Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 58

“Then what about Array Masters?” Du Shaofu asked.


A loud snort came from Zhen Qingchun’s throat, one of his eyebrow rose to his forehead saying, “As for Array Masters, it is essential to possess the energy of the five elements and runes; to layout runic talisman arrays the five elements – metal, wood, water, fire, and earth are vital.”

“No wonder there are so little Array Masters, it’s because the energy of the five elements must be present.”

Du Shaofu looked like he finally gained some understanding, then his expression changed as if he realized something shocking, turned and asked Zhen Qingchun, “This means that an Alchemist and a Refiner is limited by the elements, but an Array Master possess five different energies and could become a Refiner and an Alchemist at the same time?”

“According to theory it is plausible, however, your train of thought is too simple.”

Zhen Qingchun gave Du Shaofu a side glance, sighed and said, “Biting more than one can chew, it doesn’t matter whether it is alchemy, refining or array, each one of them is deep and profound. So many predecessors and experts exhausted their entire life span yet they were still unable to claim that they have fully mastered any of these branches. Who in this world can say that they have the talent to practice and master everything.”

“What about you, I remember your Spirit Talisman Cauldron also has the five elements?” Du Shaofu asked.

“My main focus is arrays with alchemy as supplement, thus, I lack the energy to delve into refining as well. These two already took all of my time and focus.” To practice all three aspects was something that even he could only daydream about on occasion. Only a meager number of Spirit Talisman Master has a five elements cauldron, and he’d never heard of anyone that excelled in all three.

Du Shaofu understood what Zhen Qingchun was trying to say. Both warriors and Spirit Talisman Master has limited time and energy, it was already an arduous task to cultivate or master one branch that was as wide and profound as the others.

“Right, what should I focus on? Can I become a Spirit Talisman Master now?”

“Also, you haven’t answered me, how long did it take you to condense a Spirit Talisman Cauldron? How much shorter than my time? Is my talent for this extremely poor?”

“Zhen Qingchun, why is your face looking so bad…. Your expression doesn’t look too good ah…”

Du Shaofu continued to assault Zhen Qingchun with a flurry of questions, in the end, Zhen Qingchun could barely restrain himself anymore, throwing Du Shaofu a murderous look before he escaped into the little tower without hesitation. This freakish kid was purposely doing this to shatter his pride, Zhen Qingchun thought.

“Zhen Qingchun, did I passed or not? At the very least, tell me if my talent is sufficient or not ah? Even if it isn’t comparable to yours, you don’t need to ignore me, how can you look down on others like this?”

“Kid, go adjust your condition first, after that, continue practicing to condense your Spirit Talisman Cauldron, when I think that you are skilled enough I will tell you. I am teaching you the ‘Great Origin Soul Mantra’ to train your soul force.”

From inside the little tower, Zhen Qingchun’s voice rang out, “The Qi of Origin comes from nothingness, mortals fazed by Heaven’s Retribution; The Universe divided into Yin and Yang, and the five elements births life. When Qi is formed, one’s talent comes from vitality as the spirit of every being…” after reciting the mantra, Zhen Qingchun was too lazy to bother with Du Shao anymore.

Five days later, in a quiet valley behind the Du compound, Zhen Qingchun’s vague silhouette was busy throwing some herbs into his Spirit Talisman Cauldron, he was busy flicking out seals one after another.


The heat emitted out from the cauldron caused the surrounding temperature to rise quickly, and the herbs were instantly swallowed by flames turning into drops of liquid.

Du Shaofu's eyes followed Zhen Qingchun’s every move, Du Shaofu’s eyes flickered with every change of Zhen Qingchun’s hand; his heart shook a little as he observed Zhen Qingchun. Although he had never interacted with any Spirit Talisman Master before, somehow, he felt that Zhen Qingchun was definitely a cut above the others.

Zhen Qingchun’s eyes focused intently on the Spirit Talisman Cauldron’s flames and the changes to the liquids to further refine the impurities with ease.

A full half an hour later, his already vague silhouette blurred even further. Clearly, exhaustion took a toll him, and in the cauldron, there was a palm-sized concentrated spirit liquid.

The cauldron vanished, and a sphere of liquid floated within Zhen Qingchun’s palm. 

Sharp light glimmered in Du Shaofu’s eyes as he stared at the liquid held before him, he felt an immense energy fluctuation coming from it. If he could use it to train his physique, he could definitely achieve an unbelievable result.

“Do I need to swallow it and cultivate?” Du Shaofu was full of expectation.

“If you want to die then swallow it. I refined this spirit liquid to enhance your spiritual root; the energy it contained is enough to blow off your Shenque.”

Zhen Qingchun rolled his eyes at Du Shaofu. His finger flicked and the liquid was dropped into a natural pool in the valley, and the clear water turned into a greenish white.


When the sphere of liquid fell into the pool, its calm water rippled violently across the surface. 

“Strip all of your clothes off and go in, let your body absorb the benefits. After a decade or so, your spiritual root would be good enough.”

When Du Shaofu heard this, his face turned ugly in an instant, protesting, “A decade or so, that is far too long, can’t you make it faster?”

“What do you think this is?! How many people in this world knows how to enhance the spiritual root, how dare you complain it being slow!”

Zhen Qingchun shot Du Shaofu a fierce glare, then rolled his eyes, “Each time, the spirit liquid could only be used once, and you need to soak once every three months, so prepare a little more of the same list.”

“Once every three months, damn…”

Du Shaofu froze, and his expression was a little twisted.

“Feel expensive? I already knew that you are poor, the list I gave is already the cheapest substitute, the materials that I’m scarcely satisfied with is enough to impoverish a Maidong warrior.” Zhen Qingchun added a little gleefully.

Making Du Shaofu’s expression grew increasingly gloomy; the expensive materials that he bought could only refine the lowest quality spirit liquid, in the end, he could only accept the fact that he is poor.

According to Zhen Qingchun’s instruction, he stripped off bare naked and jumped into the water.

“Run the Great Origin Soul Mantra, absorb all the spirit liquid into your body,” once again, Zhen Qingchun’s voice was transmitted into Du Shaofu’s ears.

Submerged into the water as he sat cross-legged, Du Shaofu began to go through different patterns, giving him a mysterious feeling as he repeated the mantra that Zhen Qingchun taught. Violent ripples stopped as if they found a destination swirling towards Du Shaofu.

“This brat is absolutely a freak.”

On the side of the waters, Zhen Qingchun watched Du Shaofu, feeling an impulse to throw a big stone and knocked out Du Shaofu. In a single day’s time, he successfully condensed a Spirit Talisman Cauldron, a five-colored one at that, and in these five days’, he had actually fully grasped the Great Origin Soul Mantra, that took me one year and five months to learn ah, and this brat only used five days to do it. After that, he still dared to ask if his talent was insufficient because he thought that it took him so long, basically forcing him (ZQC) to die by knocking his head against a block of tofu.


Suddenly, the waters surged towards Du Shaofu as he ran the soul force cultivation technique.