Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 49

“Okay, let’s have a deliberation.”


Du Zhenwu observed Du Shaofu closely, a hint of light rippled across his eyes as Du Shaofu stepped out and nodded at Du Zhenwu then said, “Call Du Hao and the rest to come over quickly.”


The a lot of aunts ran out happily upon hearing Du Zhenwu’s order, once the deliberation started, Du Shaofu, that brat, wouldn’t be able to run.


“Shaofu, sit down and wait.”


Du Zhixiong was silent the entire time, and it wasn't until the womenfolk were gone that he spoke.


“Thank you, Second Uncle.”


Du Shaofu adhered, and sat on the chair that was occupied by Ye Zhijin earlier instead of an empty seat that was a little closer to his Eldest Uncle, as he sat there, he had a feeling that he looking down at the world. He did not sit where Ye Baolin sat because that would indicate that his status was equivalent to his Eldest Uncle.


Upon seeing that Du Shaofu directly sat on the seat of honor, some of those present in the Main Hall had terrible opinions but they didn't dare to voice out any objection, especially under Patriarch and Second Master’s deterrence, after all, Du Shaofu is their nephew.


Thus they let the women to freely take over, since they are not in a position to say anything, and second, to test the waters.


Everyone was clear on this point, Du Shaofu was not the fool that he was, just his identity as the Third Master’s son already placed him at a higher position than others.


The Du Clan is divided into, main descendants and side branches, and without any doubt, Du Shaofu belonged to the main line of main descendants.


 Du Shaofu wasn't bothered by the other poeple's gazes, and have no plans to do so. He opened the box in his arms and took out the three feet long sword.


The sword hilt was ancient, the decoration was simple and exuded an oppressive atmosphere.




As the sword slid off its scabbard, the sound echoed like a bird’s cry through the Hall. The sword's entire body was as black as ink, engraved with runic patterns, and a sharp atmosphere exuded from it, that it seemed like it could sweep away everything.


All of their eyes were glued to the ink black sword, akin to watching a hibernating flood dragon that could suppress thousands of beasts, causing hearts to tremor endlessly.


“What good Spirit Ink Sword! A mid-grade Spirit Weapon ah.”


Those in the Main Hall, their eyes zoomed towards the sword, if not for the Patriarch and Second Master’s presence, someone would have already rushed up and grabbed the sword. A mid-grade Spirit Weapon was something that even a Mai-dong level warrior couldn’t afford with all their wealth.  


“Du Shaofu was really lucky this time.”


Without a doubt, Du Shaofu was fortunate that Ye Baolin was so generous that he gave away a mid-grade Spirit weapon, and the fact is, this Spirit Ink Sword is famous in Stone City.


Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong’s gaze also fell on the Spirit Ink Sword. Du Zhenwu smiled on the surface, his heart was full of doubt, thinking about something.


In this world, there is Spirit weapon, Talisman weapon, Fa weapon, Dao weapon, and Sacred weapon. Although all of them are weapons, however,  a Spirit rank weapon would still be considered as treasure because it is not something that ordinary weapons could compare with. 


And every rank is divided into early-grade, mid-grade, and high-grade. According to the legend Fa and Dao rank weapons could shift mountains and flip the seas in the hands of an expert.



As a warrior, a good weapon could increase one’s strength by many folds. Between two strong warriors, the one with the better weapon has a higher chance of winning the battle.



But I haven’t practiced any sword martial skill.


 Thinking of that, Du Shaofu returned the sword to its scabbard; and under the burning gazes, placed the sword back into the box. Thus, the looks receded as the object of desire disappeared from sight.


Calmness returned to the many pairs of burning eyes, if it were two months ago, this Spirit Ink Sword would probably have been snatched away, if not by juniors, then the elders would’ve made their move even if it costs' them their reputation, a mid-grade Spirit Sword is hard to resist. 


“Patriarch, Elders, the juniors are here.”


At this time, those nosy aunts who rushed out to get yesterday’s victims returned. Each of them had cold sneers on their faces, awaiting Du Shaofu to fall on his face before the truth, even if he had a hundred mouths he won't be able to defend himself.


“Seen Patriarch, seen all Elders,”


Du Hao, Du Yan, and the rest arrived in the Main Hall and saluted grievously, each and every one of them were bandaged heavily from head to toe, their faces were covered in thick medicine paste. Apparently, all of them had gone through a layer of attentive dressing.     


“Patriarch, Elders, Du Shaofu’s too much, bullying indiscriminately, ruthlessly hit us, and he even took all of our possessions. We hope that the elders present will do us justice.”


More than ten carefully bandaged young men and women knelt down following Du Hao after they saluted. Their faces were so pitiful and full of grievances that it made everyone filled with sympathy. 


“We seek the Patriarch and the Elders to give us justice and severely punish this cruel and brutal person, Du Shaofu.”


Du Yan and the rest quickly emulated Du Hao’s actions and started crying injustice with fingers pointing at Du Shaofu. In fact, they were really beaten by Du Shaofu and could not be considered as a wrongful accusation.  


Watching this scene, several Elders were moved, and they turned towards Du Zhenwu waiting for him to say something.  The injuries were real, proving that the assailant did not hold back. However, the way they were bandaged was no doubt, excessive. Purely for visual purposes to garner sympathy from the Elders, but it couldn’t escape the eyes of the experts, these juniors indeed were injured.


There were some changes in Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong’s eyes, of course, they could that see these juniors really ate a huge loss in the hands of their nephew.


Du Zhenwu looked at Du Shaofu, calmly asking, “Shaofu, do you have any explanation for this?”




Du Shaofu nodded,  took a glanced at Du Hao’s group that was kneeling on the floor pitifully, and then opened his mouth asking, “Didn’t you say that I injured them heavily, and they could only lie on the bed. How is it that they were all here now?”


These people were injured by him, how could he not know how much strength he used, though he didn’t hold back that much, but it would definitely not have taken their lives.




Listening to Du Shaofu’s word, all the aunts and the ones kneeling on the floor turned dumb.


The truth is, everyone present here knew, that it was Du Hao and his group who went to look for Du Shaofu and asked for some trouble. It’s too much of an exaggeration to say, that they wouldn’t be able to get out of their bed, but who knew that Du Shaofu ignored everything by asking that question, it made everyone speechless.


“Du Shaofu, how is this question related to you bullying your clan’s brothers and sisters? The truth is already in front of our eyes, and you still want to deny it!” A sharp-mouthed lady stood up, unwilling to bicker with Du Shaofu's question.


Looking at that lady, Du Shaofu was still calm, his bright eyes turned sharp, and asked in a dull voice. “Why would it be unrelated? You said that they were heavily injured, beaten by me, and unable to get out bed. From the looks of it, you are obviously lying, and wrongly accused me. Did I offend all of you, that everyone is trying to frame me?”


“Du Shaofu, you…”


The lady nearly spat out a mouthful of blood by just listening to Du Shaofu’s words.


“Du Shaofu, you are trying to escape punishment!”


“Du Shaofu, going in a roundabout way, truly annoying, you evidently injured Yan’er without mercy.”




Another aunt immediately stood up and yelled at Du Shaofu, she would not allow Du Shaofu to escape just like this.


Looking at those angry faces, Du Shaofu said, “All of you are considered my elders. I’m okay with so many seniors bullying a junior, ganging up on a junior, and framed a junior like me, but if this matter spread out, won't you feel that you've made the Clan lost its face?”




Those sharp-mouthed aunts’ that were still clamoring were instantly silenced, each of their faces turning red. A few of them had blood running down from the corner of their lips.



Fa weapon – lit. Law/Method weapon, so pinyin is