Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 69

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After the three women entered the battle ring, An Long, An Hu, and Bai Tianming also leaped into the ring in an elegant demeanor, attracting the attention of many young girls in the square.

A light flickered across Cao Qitai’s eyes when he watched the trio enter the ring in the middle of the square. His foot lightly tapped the ground, and his figure swiftly appeared above as if the clouds were the stairs under his feet. In the end, his body rotated beautifully with xuanqi surging beneath his feet, his long robe fluttered in the wind and landed next to Qin Xiaolu.

“So cool! He must be really powerful!”

No doubt, Cao Qitai’s movements were even more attractive compared to An Long, An Hu and Bai Tianming’s, he stood out from the group of talented young men. Not only did it broke out in cheers, even the Patriarchs had a fleeting surprise on their faces.

Qin Xiaolu looked at the young man next to her, at this moment, her gaze softened. No matter what, there is some vanity in a woman’s heart. Her fiance being cheered on by the city, at her side, she felt proud.

“Sou! Sou!”

With Ye Zhijin, Bai Caiyi, Qin Xiaolu, An Long and the others having made their move, the five families’ juniors could no longer hold back, xuanqi bursted out here and there as each junior showed off their martial skills, landing on the battle ring area amidst the passionate cheers from the crowd.

“Shaofu, it’s your turn. There is only you representing the Du Clan, don’t drag down the family’s momentum ah.”

Du Zhenwu’s head turned back to look at Du Shaofu standing behind him, seeing the cheers garnered by the other family's juniors, he felt unconvinced. Of course the Du Clan cannot lose out on momentum.

“Brother Shaofu, add oil[1]!”

Du Shaofu’s cousin brothers and sisters (including Du Yu and Du Xue) were looking at him anxiously. As part of the Du Clan, if the momentum of Du Clan entering the battle ring was weaker than the other families, the next time they leave the house and bumped into the people from the other families, they would feel like they’ve lost face.

“Momentum is it? But I have never learned any movement skill ah...”

Instantly, Du Shaofu had an ugly expression on his face, he had never learned any movement skill, he can’t perform those fancy movements. How can he be compared to Ye Zhijin, Bai Caiyi and those people?

At this time, in the whole battle ring, only the Du Clan’s people were absent. The Patriarchs and the juniors in the battle ring seemed to focus their attention on the Du Clan’s camp.

“Shaofu, go.”

Du Zhenwu did not give Du Shaofu any pressure, but waves of hidden expectation crossed in his eyes.


Du Shaofu sighed inwardly, followed by the crowd’s shocked expression, a pale golden light that was vaguely discernible appeared around him. His feet thumped against the floor and shot out straight like a canon, and up high in the sky, he shot down again in a straight line, landing heavily on the square.


When Du Shaofu’s feet touched the ground, the entire square seemed to tremble, the surrounding people could feel the ground shaking. A fierce gust of wind swept out from the battle ring.

On the spot where Du Shaofu landed, spider web like cracks started to appear on the hard stone square.

“Ka Ka!”

The hard stone pavement cracked, a large area of the square’s pavement was flipped over, akin to a raging wave that passed.

“Deng! Deng!”

The ground shook violently. The participants staggered back from the unexpected tremor. Seven to eight silhouettes nearly fell to the ground.

Du Shaofu’s way of entering had no fancy movements, simple and straightforward but domineering, overbearing, and matchless!

Suddenly, the entire square was silent, one after another, gaze of shock fell onto the purple robed young man.

“What an overbearing kid. Truly unique, shadowing the rest ah!

Up on the main seat, Ye Baolin watched the young man who just made such a big entrance, astonishment flashed across his face, he was unable to stop himself from muttering a word of praise.

“Heihei, this tyrannical kid, I like!”

On Du Zhixiong’s face was a similar expression of astonishment, he had never imagined that Du Shaofu would use this kind of method to enter the stage, then a trace of a smile crept up on his face. How could he not see, that domineering aura was enough to suppress the other participants.


“Wonderful, Du Shaofu, you’re so cool…”

“So handsome…”

After a short moment of silence, the surrounding crowd broke out in a resounding uproar.

Countless of young girls were mesmerized by the purple robed young man, and in the blink of an eye, even the young men couldn’t help but to applaud loudly.  Probably because hidden in the depths of a man’s heart was a domineering blood.

Du Shaofu’s entrance made the young men’s blood boil.

If Cao Qitai and Ye Zhijin's entrance was a visual feast, then Du Shaofu’s method was a baptism that shook them to the core, there were pros and cons when comparing the two.

In the battle ring, both Ye Zhijin and Bai Caiyi’s gaze were on Du Shaofu, looking at the young man being applauded by the crowd, a certain emotion fluctuated in their eyes.

“Sure enough, there is some capability. He endured for ten years, is today his main goal?” Bai Caiyi mumbled softly.


Seeing the crowd’s reaction of Du Shaofu’s entrance, An Hu, Bai Tianming and some others snorted coldly, their hearts were very unhappy.

Whereas An Long and Cao Qitai’s eyes narrowed, quietly staring at Du Shaofu. Not much changes could be seen in their expression.

“Brother Shaofu sure is great!”

The Du Clan juniors cheered, even Du Yu and Du Xue couldn’t resist joining in.

Du Hao, Du Yan, and Du Chong’s body shook slightly with excitement, if not for the grudge between them and Du Shaofu, it's very likely that they would’ve jumped and cheered too.

The Ye Family’s old man on the square was also dumbfounded, when he regained his senses, he loudly said, “I will only say the competition rules once, strength that doesn’t belong to oneself is not allowed, intentionally injuring other causing death is not also allowed, and those that violated the rules will be subjected to punishment determined by the five families. The circle in the square is the battle stage, stepping or falling out of the circle is considered a loss. There are no other rules other than those, team siege is allowed, combined siege is allowed, and the one who remains will be crowned champion.”

“The last five in the ring will be rewarded with a perfection level Xiantian martial skill and a cultivation enhancing pill. The last one remaining will be the winner and would be allowed to cultivate in the Lightning Pool aside from the said rewards.”

The Ye old man clarified everything in one breath, taking a glance at the group of the five family's juniors, his voice boomed, “I hereby declare, the competition begins!”


The ringing of a bell resounded in Stone City, accompanying the old man’s declaration.


At the same time, voices thundered in the square!




  1. ^ Add oil (lit) – Chinese version of ‘gambateh’ and/or ‘fighthing!”