Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 62

“Liang Qi, you also lost to Du Shaofu in just a single move?” A twenty-something year old man turned to look at the young man beside him and asked straightforwardly.  

“Replying to Young Lord, that is the very same Du Shaofu. According to rumors, he was an idiot for ten years, I didn’t expect him to be so strong.”

The young man replied and his voice was filled with respect, however, his face looked a little pale. If Du Shaofu saw this young man, he would definitely recognize him – he was the 'honorable' Imperial Knight that he defeated a few days ago, also Du Hao’s cousin brother.

“I've already said that when we're outside, don’t call me Young Lord, out here, I’m just your Captain.” The young man smiled faintly, his tall height coupled with his handsome face made people feel comfortable when looking at him.

“Yes, Captain. What should we do now?” Liang Qi nodded his head, very respectful to the ‘Young Lord’ before him.

“The Ye Family declined to cooperate with us, whereby the An Family’s plot runs deep. But... that Bai Family’s girl is pretty good. It's a pity that she is a rose filled with thorns, and needed some time and effort to 'mold' her. To obtain what we want as soon as possible, it seems like we should pay the Qin Family a visit.”

The young man watched Qin Xiaolu within the crowd, hidden from plain sight, a tiny trace of a smile flickered across his eyes. He continued in a light voice saying, “The Qin Family’s woman is also not bad, at the very least, they possess some petty cleverness. As soon as we get what we want, whether it is the Ye Family or Qin Family’s woman, they won’t be able to escape.”

“This time, with the Captain here, things would certainly go smoothly, the items won't be able to escape Captain's palm. Unfortunately, the Ye Family and the Du Clan didn’t know how to appreciate other's kindness.”

“Let’s go, there are things that needed to be done beforehand.”

A light smile appeared on the young man’s face, drape the hood of his long robes over his head and left the scene quietly, his subordinates followed from behind….

Du Clan's back mountain.

Du Shaofu took out the two storage pouch he had just procured and poured everything inside out. The result made his brows wrinkle with obvious disappointment. After going through the things on the ground, he sighed lightly, “Those two's storage pouch is so poor, there's practically nothing valuable.”

“Kid, what were you in your previous life! The wind passes by, you inhale, the goose passes by and you pluck all of its feathers, you even took those two little Xiantian warrior's storage pouch. If this spread, my hard built reputation would surely be ruined by you.” Zhen Qingchun’s transparent figure came out from the little tower, glaring at Du Shaofu. Towards this kid, all of his assumptions were already crushed, words had failed him many times, this kid was simply a reincarnated bandit.

“How could those who doesn’t manage a household know the preciousness of rice and wood, the list of the things that you told me to buy are so expensive. If it weren’t for the harvest that I got from the Wild Beast Mountains, I simply couldn’t afford them. I need to think of a way, otherwise the next time you tell me to buy something, I can only go and rob.”

Du Shaofu rolled his eyes at Zhen Qingchun, he had been using his own savings to buy the things that Zhen Qingchun had listed. Of course, he needed to find a way to gather xuanbi to support his high expenditure. What bad luck, this Bai Tianming and Qin Xiaolu’s storage pouch was truly too poor compared to the storage pouch that he had gotten from the tangerine red dress woman. Even her fragrance still lingered on the pouch.

“It is up to you to buy it or not, it is for your cultivation not mine.”

Zhen Qingchun rolled his eyes, and secretly decided in his heart, the moment he recovered his strength, he must stay away from this kid as far as possible, the further the better. Otherwise, this kid would ruin his reputation if they knew that he had such a sworn brother.

Du Shaofu adeptly kept the storage bags, and smiled at Zhen Qingchun, “The faster I become strong, the faster you would heal. Don’t make it sound like everything is for my benefit, furthermore, you are my Big Brother, you have a responsibility to take care of me and protect me, or you plan to violate your vows?”

“Take out the elixirs, today, I will teach you how to refine them.’

Zhen Qingchun changed the topic, he was too lazy to bicker with Du Shaofu. Otherwise, the one who would be feeling angry and wronged would be himself.

“I got the things ready.”

Du Shaofu grinned bashfully and took out the herbs that he had prepared beforehand, feeling excited. His eyes looked at Zhen Qingchun full of anticipation, and softly asked, “Brother Qingchun, when are you going to teach me arrays? Also, are you familiar with weapon refining, I also want to give it a try.”

“Don't bite off more than you can chew; you want to cultivate martial arts, and you want to be a Spirit Talisman Master. Be careful that in the end, you would have no achievements in any of them. There are so many talented experts from the ancient times and until now,  all proud, arrogant and confident, wanting to learn everything like you, but ended up in failure, only harming themselves.”

Listening to Zhen Qingchun’s words, Du Shaofu turned serious, “I understand, I know what to do.”

“En, it’s good that you know. If you can learn alchemy, then I will teach you the arrays. How much you can learn depends on your own capability.”

“I'm only afraid you don’t have enough to teach.” Du Shaofu snickered.

“Humph, don’t try to spur me, if you have the ability to learn, it doesn't matters even if I teach you all I know.”

Rolling his eyes at Du Shaofu, Zhen Qingchun’s lips curled to the side, “First, I’m teaching you the basics and knowledge of medicine refining. Although your Big Brother, me, focuses on arrays, and only dabbled in alchemy, and dared not to claim to have high attainments in both. I want to emphasized that my alchemy knowledge is still not something a general Alchemist could compare to. In medicine refining, it is vital to take note of the Spirit Talisman Cauldron and one's control of spiritual force. Knowledge about herbs and elixirs properties is equally important…”

In a hidden mountain valley, a transparent figure and a purple-robed silhouette sat cross-legged. Du Shaofu was listening attentively while Zhen Qingchun talked, sometimes nodding, sometimes asking questions. One teaching, and the other one learning, and like that, a day passed.
Not too far away, the wildcat like Demonic Scale Tiger laid on a rock in a lazy manner, taking a nap. Its eyes opened a slit wide to check on the two figures before going back to its beautiful nap.

Fine rain drizzled down, splattering on the water surface making tiny circular ripples. This was an evening of soft misty rain, slightly foggy.

On a pavilion next to a lake, a young woman’s flowy lavender dress fluttered in the breeze. An exquisite face, and an elegant temperament, the young woman stood like painting a picturesque scene with the soft rain as her background.

“Little Sister, you must avenge me ah, that Du Shaofu is too much, totally not putting our Bai Family in his eyes!” Behind the young woman, a pale-faced Bai Tianming was whining.

Bai Caiyi turned back, a pair of clear eyes looked at Bai Tianming, but the corner of her lips was slightly curved downward, “Big Brother, haven’t you realize that Qin Xiaolu used you this time. All of Qin Xiaolu’s attention had always been on An Long, that type of woman isn’t suitable for you. If you’re capable, go and woo Ye Zhijin, then, our Bai Family wouldn't be in this passive position.”

Bai Tianming struggled with indecision, and it showed on his face. He looked at Bai Caiyi feeling irreconcilable, and argued “Little Sister, are we letting Du Shaofu off just like this? If this matter was spread, people would think that our Bai Family is afraid of the Du Clan, our family’s reputation would go down if we don’t do anything!”

“There are some people who wants us to retaliate, waiting for us to walk this path.”

Bai Caiyi’s clear eyes watched the tiny drops of rains hitting the lake surface, her small red lips moved and her clear voice sounded, “Only the final winner can reap the benefits, why would a temporary win or lose matter.”

“Little Sister, you deliberately held back because you want to see Xiaolu uncomfortable! That’s why you purposely refused to act, I’m going to look for Dad!” Seeing his little sister remaining impassive, Bai Tianming brushed his sleeves and left the pavilion in a bad mood.


Bai Caiyi sighed softly and continued to watch the lake surface. Some time later,  she suddenly muttered to herself, “Du Clan's Du Shaofu, endured for ten years, or did the Du Clan hid him away on purpose. Or, something happened recently? I Wonder how he would fare against An Long’s true strength? It seems like this round competition would truly be lively…”    

Rain continued to fall from the dark night sky, a rhythm of the falling rain sounded as it hit the roof, playing a long melody into the night.

“An Family’s An Long, Bai Family’s Bai Caiyi, these two people really hide deeply.”

In a courtyard’s long corridor, a graceful figure laid down. The long dress accentuated a young woman’s curves, exuding elegance.