Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 68

Edited by Fingerfox

“Seen Lord Mayor.”

“Greetings to the Lord Mayor…”

The crowd hastened to salute respectfully, their cumulative voices vibrated above the square for a long time before dissipating.

Outside the special tunnel, over a hundred silhouettes came out. A handsome middle-aged man and an eye-catching beauty stood at the front, leading the group.  Everywhere they walked past, residents of Stone City would salute respectfully, the middle-aged man’s status in Stone City could already be determined by this scene.

Du Shaofu raised his head and saw the newly arrived people, led by Mayor Ye Baolin.

The young woman behind him was Ye Zhijin, jade white skin with a delicate face, younger than Qin Xiaolu and Bai Caiyi but her temperament didn’t lose out to the two.

“No need to be so courteous.”

Ye Baolin walked all the way towards the upper part of the square while saying so, to the residents.

“Seen the Mayor.”

Du Clan, Qin Family, An Family and the Bai Family’s elders all stood up from their seats to greet Ye Baolin, they couldn’t show any sings of disrespect towards the Mayor, especially in public.

“No need to be overly formal.”

Ye Baolin smiled kindly and waved his hand, indicating everyone to be at ease and with light steps, he walked towards the center most seat. His relaxed manner made people feel dignified.

‘Shaofu, long time no see.”

Under many envious eyes, Ye Zhijin came beside Du Shaofu and smiled, sending the young men on the square into a daze.

Bai Caiyi and Qin Xiaolu were considered as charming beauties, however, with Ye Zhijin’s arrival, the two women’s charm dimmed into supporting characters.

“It wasn’t that long.”

Looking at the killing stares directed at his body, Du Shaofu could only smile bitterly in his heart, knowing that Ye Zhijin was doing this on purpose, directing hate towards him, but he couldn’t help it.

Ye Zhijin moved closer to Du Shaofu, her body almost affixed onto his chest, she nodded while her lips curved into a charming arc and said, “I heard that some time ago, some people deliberately came looking for trouble to you. Seems like the number of people looking for trouble today isn’t small, but don’t worry, our Ye Family will stand together with you.”

With Ye Zhijin standing so intimately close to Du Shaofu, the hostile looks directed at him grew deeper.

The other big families’ young men reached an agreement in silence, to ‘take good care’ of Du Shaofu first on the stage.

Even the experts of those families were looking at Ye Zhijin and Du Shaofu’s interaction, full of meaning.

Although Du Hao, Du Yan, and Du Chong were standing behind Du Shaofu, their eyes were filled with undisguised jealousy and envy.

They couldn’t understand, how could someone who has been a fool for ten years have such changes in such a short period of time, stepping them under his foot. The most important point was that even Ye Zhijin seemed enraptured with that guy!

Speaking of strength, Du Hao, Du Chong and the rest were very much aware that their current strength was no match for Du Shaofu. However, in terms of good looks, each of them thought that they looked much better than Du Shaofu.

“Since Miss Ye prefers to do so, I, of course need to accommodate, right…”

A fake smile was plastered on Du Shaofu’s face, his voice slightly spoke of his agreement as he took one small step forward, attaching himself to Ye Zhijin’s body. His right hand circled out and held her tiny waist.

At such a close distance, Du Shaofu could feel two soft lumps against his chest, causing his heart to flutter a little, this was the first time that he got so close to a girl, a strange feeling rose in his heart.

In that instant, Ye Zhijin blanked. It never crossed her mind that Du Shaofu would act so boldly in front of so many people, her heart skipped a beat, her body stiffened and a crimson blush crept up on her face.

Seeing the young man and woman in an intimate posture, the surrounding young men went blank and then turned bloodshot.

The young woman that none of the young men could get close to in Stone City, was actually embraced by that guy’s arms, their mood was indescribable.

The people from the Five Families were dumbstruck, including Ye Baolin, could the rumors be true?

“This brat really knows how to take advantage.”

Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong exchanged a knowing look, laughing loudly inside their hearts.

Amongst them, cold lights flashed across An long and Cao Qitai’s eyes that went unnoticed by people, their faces were gloomy for a moment but returned to their usual expression.

However, Cao Qitai recovered faster than An Long.

“The competition will be starting soon, I hope that you would last till the end.”

The crimson blush on her cheeks gradually reduced, Ye Zhijin regained her cool in a short moment. Her dainty foot shifted to the right slightly, her slender figure escaped Du Shaofu’s claw.

Her cherry red lips pursed together, and her eyes returned to their usual calm. She tilted her head a little to look at Du Shaofu, her deep eyes portrayed a deeper meaning, and said “Later, my Ye Family will block one family, whereas the other two will depend on your capability.”

She turned and left after saying that.

“Everyone, it is almost time, let’s start.”

Ye Baolin said as if he didn’t see what just happened, but his gaze fell onto Du Shaofu’s body from time to time.


After Ye Baolin spoke, a long robed old man behind him flew up like a goshawk spreading its wings, landing lightly on the center, a circle was drawn out in the middle of the square.


When the old man landed, his beautiful move received applause from the crowd.

The old man’s gaze swept the crowd, he nodded slightly then spoke loudly, “Today is Stone City Five Families’ once in a three years Junior Competition event, representing our Stone City’s rising younger generations that will continue to strengthen our city. Now, participants of each family please step forward.”

“Go on.”

Ye Baolin, An Qingsong, Qin Zongqiong and Bai Jiru looked at the juniors standing behind them and said.


Each family’s young men and women nodded, Ye Zhijin’s foot tapped the ground and was the first one to reach the square. Her body curved beautifully in the air, and landed elegantly on the square, taking away many of the young men’s hearts

Bai Caiyi’s expression shifted a little, her long skirt fluttered and xuanqi surged at her feet. Like a celestial fairy, she leaped and landed gently not far away from Ye Zhijin, causing the crowd’s eyes to light up.

Qin Xiaolu also showed her skill. Xuanqi bursted out under her feet and her body flew up, borrowing the spurt from her xuanqi, she did a somersault in midair and landed not far away from Bai Caiyi’s spot.

It was obvious that Qin Xiaolu did not want to lose out to Ye Zhijin and Bao Caiyi’s appearance. Her movements were really beautiful.


The three women stood in the middle of the square, three slender and captivating figures garnered cheers and applause from the crowd.