never seen him. Since it was the Mayor who came, the without a doubt the one sitting at the front is the Mayor.


When he was small, he was taught by Du Clan’s private teachers and read many books, and he has some knowledge of the outside world.


Stone City is just a faraway remote city within the Imperial Territory; above city is county, above county is prefecture, and above prefecture is the Imperial government that controls everything. And it was said prefectures are governed by titled Marquises and Dukes[2] that are strong enough to rule one direction.


Of course, on this big continent, there are many other imperial territories, and wars happens often leaving mass casualties. Fortunately, Stone City is unaffected and is not dragged into those wars which make it a haven.


His gaze subsequently fell on a young girl next to the man, thinking the girl is actually quite beautiful, no less than Zhu Xue of Mystical Talisman House, or the woman who tried to rob him previously.


This young girl had a calm but a little cold temperament whereby the tangerine-red dress girl exuded a noble aura.


“Seen Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, and all Elders.”


Du Shaofu’s observation actually was just a quick glance; seems like Ye Family had chatted with Eldest Uncle for quite some time already. Du Shaofu quickly went forward and greeted his uncles and the older generation elders, whereby the others were ignored.


“Shaofu, let me introduce you. This is Mayor Ye, quickly greet him; and this is Mayor Ye’s daughter, Miss Zhijin. I think you already knew each other.” Du Zhenwu smilingly introduced to Du Shaofu.


“Seen Mayor Ye.” When Du Shaofu heard that, he knew that he had guessed correctly, the valiant looking man in his forties is the Mayor. Thus he quickly did as told.


“No need to be so polite, just call me Uncle Ye. I came to thank you. If not for you, it would’ve been dangerous for Zhijin. Seems like Stone City has another talented young man.”


Ye Baolin looked at Du Shaofu smiling lightly to show his gratitude, and then with a small hand signal, a man in armor approached from behind. Stepping forward, and presented Du Shaofu with a three-foot long box.


YeBaolin continued to smile at Du Shaofu, he indicated at the box, saying “Shaofu, please take it. This is our Ye Family’s Spirit Ink Sword [3], although it isn’t enough to represent Zhijin’s importance in my heart, please take it as a small token of my gratitude.



1-Old ginger isspicier – an older person has more experience/more knowledge; lit. I eat salt more than you eat rice/ lit.  Bridges I’ve crossed is more than the steps you have taken.

2-Old Imperial System --- Emperor>Dukes (wangye)>Marquis (hou)>Count (bo)>Viscount(zhi) >Baron (nan)

3- Mo Ling Jian – lit. ink spirit sword 

-Drunkard Dad – this ‘nickname’ is not meant to be rude.

Ye Baolin – lit. leaf, treasure/precious, forest

Ye Zhijin – lit. leaf, son, collar