Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 52

Nearing noon, the streets were even busier and lively as the crowd increased.


“Miss Ye Zhijin is here.”


A fever swept through the crowd, and all eyes focused on a certain individual up ahead the street where several young men and women were standing as if in a protective circle around the young lady.


The young lady moved gracefully, looking at Stone City’s scenery. Her jade-like skin carried a light young girl’s fragrance that made men lose their senses as she walked by, a few pretty girls who were standing nearby lost their charm when Ye Zhijin appeared on the same street.


A young man in a luxuriously embroidered robe was following closely beside Ye Zhijin, trying hard to hold her attention.


Ye Zhijin?


Du Shaofu frowned, he didn’t expect to run into Ye Zhijin here, he turned around wanting to leave as soon as possible.




But it was too late for Du Shaofu to leave, Ye Zhijin had spotted him and called out. Her slender figure hastened to his direction with a dazzling smile, and she reached Du Shaofu in no time.


“Miss Ye,”


Looking at the face before him, he sighed inside and had to admit that in just a few more years, she would grow to be an alluring beauty enough to cause a city’s destruction.


Ye Zhijin’s small cherry lips curved up at the corner, and her clear voice sounded as if she was speaking to someone close, “Shaofu, just call me Zhijin. Otherwise, it would sound like were strangers.”


“This….” Du Shaofu’s brows wrinkled again.


“Why, do you despise my name?” Ye Zhijin asked with a smile that was enough to make the surrounding young men riot with jealousy, and added, “Then it is set. Next time, you don’t have to be so courteous. That day you weren’t free, but since we met each other today, you must accompany me around.”


“Zhijin Meimei [1], who is this ah?”


“Sister Zhijin, this handsome disciple comes from where ah?”


A few extraordinary young women quickly gathered around to Ye Zhijin, one after another, pairs of curious eyes fell on Du Shaofu’s body. Between the purple robe was a well-built body, and a straight back, on top of that, a resolute and clean-cut face was quite deadly to these girls.


“Let me introduce you all, this is Du Clan’s Young Master Du Shaofu, he was the one who saved my life back in the Wild Beast Mountains, he is my savior.”


Ye Zhijin continued cheerfully, and she kept close to Du Shaofu, whether it was intentional or otherwise, as if trying to emphasize – he’s mine, and all of you have no chance.


“Du Clan's Du Shaofu.”


When those words came out, those young girl’s eyes lost their spark. There wasn’t single person that doesn’t know about Du Shaofu’s name, especially in the past two months. Just yesterday, the Mayor visited him in person, which brought about a huge wave in the hearts of Stone City's residents when the news spread.


“So he is Du Clan’s Du Shaofu.”


“The legendary Du Clan’s fool young master is it, but he doesn’t look like an idiot at all.”


When the crowd heard it, everyone looked at Du Shaofu with a shock expression, and at the same time full of curiosity about this Stone City's celebrity.


“You are that Du Clan’s fool ah.”


A voice rang out, and the young man wearing an embroidered robe came up with several young men trailing behind him. He looked under twenty and seemed to be slightly more muscular than Du Shaofu., roughly the same height as Du Shaofu with a somewhat average face, however, when he looked at Du Shaofu, there wasn’t much of a goodwill shown in his eyes, only ridicule, and mocking. Then, he turned to look at Ye Zhijin, smiled and said, “Zhijin Meimei, don’t tarnish your reputation and status by mingling with this kind of people.”


Ye Zhijin’s expression turned cold when she heard that, looking at the young man in front of her, Ye Zhijin curtly said, “An Hu, Shaofu is my savior. Please mind your words when you speak.”


“What, this fool really saved your life?” An Hu[3] glanced at Du Shaofu from the corner of his eye, his expression was slightly unbecoming because he didn’t expect that Ye Zhijin would speak up for this Du Shaofu, yet had always treated him coldly. Thus when he looked at Du Shaofu, he became gloomy.


“Whether I did save someone or not, whether I am a fool or otherwise, were all unimportant. The most important thing now is, before leaving the house today, you must have forgotten to check the Almanac [3].”


Exactly when An Hu’s words of ridicule dropped, Du Shaofu’s bright eye fell upon An Hu. His clear voice resonated through the crowds causing everyone who heard it to have a bad feeling.


“Du Shaofu, what are you trying to say?”


An Hu's eye became sharp as he looked at Du Shaofu, then all of a sudden he burst into laughter, “Ha ha, what a fool, even needs to check an Almanac before stepping out of the house.”


“Because if you had checked the Almanac today, you wouldn't have come out. Today is a clash day [4] for you because you’ll see blood [5].” Du Shaofu looked calmly at An Hu.


“Brat, you cursed me!” An Hu couldn’t contain his dissatisfaction any longer. This brat actually cursed him in public!


“Not that I’m cursing you, but you would really see blood today.”


An edge appeared on his usually calm face the moment his words faded. His eyes exuded an invisible oppression that the surrounding air seemed to solidify.




The air exploded with a deafening sound, Du Shaofu’s fist print shot out towards An Hu in a heartbeat.


“Dare to attack me! You’re courting death!”


An Hu was furious, then it turned into a cold sneer, he is one of An Family’s most talented juniors, and he had already stepped into the Xiantian realm a few days ago. A bright glow wrapped around his body in an instant like a vortex, he just stood there not planning to dodge, however, when Du Shaofu’s fist was a mere inches away from his body, An Hu’s body swerved sideways as his foot took three lightning-quick steps, avoiding Du Shaofu’s attack.


“What a beautiful execution of the “Returning Three Steps Maneuver.” Didn’t expect An Hu to have reached such a level in An Family’s Returning Three Steps Maneuver martial skill, undeniably An Family’s elite disciple.”


“An Hu had stepped into early Xiantian realm, looks like there’s another rival for the younger generation!”


As Du Shaofu and An Hu exchanged moves – one was the Du Clan's famous fool young master and the other was An Family’s elite junior – the crowd focused intensely to the middle of the street.


A cold smile appeared on An Hu’s face the moment he successfully dodged the fist, only a fool, although he isn't a fool anymore now, how strong could he be? I am already a Xiantan Warrior. Within the younger generation of Stone City, how many people was his opponent?


“Storm Wind Fist!”


An Hu bellowed, clenched his fist and xuanqi gathered around it; with a slight turn of his wrist, An Hu punched at Du Shaofu’s chest. The fist contained an invisible energy that whistled through the air, blowing the sands and dust off the ground like a minuscule vortex.


“Chi la~!”


Before the crowd’s confusion, An Hu’s fist headed directly towards Du Shaofu’s chest, they didn't know why but its trajectory suddenly changed, just barely passing by Du Shaofu's chest.




Another blast rippled in the air, and it was so fast that no one could see it clearly, their eyes only saw An Hu's body fly away, and crashed heavily on the ground twenty something meters away. Even the ground shook from the impact.


Fast as lighting, direct, and indomitable!




Blood spewed out from An Hu’s mouth, and he struggled to get up a few times without success. His head tilted up to look at Du Shaofu, fear was evident in his eyes and face.


‘I already said that you would certainly see blood today. I didn’t lie.”


Du Shaofu said to An Hu, then he turned towards Ye Zhijin, saying “Miss Ye, I think that you don’t have the mood for a stroll anymore, I shall excuse myself.”


Du Shaofu left without waiting for a reply.


A particular emotion rippled across Ye Zhijin’s pupils watching the disappearing straight back, but she didn’t say anything.


The crowd was still in a dazed as their eyes traced after the leaving figure, and it finally sunk in, the rumored Du Clan young master was no fool. On the other hand, it seemed like there are no young men from Stone City that could rival Young Master Du Shaofu.


“Brother Hu, are you alright?”


The several young men snapped back into their sense and rushed to help An Hu up.


An Hu’s face was pale and there was an embarrassed expression on his face. He never thought that the rumored fool could go against his early Xiantian strength, and in the end, he lost miserably and was humiliated in public.


“Du Shaofu, this score, I would definetly make you pay it by a hundred fold.”


Watching Du Shaofu’s silhouette going further away, the fear in An Hu’s eyes gradually lessened and was replaced by a venomous hatred.


1. Meimei means younger sister – how you address a younger female that you very close to.

2. An Family, An Hu- Dark Tiger

3. Almanac, or Tongshu is a book used to guide everyday life in ancient times. Still used for finding the most auspicious wedding date, moving house, new jobs, etc. and each person is different. Old Chinese Almanac

4. Clash day – phrase; it isn’t your day

5. See blood – a saying that one will meet with a mishap that’s related to blood. Modern day example; you cut your finger chopping vegetables