Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 54

“Yeah, this situation is not right ah.”

“There’s something weird about this.”

“How did Du Shaofu became so strong? According to rumors, An Hu has already stepped into the Xiantan realm, could it be that Du Shaofu also…”

Even the Du Clan members found it strange before the thought hit them, their expressions were full of amazement and shock. To defeat An Hu with two moves was not something a general Xiantian warrior could do. 

Entering into the study, Du Zhenwu sat down, with Du Shaofu following behind him. Pointing to a seat beside him, Du Zhenwu said, “Shaofu, about what happened yesterday, I want to know your view on the matter.”

“That young man called An Hu scolded me, I beat him up, that’s it.” Du Shaofu answered. In front of his Eldest Uncle, Du Shaofu was more polite.

“That An Hu is nothing, beating him up is not an issue. Our Du Clan does not fear the An Family, we don’t bully others, but we won’t allow others to bully us and ate a loss, right?” Du Zhenwu looked at Du Shaofu. He felt that he haven't really understood his nephew for the past ten years.

“Yes, what Eldest Uncle said is correct. I would not let others bully me anymore.”  Du Shaofu laughed and said.

“Good, there are no outsiders here, talk to me about yesterday.” Du Zhenwu scowled at Du Shaofu, and his mood turned serious.

“Truthfully, I’m not really sure what happened. But I find it strange, the other day it was the Ye Family that came, today it was the An Family.” Du Shaofu hesitated for a moment before saying to Du Zhenwu.

Surprised was evident in Du Zhenwu’s eyes, he looked at Du Shaofu and said, “Elaborate, what’s strange and not right...”

“The Ye Family was too enthusiastic, that Ye Zhijin girl, although she’s still young her temperament has always been cold and proud. With me however, she’s overly passionate. Whereby the An Family was too fake, they supposedly came to make trouble, despite all of that, all they did was yell one or twice and left just like that. Moreover, that An Long is not simple, others may not realize it, but that An Long must have already known that coming here to make trouble would make the An Family lose face, yet they still chose to come. In truth, they just came to perform a good show." 

Du Shaofu paused, something rippled past his eyes as he looked at Du Zhenwu, “There must be a ghost when things out of the ordinary happen.”

Listening to Du Shaofu’s word, Du Zhenwu eyes flickered, and felt surprised, he continued to ask, “Good kid, it seems that I have really underestimated you. Now, tell me honestly, why did you hit An Hu yesterday, just because he scolded you?”  

“Hei Hei,”

 Du Shaofu smirked, “Ye Family’s young miss is so nice to me, I shouldn’t let her down, might as well make it bigger.”

“Despite her young age, there’s more to that girl than what she shows on the surface.”

Du Zhenwu lightly said, then looked at Du Shaofu, “This matter is really is not so simple. Stone City’s weather is about to change after a very long time. The Ye Family was the first one to make a move, can you think of the reason why?”

“I’m a little curious.” Du Shaofu said. There was doubt, and curiosity, however, curiosity won.

Du Zhenwu raised another question, “Stone City's location is so close to the Wild Beast Mountains with various wicked beasts living in there, including Beast King level. Has it ever crossed your mind why these wicked beasts had never forcefully invaded or entered Stone City? Did you know why?”

The last two beast tides damaged many parts of the forest, yet not one of the wicked beast entered Stone City.

“Because Stone City has a Wicked Beast Guardian.” Du Zhenwu explained. His expression changed the moment he started talking about it.

“A Wicked Beast Guardian?” Du Shaofu was shocked.

“All these years, the Beast Kings from the Wild Beast Mountains have never stepped into City. Furthermore, there are other forces apart from Stone City but they did not dare to recklessly take advantage of Stone City and its all due to our Stone City's Beast Guardian, an old Beast Hou level Guardian – the Demonic Lightning Lion.         

Mentioning the Demonic Lightning Lion Guardian Beast, a longing waved across Du Zhenwu’s eyes. A Beast Hou is equivalent to a human warrior with a Hou cultivation, to him, that level was still far out of his reach.

“Beast Hou level!”

Even Du Shaofu’s eyes lit up. A Beast Hou is higher than a Mai-Ling level wicked beast, stronger than the Demonic Scale Tiger. He didn't know that there was such a terrifying existence residing in Stone City.

“According to rumors, some hundred years ago, the Ye Family ancestor coincidentally saved the Demonic Lightning Lion. From that time onwards, the Demonic Lightning Lion had stayed within the Ye Family and thus remained in Stone City deterring wicked beasts from the Wild Beast Mountains. This is one of the reasons the Ye Family held the Mayor’s position for several generations.” Du Zhenwu said.

“So, that’s the reason.” Du Shaofu understood a little, with such an existence behind Ye Family how could the other families compete.

Du Zhenwu sighed and said, “Unfortunately, the Demonic Lightning Lion is getting old in age, and its cultivation hasn’t advanced in so many years. Its nearing the end of its lifespan. From what I know, it has an old injury that did not fully heal, it was one of the reasons that it stayed in the Ye Family for so many years. Injury on top of old age, its health deteriorated a little every day. A rumor spread, saying that it would die soon.”

“There'll be a day when a beast lifespan would end.”

Du Shaofu sighed inside his heart, even a beast Hou would one day exhaust its lifespan. Comparing a Hou warrior and a Hou beast, the latter, without a doubt has a longer life. One needs to break the nature’s shackles by continuously advancing to a higher level of cultivation. However, everyone knows that the higher the realm the harder it is to break through.

“A beast Hou like the Demonic Lightning Lion, its arcane bone would be a treasure, its blood essence would also be a treasure. Once it breathed its last breath, Stone City would certainly fall into chaos, all these years, they didn't know how many eyes were secretly watching the Ye Family.” Du Zhenwu’s voice quivered slightly. A beast Hou’s arcane bone and blood essence was enough to cause a bloodbath in Stone City, fighting to possess both of these treasures. From many years ago, these families had already started planning and preparing, waiting to reap the benefits with the death of the Demonic Lightning Lion.

“As soon as the Demonic Lightning Lion dies, it would be difficult for the Ye Family to control the situation. An Family, Bai Family, and the Qin Family would certainly not let this opportunity go.” Although Du Shaofu understood, he was still stunned, nevertheless. When he was in the Wild Beast Mountains, all the big prominent sect – Sky Serpent Sect, Blacknether Sect, and the Mystical Talisman House experts had gone all out to snatch the same thing in the aftermath of the Golden-winged Garuda and Demonic Purpleflame Phoenix's battle. The same thing would happen in Stone City with the Guardian Beast's death, just for this word - "benefits".

“That’s right. the Ye Family already realized this fact but are helpless. Thus, they are probing which family had the intention to contend.” Du Zhenwu added.

Du Shaofu frowned, “I understand, no wonder the Ye Family is so overly warm to me, seeking an ally with our Du Clan, and then draw out those with ill-intent using our manpower when the time comes. Looks like, the Ye Family had everything arranged.”

Du Zhenwu looked at Du Shaofu, once again surprised, “Right, the Ye Family had already made arrangements. The last time Ye Baolin came, he had already sent the word that he desires to ally with our Du Clan. When dividing the benefits, they will not forget about the Du Clan.”

“Uncle agreed?” Du Shaofu looked up and asked.

“Can we not agree?” The corner of Du Zhenwu’s lips curved into a bitter smile.

“Ye Family’s really got some means.”

Du Shaofu understood that Du Clan couldn’t refuse the Mayor’s request, refusing meant that the Du Clan planned to go against them. But, the way the Du Clan and the Ye Family came together, it surely made the other three families wary against the Du Clan.

“One month later is the Five Families Junior Competition, things may happen at that time, and I ’m afraid that it would already be too late for Du Clan to remain neutral in this storm.” Du Zhenwu muttered, a worried expression was painted on his face.

“Eldest Uncle, what has this got to do with the Five Families Junior Competition?” Du Shaofu didn’t quite get it.

“Stone City had been in the Ye Family's jurisdiction for a long time with five generations of Mayors, but the forces outside of Stone City had eyed the city for a long time, waiting to take over, and the Ye's would be unable to defend against them on their own. Even with the Demonic Lightning Lion’s existence, complaints would always exist.”   

Du Zhenwu explained, “This is the reason why the Ye Family suggested that the prominent families’ junior competition would be held once every three years many years ago. The strongest would be eligible to practice in the Lightning Pool. Back then, only the four families participated in the event, before our Du Clan joined around a dozen years or so.”

Du Shaofu was very clear about this matter, the Du Clan has been in Stone City for as long as he can remember, but it only rose to power in the last decade.

However, Du Shaofu had never heard of the Lightning Pool, so he asked, “What is the Lightning Pool?”

Du Zhenwu explained, “The Lightning Pool belongs to the Ye Family, and it would only opened once every few years. The Lightning Pool contains a small amount of the Demonic Lightning Lion’s blood essence within, thus practicing in the Lightning Pool would bring great benefits. The lightning current in the pool would temper the body and is hugely beneficial for future cultivation. In the recent year’s competition, most of the winners were from the Ye Family juniors. Thus, the Ye Family’s strength had always been stronger than other families in Stone City. It’s a pity that our Du Clan is only a new power, none of our juniors has ever won and enter the Lightning Pool.”

When Du Shaofu heard this, his interest was stoked. Using lighting to temper his body, coupled with the Golden-winged Garuda’s physique refining law, Du Shaofu wondered if the benefits can be enhanced, perhaps it would bring other benefits as well. After all, the Demonic Lightning Lion is a beast Hou.


Ate loss – taken advantage of.