Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 55

Du Zhenwu paused before continuing, “There are two reasons why the Ye family opened the lightning pool, on one hand, they shared the benefits brought by the Demonic Lightning Lion to quell the other families dissatisfaction. At the same time, it also acts as a deterrent. Du Clan rose to where we are today in the last decade, and in these years, the Du Clan juniors had won compared to the other families, and this indirectly added another deterrent factor. One month later, during the juniors’ competition, you must think of a way to enter the Lightning Pool.”                                                                                 

“My injury has yet to heal, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to fulfill Eldest Uncle’s expectation.” Du Shaofu said.    

“Don’t pretend, you’re craftier than your Dad. I really don’t know how Third Brother has such a mischievous son like you. You think I didn’t know that Imperial Knight, Du Hao’s cousin brother lost face after you injured him; he ran away from our compound in the middle of the night. You truly think that I couldn’t tell?” Du Zhenwu snapped at Du Shaofu, the difference between his stubborn Third Brother and this sly nephew was just too great.

“Hey Hey,” Du Shaofu snickered. Looks like Eldest Uncle already knew everything, since were family, there's no more need to pretend.

“Behave, I know what you’re aiming for.”

Du Zhenwu rolled his eyes at Du Shaofu, saying, “The Clan Elders are not stupid. I've already discussed it with them, as long as you participate in the Five Families Junior Competition and take the first place, the clan will reward you the ‘Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture’ for your cultivation.

“That’s all?”

Du Shaofu’s eyes dimmed a little. If it were before, he would be overjoyed getting the Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture, but now that he cultivated the Golden-winged Garuda exercise law, he no longer had any desire for the said reward.

“What else do you want? You already took the Violent Stone Demon Wolf's blood essence and the two base-building dans from Du Hao and your two cousin brothers, is that still not enough?” Du Zhenwu rolled his eyes again.

“Okay, I will try my best.”

Du Shaofu nodded his head helplessly in agreement, looks like he won’t be able to squeeze out some other benefits. Although he had no interest in the Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture, the Lightning Pool however, was another matter, he wanted to have a look. Perhaps, it would be of help to him in strengthening his body.

“This elixirs and materials were things that a Spirit Talisman Master can use, you’re the one who wanted it?”

From the inner part of the study, Du Zhenwu took out a big wooden box and opened it. Inside, were things generally required by a Spirit Talisman Master that amounted to quite a large sum of xuanbi, Du Zhenwu was skeptical, his gaze was fixed on Du Shaofu and asked, “Du Ping sent this over, you bought all of these materials?”

“Yes, I want to try if I can be a Spirit Talisman Master.” Du Shaofu nodded. He had already expected that purchasing the list of items from the Du Clan’s store would certainly be known by the clan, but he didn’t mind it.

“You want to be a Spirit Talisman Master?” Surprise flitted across Du Zhenwu’s face as his gaze was kept on Du Shaofu. In the past, he had invited someone to test Du Shaofu’s spiritual root. Regrettably, the result determined that Du Shaofu did not have the potential to be a Spirit Talisman Master.

“I just want to give it a try, whether I can or not.” Du Shaofu said.

Du Zhenwu looked at Du Shaofu for a very long time before his expression returned to normal, “Our store invited a Spirit Talisman Master Alchemist, although he is only a Two Star Spirit Talisman Master, if you really want to try, I can go and talk to him. He can give you a little guidance, self-exploration and burying your head in books won’t bring you much success.”

“Many thanks Eldest Uncle, it’s not necessary for now, I want to explore it myself.”

Du Shaofu knew there was a Two Star Spirit Talisman Master in the Du Clan stores, he was also one of the many Spirit Talisman Master who treated him when he was sick. Although only a Two Star Spirit Talisman Master, it was already equivalent to a Xiantian level warrior, and due to their unique status, even Eldest Uncle needed to be courteous in front of him, occupying a high position in the Du Clan's business.

However, according to Zhen Qingchun's argument, a Five Star Spirit Talisman Master is just fart before him, what more a Two Star Spirit Master. Thus, Du Shaofu decided to wait and see if Zhen Qingchun really tricked him.

“Okay, since you have already decided;  the competition is not far away, as long as you don’t overlook this matter, it will be fine. This round, Du Hao and the rest of them would probably not achieve a good result. Three years ago, your sister and brother missed it, and now that both of them are not in Stone City anymore. This time, it solely depends on you.”

Du Zhenwu said earnestly, not lingering on the Spirit Talisman Master topic anymore. What used to be a waste martial veins could cultivate now, maybe a miracle would happen.

If a Spirit Talisman Master really appeared in the Du Clan, it would certainly bring them benefits and increase their Clan’s reputation. That’s why there were some things that didn't need to be questioned much, everyone has their own secrets, Third Brother’s son having some secrets was just normal.

“I will do my utmost.” Du Shaofu felt grateful, he knew that his Eldest Uncle was just concerned about him. The brother and sister that Du Zhenwu mentioned referred to his daughter and Second Uncle’s son. Both of them had already ventured out of Stone City to train since young, and Du Shaofu hadn’t seen them for a long time now. He remembered when he was still small, sister and brother had always protected him.

Du Shaofu chatted with his Eldest Uncle for a while before he left the study carrying the wooden box.

When Du Shaofu reached the door, Du Zhenwu called out, saying, “Shaofu, in this years' competition, many extraordinary juniors came out from the other families, quite a few of them have already stepped into Xiantian territory. Could you tell me what your current strength is, so that I know what to expect.”

Du Shaofu looked back with a faint smile on his face, and answered, “The Lightning Pool, I’m entering.”

Leaving that sentence, Du Shaofu quickly left the study. The Lightning Pool could temper the physique, this kind of opportunity must not be missed.

“This kid, what level did he reach, I couldn't even see it clearly. What domineering words!” Du Zhenwu sighed, when Du Shaofu was in the study, he had tried to probe Du Shaofu’s cultivation, but the strange thing was that he was unable to determine exactly…

“Dad, you’re back.”

Du Shaofu returned to his courtyard carrying the wooden box in his arms, he was delighted when he saw his unkempt drunkard father sitting in the yard, holding his wine jug.

“En,” Du Tingxuan replied. Dazed, unmoving, staring at the sky.

“I’ll put it here. I’m going out for a bit, and don’t drink so much.”

Du Shaofu placed a few set of his newly bought clothes and a new wine jug next to the chair, he turned to look at his father’s face that was almost covered by his messy hair for a second, he then left the courtyard.

A long time after Du Shaofu had left, Du Tingxuan moved, he carried the clothes and new wine jug in his arms as he sat in the yard, an unnoticeable fluctuation flashed across his dull eyes.

“Rumble~! Rumble~!”

From the Du Clan's back mountain, a rumbling sound resounded throughout the mountain. Once again, Du Shaofu immersed himself in tempering his body.

When the sun rose, Du Shaofu stopped and sat down to adjust his breathing. The Demonic Scale Tiger kept watch, unable to take its eyes off of Du Shaofu.


Night, the moon hung high in the sky.

“Long’er, what do you think of Du Clan’s Du Shaofu?” Standing in front of a courtyard, An Qingsong looked at his eldest son and asked this question.

An Long tilted his head up, looking at the moon that was hovering in the sky, his hands was clasped behind his back, his robe fluttering in the wind, An Long said, “Dad, you already have an opinion, why are you still asking me.”

An Qingsong gave a faint smile, “That Du Shaofu, although young but there’s much more to him. An Hu’s loss was justified.”

“Indeed, he's absolutely not simple, his strength is hard to determine. The Bai and Qin Family are also making their preparations. It seems like in this one month, I should go into closed-door cultivation, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to fully grasp the victory ah.”

An Long nodded, smiled and said, “but before that, we need to tempt the Bai Family, and Qin Family to join in the excitement. We couldn't let the others to only focus on our An Family.”

“Meeting a tough opponent will help your cultivation, this is a good thing.”

An Qingsong looked towards the Ye Family’s direction, a sharp light flitted across his pupils and said, “If we can get that huge treasure, our future would most likely be secured. For An Family, for all of you, I will do my utmost.”