Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 60

Before 12 midnight!!

Enjoy!! And laugh at what happened to Zhen Qingchun!

“You can also stop dreaming about recovering your strenght, I may not become a Spirit Talisman Master, but I can still cultivate. Whereby you, without my help, would be unable to recover to your peak strenght.” Du Shaofu totally wasn’t threatened by Zhen Qingchun.

“We can just go our separate ways.”

Zhen Qingchun also wasn’t someone easily messed with; he had already lived for so long and won’t be led by the nose by some snot-nosed kid, staring at Du Shaofu, he stated: “Today, if you don’t worship me as your Master, don’t even think that I’ll teach you any thing!”

“Don’t be so sure.”

Du Shaofu smiled, looking at Zhen Qingchun in front of him, “We have no fate to be master and disciple, but we could be sworn brothers. Looking at your baby face, you're so young that I look older than you, I would be the Big Brother while you'll be the Little Brother, what do you think?” “Little Brother Zhen Qingchun, don’t return to the little tower, being sworn brothers is also very good ah.”

“If it’s such a big deal, how about on odd days you’re Big Brother, and on even days I’m Big Brother. This arrangement is very good, you won't suffer any losses…”

Three hours later, in a mountain valley behind the Du Clan’s compound, Du Shaofu knelt down respectfully, looked up towards the sky, and said, “Heavens above, and the vast Earth below, today I, Du Shaofu vow at this moment to be Zhen Qingchun’s sworn brother. To be brothers that adore each other; the Big Brother has the responsibility to take care of the Little Brother, cherish Little Brother, and worry for Little Brother, whereby Little Brother would follow after Big Brother depending on the circumstances. For better or for worse, the one who would break this vow would suffer the following, pus grows on the scalp, pimples on the feet, and have hemorrhoids in the middle of the butt.”

“Du Shaofu, what is the meaning of ‘Big Brother has the responsibility to take care of the Little Brother, cherish Little Brother, and worry for Little Brother, whereby Little Brother would only follow after Big Brother depending on the circumstances?”

Zhen Qingchun also knelt down on the ground, gave Du Shaofu a fierce glare; in the past three hours, being bombarded with Du Shaofu’s persuasive reasons, he finally gave in and accepted that they would be sworn brothers. The only thing that he won was, no matter if its odd days or even, he would always be the Big Brother.  

However, at the moment Zhen Qingchun only felt wronged, absolutely wronged. What was his identity? if this was spread out, it wouldn't matter even if he recovered his strength, his old face would be too embarrassed to go out and meet people.

Du Shaofu’s head turned to the side and looked at Zhen Qingchun, chuckled and said, “Brother Qingchun, quickly vow; of course, the elder brother would have to take care of the younger brother, don’t worry, you surely won’t eat a loss.”

Zhen Qingchun was speechless. Helpless, he followed Du Shaofu’s action and kowtowed three times to the sky, and went through his vows till he arrived at ‘pus grows on the scalp, pimples on the feet, and have hemorrhoids in the middle of the butt’ he wanted to drill into a hole.

“Vows are done, from now onwards, we are brothers; and from now onwards I’m envious towards you.”

Du Shaofu stood up, and there was a smile in his eyes, he felt that hi loss would be too much if he worshiped Zhen Qingchun as Master, but if he didn't, Zhen Qingchun would be unwilling, and he was that afraid Zhen Qingchun wouldn’t teach him seriously. However, things are different now, after making such a nasty vow, he was sure that Zhen Qingchun wouldn't pit him.

“Envy me for what?’ Zhen Qingchun stood up, aggrieved and feeling wronged was evident on his transparent face.

“Envy that you’re my sworn Big Brother, envy you, that you have a sworn Little Brother like me, envy ah.”

A long time later, from Zhen Qingchun’s aggrieved face two words came out: “Go die!”

Du Shaofu didn’t mind it, and was smiling as he looked at Zhen Qingchun instead. “Brother Qingchun, we already are sworn brothers, as the Big Brother, you won’t be so stingy as not to give me a meeting gift right; you really don’t have any good weapons or martial skills? I also won't mind elixirs.”

Scowling at Du Shaofu, Zhen Qingchun pretended not to hear, and changed the topic by saying, “Tomorrow, go and buy some things, the things for enhancing your spiritual root is useless to you now, so you need to search for some other elixirs as I want you to progress faster in your martial cultivation. From tomorrow onwards, I would teach you alchemy and arrays so that you can refine some medicines to assist your cultivation. Only when you are strong enough, could you help me find things, just relying on your xuanqi won't help me recover.”


Du Shaofu returned to its usual calmness, he needed to become strong, continuously become strong…

Morning the next day, Du Shaofu once again arrived in the Du Clan store and bought many expensive elixirs and other materials according to the list that Zhen Qingchun gave him, and what he had in the xuanbi card was far from enough. Once again, Du Shaofu’s hand went into his storage bag, enduring the heart ache, he sold off many items before he successfully made his purchase.

The streets of Stone City were bustling with activity even if its just early in the morning.

When Du Shaofu left the store, exiting the marketplace, his path was blocked by a group of young men and women. It seemed like it was premeditated, each one of them were panting, knowing that he was here they all rushed over immediately.

Amongst the group was a twenty-something young man with a bunch of expensive, beautiful and delicate accessories hanging down from his embroidered robe. His features were quite good albeit a little pale in the face, giving the impression of being frail, he was checking Du Shaofu with indifference, asking “You are that Du Clan’s Du Shaofu?”

Du Shaofu titled his head to look at the crowd, and within them were few familiar faces, he had seen them at some point when he was still small. This group of people should be from the Bai Family, Du Shaofu looked at the young man, “Bai Tianming, any matter?”

“Xiaolu, this guy should be that Du Shaofu, we’ve already seen him when we were little.”

The frail looking young man didn’t answer Du Shaofu’s question, instead, he warmly spoke to a young woman around eighteen years old that was next to him.

The young woman was looking at Du Shaofu even before that. She had a pretty face with fine features, her lips pressed together and smiled at Du Shaofu. Then, a low snort sounded, and said, “Big Brother An Long actually said that he’s first amongst our Five Families’ younger generation. Humph, in my opinion, the man that Ye Zhijin is interested in is only so so. Someone that was a fool for ten years, how strong could he be?” The young woman’s voice was sullen and rough to the ear, making people uncomfortable.     

“Xiao Lu, of course Ye Zhijin couldn’t be compared to you, that An Long was just spouting some nonsense.” Bai Tianming kept very close to the young woman.

“Bai Tianming, don’t you insult Big Brother An Long!” The young woman’s expression changed abruptly.

“Xiaolu, didn’t An Long say that this kid is the first amongst the Five Families younger generation, I will prove to you now that An Long was spouting nonsense.” Bai Tianming was startled when he heard the young woman’s angry warning,  then it was as if his frail face was layered with black paint, looking gloomy.

“Humph, you just want to teach this Du Shaofu a lesson!"

The young woman raised her head a little, looking at Du Shaofu, she curled her lips in disdain, and turned to the gloomy Bai Tianming saying, “If you lose to him,  don't ever appear beside me again.”

“I’ll make him kneel down, begging for mercy!”

Bai Tianming’s gaze fell on Du Shaofu as if all of his discontent, and grievance were caused by Du Shaofu. The corner of his lips curved up, a touch of cruelty flashed across his frail, and soft face, “Du Shaofu, everybody said that you are the number one amongst the younger generation, today I would let them know how shallow An Long and Ye Zhijin’s judgment is.