Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 56

Morning arrived, a few drops of dew moistening the thick long lashes. Forest fragrance filled the mountains, dark teal peaks stretched out, disappearing into the horizon.


Du Shaofu breathed out deeply from his chest and opened his eyes. Du Shaofu raised his arms up stretching lazily, crackling sounds was heard from his body as if there was an infinite amount of energy ready to burst out.

"I wonder how long it would take for the first stage Refining Golden Plumage to reach the major completion.” At the end of every session of physical self-torture, the result was very much to his satisfaction.

“Miracle ah, you kid is basically a wonder, how could you practice the Golden-winged Garuda Clan’s exercise law? Incredible, incredible.” Zhen Qingchun’s voice rang out. The little tower floated out from Du Shaofu’s bosom with energy fluctuating around it. A wretched-looking face appeared in front of Du Shaofu, looking like he discovered a new continent, staring at Du Shaofu in disbelief.

“Didn’t you say that you needed to heal yourself for three days?” Du Shaofu looked at Zhen Qingchun, surprised.

“The xuanqi from your body was purer than what I had expected, thus shortening the time that I needed to heal.”

Zhen Qingchun was still staring at Du Shaofu, trying to see if he could see through Du Shaofu, “Your body contains many secrets, however, if the Golden-winged Garuda Clan knows that you, a human, is practicing their exercise law, a calamity would certainly befall upon you.”

Du Shaofu rolled his eyes at Zhen Qingchun and said, “You’d better think about yourself, if you can’t assist me in becoming a Spirit Talisman Master, your future days would be filled with more than just a virgin boy's urine.”

“Brat, you better treat me politely, you still need my assistance.”

Zhen Qingchun glanced at Du Shaofu from the corner of his eyes, his venerable attitude was a mismatch with his childish appearance.

“Don’t forget, you still need my assistance.” Du Shaofu retorted nonchalantly.


Zhen Qingchun choked with anger; rolling his eyes at Du Shaofu and bitterly said, “Starting from now, I'll teach you how to become a Spirit Talisman Master, but whether you succeed or not depends on your fate.”

“Whatever, if I fail you’ll suffer too.” Du Shaofu replied casually, he won’t give Zhen Qingchun the opportunity to lead him by the nose.


Zhen Qingchun wanted to reign his anger and frustration down on a certain someone, but he had no way to deal with this brat at the moment, giving Du Shaofu a fierce glare he snapped, “The things that I told you to prepare, do you have it?”

“I had it ready, do you want it now?” Du Shaofu nodded.

"Not now, the things that I requested would be used to enhance your spiritual root, but before that, I need to confirm if you really have the potential to be a Spirit Talisman Master.” Zhen Qingchun explained.

“How to confirm?” Hearing this, Du Shaofu felt a little nervous.

“To become a Spirit Talisman Master, the prerequisite requirement is a strong spiritual force and spiritual root, both are essential. Your spiritual root is poor, but your advantage is your strong spiritual force.”

A complacent look appeared on Zhen Qingchun’s translucent face. Full of pride, he looked at Du Shaofu and said, “To determine this, the first thing that we should do is to check if you can condense a Spirit Talisman Cauldron.” 

"What is a Spirit Talisman Cauldron?” Du Shaofu’s gaze turned serious as he looked at Zhen Qingchun.

“Man comes from Parents essence, the mind stainless and concise, the Qi linked in an infinite loop, pure as if refined, first births' three constituent, later births the kidneys. When all are complete, then comes the eyes. Third, the completion of the five viscera and bowels, grows the bones that support the four limbs, and thus life is born. Life consists of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Five elements Qi aligned with the five organs – the lungs with gold, liver with wood, the kidneys - water, fire the heart, and spleen with earth. Gold births water, water (kidney) represent the Houtian realm; gold (lung) represents the Xiantian realm. Wood encourages fire, fire (heart) represents the soul of Houtian, thus wood (liver) represent Xiantian’s spirit. With the heart as a furnace and heat the liver, and water as cauldron, condense your Spirit Talisman Cauldron.”

[tn: in short; to condense a Spirit Talisman Cauldron, he needs to concentrate fully, channeling the various elemental energies of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth represented by different organ of his body.]


Zhen Qingchun looked at Du Shaofu, “The Spirit Talisman Cauldron is everything to a Spirit Talisman Master and it is the first step. Open your eyes and observe carefully, I will let you experience what a real Spirit Talisman Cauldron is.”

Subsequently, Zhen Qingchun’s illusionary hands formed mysterious seals, and it kept changing as xuanqi surged and streams of runes swirled around Zhen Qingchun.

Du Shaofu's gaze was fixed unblinkingly on Zhen Qingchun, every time Zhen Qingchun turned serious, he looked less like a swindler in Du Shaofu’s opinion. Even if a swindler could disguise perfectly, they still lack a certain charm.


As Zhen Qingchun formed the last seal, his body shook a little, a vague cauldron materialized, floating in midair. On the cauldron's surface were clear, five different colors of energy − white, green, black, red and yellow. Runes swam around the cauldron it as if it could transform into anything, a derivation of all living things. The cauldron's appearance brought a scorching heat in the air and a terrifying atmosphere swept out from the cauldron.


Under the scorching heat assault, Du Shaofu staggered back. Under the heavy oppressive aura, Du Shaofu almost couldn’t stop himself from prostrating as his blood seemed to freeze.

Du Shaofu resisted and stood up straight, focusing on the cauldron - a cauldron was condensed out of runes, hot flames jumping around, profound and mysterious.


Zhen Qingchun retrieved his Spirit Talisman Cauldron, puzzled. He initially wanted to show off in front of this brat to humble him a little, but he hadn’t expected that even under the scorching heat and oppressive aura, this brat could still stand up straight. Despite being a spirit body, and his current strength not even one over ten thousand of his peak, the power he exuded earlier was enough to force a Mai-dong warrior to kneel down.

Is this the benefit of practicing the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law? This brat is basically a Garuda in human form, Zhen Qingchun sighed, this talent is indeed rare.

‘The thing you condensed just now is the Spirit Talisman Cauldron?”

Du Shaofu came over after Zhen Qingchun had retrieved his cauldron, amazement was apparent in Du Shaofu’s eyes.

“That’s right, what I condensed earlier is the Spirit Talisman Cauldron. The fact is, with my current condition, I can only maintain it for a short while.”

Zhen Qingchun turned to Du Shaofu full of pride and said, “You have seen the Spirit Talisman Cauldron just now, a person’s body contains the energy of the five elements – gold, wood, water, fire, earth, aligning with five internal organs. Lung with gold, the liver wood, kidney as water, the heart is fire, and the spleen conforms with the earth element. Gold births water, and water represent the Houtian realm, and liver represents a Xiantian’s qi. The heart as the furnace, as the fire whereby the kidney is the cauldron and water to condense a Spirit Talisman Cauldron. Go and comprehend yourself, if you can condense it, it means that you have the potential to become a Spirit Talisman Master; although you have talent, and a strong spiritual force, but it all depends on how much you can grasp.”

“Okay, I will give it a try.”

Du Shaofu nodded. Zhen Qingchun’s every move didn’t escape Du Shaofu, while he was looking at Zhen Qingchun’s movement, he felt that something was coming to him. Closing his eyes, he stood there and started to comprehend.

“Hmph, take your time, even with a high talent, it would at least take you a month to obtain success. No rush, take all the time that you need.” Zhen Qingchun said lightly, a trace of complacentness flashed across his wretched eyes. He believed that this brat would kneel down and beg him sooner or later. With his own highly praised talent and careful tutelage, it still took him exactly one month before he succeeded in condensing a Spirit Talisman Cauldron. How could this brat exceed him!




Diagram of the five elements