Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 64

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But as the Five Families Junior Competition drew closer, an explosive news broke out in Stone City that made a lot of people astonished. The first news was, this time around, the Du Clan only had one younger generation participating in the competition, named Du Shaofu; the nicknamed ‘fool young master’ youth was already a well-known person in Stone City.

The second shocking news was the Qin Family’s sudden engagement. Qin Xiaolu was engaged to a youth called Cao Qitai.

Rumors said that on the day of the engagement, many Imperial Knights were guarding outside the Qin Family’s compound; and all the Patriarchs of the big families went to congratulate the Qin Family including the Mayor. Everyone knew that the youth called Cao Qitai wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

What made the residents of Stone City shocked was, it was said that Cao Qitai, after the engagement is already considered half a member of the Qin Family and will be participating in the coming Five Families Junior Competition as a Qin Family member.

Standing in a pavilion overlooking Stone City; the distant mountain looked hazy like it was layered with a veil against the misty cloud, giving the impression of being neither near nor far; like a few strokes of an ink brush depicting the blue horizon.  

Qin Xiaolu stood in the pavilion staring at the distant mountain. On her pretty face, tears were running down, eyes moist and red.

“I hate this!”’


A long time later, these words came out from her cherry mouth, using the sleeves to gently wipe off the tears from her face. At this moment, she understood that there wasn’t any options for her, but to accept.

“Why are you standing here alone?”

A clear and mesmerizing male voice sounded, followed by the appearance of a young man in a long robe behind Qin Xiaolu. The young man’s tall stature and handsome face made people feel extremely comfortable looking at him.

“Cao Qitai, what are you here for?” Qin Xiaolu turned around and looked at the young man behind her. Unpleasantness towards the young man showed in her eyes and a trace of unnoticeable resentment.

Cao Qitai looked at Qin Xiaolu, the smile he wore never left his face. This kind of smile was enough to ‘kill’ most young girls, and lightly said, “You’re already my fiancée, I came over to visit you, is it not allowed?”

“You should have realized that I was forced to do this!” Qin Xiaolu bit her lips, she didn’t know why she felt an invisible pressure before this young man. This kind of pressure made her feel uncomfortable.

“Of course I know you’re not doing this voluntarily, but I also know, that you are my, Cao Qitai’s fiancée, is it not so?” Cao Qitai smiled.

“This isn’t what I wanted. I’m leaving first, excuse me!” Qin Xiaolu gnashed her teeth, and her body passed where Cao Qitai stood, leaving the pavilion.

“Your fiancé has just arrived and you already want to leave. Could it be that you have some opinion about me?” The faint, charming smile was still on Cao Qitai’s face. His foot shifted a little as if blocking Qin Xiaolu’s path unintentionally.  

“Cao Qitai, you think that you can control me just because you are my fiancé? You’re insufficient to do so!”

Qin Xiaolu’s expression grew somber, her slender hands moved rapidly like two spiritual snakes, making the eyes blur at the speed. And in the blink of an eye, a hand print appeared slapping towards Cao Qitai.

“Mid-Xiantian, quite a good talent.”

Finishing his words of praise, Cao Qitai’s smile disappeared and his face became sullen. His hands quickly formed seals and his left hand lightly waved. A faint energy burst out from the seemingly slow hand movement but was actually lightning fast. The surging energy has a chilly aura and clashed against Qin Xiaolu’s handprint in an instant.


Qin Xiaolu’s body was thrown back due to the impact, landing heavily more than a dozen meters away.


From her dainty mouth, red blood spurted out. When Qin Xiaolu titled her head to look at Cao Qitai, there was disbelief in her eyes; also surprise, shock, and a complicated feeling.

“I’m not Bai Family’s Bai Tianming. You better have a clear understanding of your own position. Being engaged to me, accept the fact whether you like it or not because you have no other options. Frankly speaking, I only took you as my fiancée because you have a few of points of beauty, and your Qin Family has some uses. We all know this fact. Otherwise, I’m not lacking in women like you.”

Cao Qitai condescendingly looked at Qin Xiaolu, showing no emotion, as if the woman that was injured wasn’t related to him. Coldness could be seen deep in his eyes, he continued, “I already knew that you have feelings towards that An Long from the An Family, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you beforehand, if I hear anything between the two of you in the future, think about the consequences. Also, spare some thoughts for your Qin Family. I believe you’re not a stupid woman and knows what to do.”

Qin Xiaolu crawled up, staring at the coldness in Cao Qitai’s eyes, her body shivered unknowingly. At this moment, she finally realized what kind of person the young man standing in front of her was – a demon. The gentleness and everything was just a pretense.

“Looks like you’ve understood. Then, it’s good that you understand, after all, we will be husband and wife in the future. We are one family.”


Cao Qitai’s sullenness vanished without a trace as he stepped lightly towards Qin Xiaolu. A finger lifted up her chin and using the corner of his sleeve to rub away the bright blood stain on Qin Xiaolu’s mouth. A soft, concerned and heart ached voice said, “Sorry, Xiaolu, I was heavy handed. Forgive me. I won’t lay my hands on you next time; that Du Shaofu hurt you last time, when the time comes, I will avenge you.”

Qin Xiaolu stood there in a daze at the mercy of Cao Qitai, uneasiness in her heart. In the end, she was pulled into Cao Qitai’s embrace. From afar, it looked like a pair of lovebirds in intimacy.

Indeed, they looked exactly like an intimate couple.


Du Clan.

Every day, Du Shaofu left early and returned late. At times, he would be missing for a couple of days, the people in the Du Clan did not even see his shadow. In this little more than a month’s time, ninety percent of his time was spent on the mountain behind the Du Clan's compound.

For Du Shaofu, he had a huge harvest in this span of time, he had made progress not only in alchemy, his martial cultivation and spiritual force practice also improved substantially.

However, in both martial cultivation and Spirit Talisman, Zhen Qingchun actually suppressed his progress speed.

According to Zhen Qingchun’s saying; whether it is martial or spiritual practice, the foundation was the most important aspect, it determines how high a person can reach in the future.

It was rumored, that descendants of old heritage family suppressed their cultivation progress from early on in order to build a foundation that is more than solid and perfect. Experts of that level was said to be invincible amongst same level warriors,  they could even kill an opponent two or three stage higher.

This dumbfounded Du Shaofu, his heart couldn’t help but imagine how would he compare to those juniors of old heritage families, and at that time, could he rival those so-called ‘favored by the heavens.’

From Zhen Qingchun’s mouth, Du Shaofu learned a lot regarding spirit talismans, and a new door opened for him.

From time to time, Zhen Qingchun would talk about the outside world. The more Du Shaofu knew, the more he understood in his heart, of how important absolute strength was.


On a rock, Du Shaofu sat cross-legged as his hands formed mysterious seals, various glowing spheres encircled his body in an instant. Traces of unique energy fluctuation came out between Du Shaofu's eyebrows. And this unique energy grew thicker as time passed.

“Can this abnormal bastard make it?”

Not far away, Zhen Qingchun’s transparent figure stared fixedly at Du Shaofu’s silhouette with a nervous look, yet it was full of anticipation at the same time.