Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 59

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Enjoy Chapter 59.


Submerged in the swirling pool of energy, Du Shaofu sat still as his fingers began to form a chain of seals. The spirit liquid slowly penetrated into his flesh through the tiny pores, his body was absorbing it greedily, traveling along his veins and meridians, filling his entire body.


Under the spirit liquid’s stimulation, Du Shaofu felt as if something wanted to jump out from inside of him, causing him to wail because of the agonizing pain; he was unable to hold it in. It was akin to a dormant beast that was suddenly awakened and wanted to break free.


And at this time, a strange muted light burst out from Du Shaofu’s Shenque, connecting every meridians, his bloodline circulated inside his body then went back to the starting point at his Shenque. A terrifying atmosphere swept out, and a net made out of the same strange muted light wrapped Du Shaofu inside of it.


Up above the valley, the terrifying atmosphere that came from the light net caused it to quiver, involuntarily kneeling down in surrender.

“Heavens, this is…”

Floating above the pool, Zhen Qingchun’s expression changed upon seeing the light that enveloped Du Shaofu. He was slightly dazed, before exclaiming, “Martial Pulse Spiritsignet, that is a Spiritsignet!”

All of Zhen Qingchun’s focus was on the light around Du Shaofu, looking as if he found something unbelievable that he was shocked speechless, “Spiritual root, this kid’s spiritual root was sealed, it was not low grade. What a clever means of sealing!”

Soon, when all the spirit liquid was absorbed, the pool returned to its previous calmness, and the mysterious light that shrouded Du Shaofu had also disappeared. Du Shaofu was found unconscious, floating in the water.

When he woke up at the edge of the water on a flat rock, he was already fully dressed, the Demonic Scale Tiger and Zhen Qinchun’s face was reflected in his pupils as soon as he opened his eyes.

“What happened just now?”

Du Shaofu asked, he only remembered feeling like something wanted to jump out from his body before losing consciousness.

Zhen Qingchun stared at Du Shaofu, his voice low, “I’ve made a mistake; I have checked your body just now, Brat! your spiritual root was sealed!”

“What do you mean?”

Du Shaofu tried to sit up, feeling dizzy in the head, Du Shaofu hit his head a couple of times before he felt slightly better.

“Simple. You actually have an excellent spiritual root that even I, find it hard to believe. However, you must have pissed someone so badly for them to hate you this much. From the moment you were born, your spiritual root was sealed, and the person who did it was definitely stronger than me even at my peak strength.” Zhen Qingchun was not able to understand the entire seal with just a single look, and he also could not understand why did such a powerful expert wanted to seal an infant’s spiritual root.

“Someone sealed my spiritual root?” Du Shaofu’s face was a little ugly when he heard this, he stared straight at Zhen Qingchun, “Is what you said, true?”

“Do I need to lie to you?” Zhen Qingchun rolled his eyes.

“Who was it that hated me so much?” Anger burned in Du Shaofu’s eyes. He was a broken vein martial waste, and his spiritual root was also sealed; this only proved that the person wanted him to spend his whole life in mediocrity; cannot cultivate and has no spiritual root. What an insidious person!

Zhen Qingchun paused for a moment  before he added, “When I was checking your body, I truly find it full of secrets. You freak of a kid actually had the Golden-winged Garuda’s arcane bone connected to your own ribs, no wonder you can cultivate their technique. But, other than the Golden-winged Garuda’s breath, I also discovered there is another breath in your body that is just as strong. A pity, that I couldn’t determine it in my current condition.”

Zhen Qingchun stopped; when Du Shaofu fainted, he had seized the chance to check his (DSF) body, and the result, Zhen Qingchun was still shocked from his discovery. Zhen Qingchun continued, “Also, you should’ve been a martial waste, but I’m not sure how you miraculously healed, it was like something had changed inside your body that made the seal inside your spiritual root loosen. It was probably due to the Golden-winged Garuda, and the other existence in your body, because you spiritual root had traces of them.”

“Then, is my spiritual root unsealed?” Du Shaofu looked at Zhen Qingchun and asked.

“No,” shaking his head, he added, “But, I have two good news for you.”

“What good news?”

“The first good news is, from your martial pulse and your sealed spiritual root, I can guarantee that you’re no ordinary person, there’s no way an ordinary person has such a spiritual root and martial pulse.”

Zhen Qingchun looked at Du Shaofu, his eyes narrowed to a slit, “Due to the changes inside your body, coupled the spirit liquid’s effect the seal has loosened slightly.”

“What are you trying to say?” Du Shaofu was puzzled.   

“In other words, you can become a Spirit Talisman Master. Your spiritual root and spirit force are good enough, a bright future in runes and talismans awaits you. However, you would come across barriers due to that seal on your spiritual root; if I could regain my strength, there is half a chance that I would be able to break it, I’m too weak in this state.” Zhen Qingchun added.   

Du Shaofu got up, on his resolute face, emotion rippled silently.

Zhen Qingchun asked, “What are your plans?”

Du Shaofu raised his head, saying, “I want to know who is the person who had such hatred in me, I would also help you recover faster?”

“Didn’t you say that I am a swindler, guarding against my every move; if I recover, aren’t you afraid that I would harm you?” Zhen Qingchun retorted, smiling faintly.

“I already knew that you aren’t a swindler from early on, if you wanted to harm me, you could have done so when I was unconscious just now.”

Du Shaofu calmly met with Zhen Qingchun's eyes and said, “I know that you really wanted to recover as soon as possible and I also need you in peak condition to help me break the seal on my spiritual root.”

In his heart, Zhen Qingchun was truly shocked; generally, people with similar circumstances as Du Shaofu would not be able to calm down after a long time. The first thing that they would do was to look for their elders, but this young man in front of him made his decision in the shortest amount of time without alarming anyone.

Zhen Qingchun brows were scrunched together, Du Shaofu did not look for the Du Clan elders because he knew that they were not aware of the matter. According to Zhen Qingchun’s explanation, the one who sealed his spiritual root was someone very powerful, and the Du Clan may not be strong enough against them. Thus, telling the elders was useless, the only way was to become strong, then, find out who did this to him.

“You worship me as your teacher, follow what we have discussed before,” Zhen Qinghcun said.

“What I said was that we’ll discuss about it after I become a Spirit Talisman Master, I didn’t promise to be your disciple.” Du Shaofu righteously retorted.

Zhen Qinghcun twisted in rage, “You’re trying to shrink from our agreement!”

“I have no intention of shrinking from anything. You just think too much from the very beginning.”

Du Shaofu said seriously. If he really did worship him (ZQC) as Master, then he would need to listen to everything that the wretched looking face would say. Otherwise, he would be accused of disrespecting his Master. Du Shaofu doesn’t want to jump into a pit.

“Boy, you think you know everything after learning the Great Origin Soul Mantra! Let me tell you, from now on, don’t expect me to teach you a single thing more and don’t even hope that I would help you break your spiritual root’s seal.”

Zhen Qinghcun spat the words ferociously. In the past, numerous experts had knelt and begged him to take them as his disciple, but he dismissed them as they were all unqualified, but now he’s being pushed to the side by this kid!