Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 61

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As his words faded, a cold chill surged in Bai Tianming’s pupils; suddenly, his feet stamped the ground, his body blurred into after images like a ghost and appeared before Du Shaofu. The Mid-Xiantian realm atmosphere swept out like a waterfall.

  1. Shaofu’s eyebrow rose, Bai Tianming’s cultivation was higher than An Hu’s, and his position amongst the younger generation wasn’t low.

“There’s something happening over there! It looks like Bai Family’s Bai Tianming and the Qin Family’s Qin Xiaolu,  want to deal with Du Clan’s Du Shaofu.”

“A few days ago, An Family’s An Hu was beaten by Du Shaofu, and they didn’t gain any advantages when they went to the Du Clan. An Long unintentionally spread the news that Du Clan’s Du Shaofu was the person standing at the top of the Five Families younger generation.”

“So, that is Du Clan’s Du Shaofu…”

Following the sudden change of the atmosphere, people around the streets started to notice and gathered around the group of youngsters.

In a quick one breath’s time, Bai Tianming appeared in front of Du Shaofu, on his indifferent gloomy face, a cold sneer could be seen. Xuanqi fluctuated, and a fist was formed, and space crackled as the fist punched towards Du Shaofu.


However, just as Bai Tianming’s fist was inches away from Du Shaofu, his body disappeared without a trace right in front of Bai Tianming’s eyes. In a split second, the crowd felt as if their eyes blurred, and Du Shaofu was already behind Bai Tianming. At the same time, his fist that contained a surge of cutting wind landed severely on Bai Tian Ming’s back.

“Bang! Bang!”

On the spot where the fist landed, the air blasted a total of thirteen times.

“It looks like Du Clan’s Pulsating Fist, but why does it have such a power!”

Amongst the crowd, there were some who had exceptional eyesight that could recognize the martial skill that Du Shaofu used.

In that split second attack, Bai Tianming didn’t have the time to react. By the time he noticed the crowd’s reaction, Du Shaofu’s fist had already landed on his back.


Bai Tianming flew away like a broken kite, followed by the chain of terrifying wind blades attacks, landing a dozen meters away. Blood spurted from his mouth with fear on his face.

“Bai Family’s Bai Tianming is so vulnerable before Du Clan’s Du Shaofu!”

The crowd looked at Bai Tianming that was lying on the floor vomiting blood and stunned with disbelief, Bai Family’s Bai Tianming lost just like this. He was a mid-Xiantian warrior ah, in Stone City he could almost walk sideways.

“Du Shaofu, I want to see how strong is the person chosen by Ye Zhijin!”

When Bai Tianming fell to the ground, not far behind Du Shaofu to the side, a clear cold voice rang out.

In Qin Xiaolu’s hand was a green-colored long sword, one dainty foot tapped lightly on the ground, with surging xuanqi. Qin Xiaolu lunged forward like the wind towards Du Shaofu, the long sword in her hand shone brightly with runes as she displayed a certain sword skill, several sword rays shot towards Du Shaofu at lightning speed.

Apparently, Qin Xiaolu already knew that Bai Tianming wouldn’t be Du Shaofu’s opponent, her action was considered a sneak attack. However, never did she imagined that Bai Tianming would lose in just a single exchange.

“Rain Divider Sword!”

The sword rays shot out as if it could pierce through space, like shooting stars, it enveloped Du Shaofu.

“Another mid-Xiantian ey,”

Du Shaofu frowned, this Qin Family woman was another mid-Xiantian, but with the addition of that sword in her hand, her attack was even more powerful than Bai Tianming. And Bai Tianming was careless when he attacked, otherwise it would be hard to defeat him with just a single move, whereby this Qin Family woman is more treacherous and cruel, using her full strength on the first attack.

Watching the incoming sword rays, xuanqi rippled under Du Shaofu’s feet; leveraging the force, his body slide back promptly, the sword rays barely slashed pass him, the sharp qi made his skin tingle with a sharp pain.


Qing Xiaolu snorted coldly, Du Shaofu’s speed was out of her expectation. Her long sword danced and her foot tapped the ground once again. Her hand waved the sword outwards, the long sword shook, and eleven swords rays slashed at Du Shaofu’s direction.

Expression turning dark, Du Shaofu formed handseals, and a pale golden light burst out from his body. The large energy emitted from Du Shaofu’s body made the crowd flabbergasted.

A handprint struck out from Du Shaofu’s palm like an angry raging waves that slapped on Qin Xiaolu’s sword attack before  the crowd's eyes.


The two collided, and a loud explosion resounded. The sharp sword rays were extinguished in the most domineering way, an irresistible oppression.


A clear sound of something broken echoed in the air, the long green sword in Qin Xiaolu’s hand shattered into pieces.

Everyone was shocked, the sword in Qin Xiaolu’s hands was a unique sword, although it was not a Spirit Weapon but it was infinitely close, but now, it was broken by Du Shaofu’s attack.

After the long sword broke, the Raging Storm Waves Palm continued onto Qin Xiaolu, her body flew off several meters away, and with rapid speed Qin Xiaolu used a movement skill, allowing her to turn and land on her feet, staggering down another dozen of meters before coming to a halt.


With every step back, the ground cracked with ‘kaka ’ sounds, pieces of stone crumbled and sand flew up from the cracks  under her feet.


When she finally stabilized her body, the sword hilt slid off from her hand. The palm that was holding the sword was bleeding, suddenly Qin Xiaolu spewed out a mouthful of blood, making her fair skin look paler.

Du Shaofu looked at Bai Tianming who just got up and Qin Xiaolu and walked in their direction. The young men and women who followed the both of them dared not confront to Du Shaofu; Bai Tianming and Qin Xiaolu was not his opponent, them going against Du Shaofu was practically looking to be abused.

“What do you want to do? You… don’t come over!”

Looking at the approaching Du Shaofu, both Bai Tianming and Qin Xiaolu’s face turned ugly, but both of them were heavily injured, each step they took seemed to be so strenuous.

“Bai Tianming, Qin Xiaolu, both of you must have forgotten to take some medicines before leaving your houses, of course you’ll have to pay some price.”

Du Shaofu kept walking in their direction under the public's eye, his hands searched through their bodies found a storage pouch on each of them. Possessing a storage pouch meant that the both of them have quite a status in their own family.

Watching Du Shaofu take away their storage pouch, Bai Tianming and Qin Xiaolu’s expression turned uglier, however, they were powerless to stop him.

“Du Shaofu, you…!”

Especially Qin Xiaolu, seeing Du Shaofu searching her body and disregarding her gender, it made her bit her lip so hard until it bled.

“The next time you mess with me, I will not be as polite as I am today.”

Looking at Bai Tianming and Qin Xiaolu, Du Shaofu very naturally kept the newly acquitted storage pouch into his sleeves, turned around and left.

“So cool ah,”

“Really too cool, why didn’t I know that the Du Clan had such a young master…”

Amongst the crowd, many young girls looked dazedly at the leaving tall figure.

“Du Clan's Du Shaofu truly lives up to his reputation, Bai Family and Qin Family suffered this time.”

“Looks like this time, in the Five Families Junior Competition Du Clan might be the champion.”

As Du Shaofu walked away, the surrounding crowd started to discuss with their companions. Hidden in the crowd were a few figures wearing long robes with hoods over their heads, as if done deliberately, and the gaze also followed the leaving figure of Du Shaofu.