Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 71

Edited by Fingerfox

Both of Du Shaofu’s fists struck out at the same time. Both of his fist were shrouded in a light golden glow that bombarded onto an iron rod and a long sword belonging to a young man and woman.


As the sound of breaking rang out, it broke everyone’s knowledge, the iron rod and the sharp longsword were unable to block Du Shaofu’s fists and were shattered before him. Blood spewed out from the young man and woman due to the  impact and their bodies flew back awkwardly, unable to continue.


Du Shaofu did not pause for a second, the pace of his feet increased and he appeared in front of another young man like a ghost. His foot kicked the young man’s collarbone, stepping onto the young man directly, causing him to wail for his life on the ground as the bones on his shoulder broke.


Du Shaofu swung out and his fist hit another young man’s back so hard that the young man was flung out some meters away, landing on top of the other two participants. The three of them spurted out blood at the same time.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

It was chaos inside the ring, more than a dozen people were attacking Du Shaofu, but this scene had never crossed their minds.

Du Shaofu was too aggressive, none of them were able to keep up with his rhythm. Initially, the besieged scene turned into a one-man show, starring Du Shaofu. Everywhere Du Shaofu went, figures were thrown left and right, causing the ground to shake.


A young man from the An Family attacked, the sword in his hand slashed down, however, the sword was snatched away by Du Shaofu with a slight twist of his wrist. The sword was snapped in to two with his bare hands while his leg kicked the obstruction away, mercilessly.


In a split second time frame, several more figures were thrown out. Each of them had broken bones and blood was coming out from their mouths, extremely miserable!

Du Shaofu’s performance in the ring was just too fierce, akin to a demonic beast in human form. Unparalleled terror, with just a simple wave of his hand, everything in his path could be easily destroyed

One after another, silhouettes were thrown out of the ring. Du Shaofu reached An Hu and Bai Tianming without any obstacles.


An Hu and Bai Tianming stood rooted on the spot like a fool. They had already experienced Du Shaofu’s strength, but it never occurred to them that it would reach such an extent!


No matter what, both of them were still Xiantian warriors, possessing quite a good talent in cultivation. In just a matter of seconds, their composure returned and they quickly formed handseals. Rune fluctuations spread out, both An Hu and Bai Tianming gritted their teeth and rushed to attack Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu’s foot lightly stamped on the ground, his body leaped torwards Bai Tianming and An Hu, like a tiger pouncing on its prey. Although both of their attacks wrapped around Du Shaofu, the pale golden light around his body gleamed as xuanqi fluctuated, shattering their attacks in the crudest and tyrannical way.


Lifting his arms, Du Shaofu’s clawed into An Hu and Bai Tianming’s shoulders, in front of many terrified eyes, he lifted them up high and threw them out of the ring, like throwing pebbles.

“Bang! Bang!”

An Hu and Bai Tianming were thrown out of the ring and were disqualified. Landing on the ground with ashen faces and blots of blood on their robes. How could this ending differ so much from what they had fantasized, if they knew that this would happen, the both of them would probably not even dare to participate in this competition with Du Shaofu.

Everyone watching were stupefied at what just had happened. How strong is this Du Shaofu ah? Both An Hu and Bai Tianming are good talents amongst the five families’ younger generation, the few that had broken through to Xiantian realm! But now, they were both kicked out by Du Shaofu in just a blink of an eye.

That level of terrifying battle prowess and domineering method made everyone’s goose bumps rise in fright.

“Du Clan’s Du Shaofu is too strong!” Some warriors sighed.

“Good kid, really strong!” Amongst the Du Clan, some were delighted, and some were frightened.

Watching Du Shaofu’s fighting grandeur, the Du Clan juniors such as Du Yu and Du Xue’s eyes were shining with admiration, and their blood boiled with excitement.

Even Du Hao, Du Chong, and Du Yan were unable to exclude themselves.


Not far away, Cao Qitai had just swiftly defeated a young man from the Ye Family that was comparable to Ye Zhijin’s strength. After that, he just observed Du Shaofu quietly as no one near him dared to fight him.

Du Shaofu stood in the middle of the ring, compared to the beginning where thirty participants from the An and Bai Family were ganging up on him, now, only three people remained – An Long, Bai Caiyi, and the trembling Bai Mei.

Bai Mei was caught between the three people, thinking back to Du Shaofu’s cruel moves, her body couldn’t help but tremble. How overbearing was this purple-robed youth attacks, despite that, he did not target her.

Her heart was moved, did he really like her? Although this guy was abhored by the other three families and was quite hateful, but if you look more carefully, there were some loveable points.


An Long, and Bai Caiyi both looked at each other, then as if reaching an understanding…


A long sword flew out from its scabbard, sounds of metal clashing hummed in the air, graceful steps like a descending celestial fairy, and with a turn of her wrist, sharp lights from the long sword pierced out at Du Shaofu accompanied by cold runes.

“Actually a mid xiantian.”

“That is the Bai Family’s Soft Rippling Sword, a martial skill that is close to Dong level! He hadn’t expected that Bai Caiyi has succeeded in cultivating it……..”

When Bai Caiyi made her first move, all of the Patriarchs’ expression changed drastically. In such a young age, Bai Caiyi was already a mid xiantian warrior, and has successfully cultivated the Soft Rippling Sword. This kind of talent was very rare.

In less than a breath’s time, Bai Caiyi’s figure appeared in front of Du Shaofu, her foot softly tapped against the air that propelled her to swirl half a turn, akin to an elegant but deadly lotus. Her long sword stabbed at Du Shaofu in a swift motion.


Several surreal sword images pierced forward, carrying an abundant energy, locking onto Du Shaofu’s vital parts.

Sensing his body being locked onto, Du Shaofu was surprised for a moment, but instead of being nervous, a faint smile flashed across his eyes. His hands formed seals at rapid speed, five fingers clenched into a fist and a horrifying atmosphere burst forth as he punched out at the sword attack.

“Bang! Bang!”

A low muffled explosion resounded, one after another until it reached the count of thirteen, energy overlapped waves after waves and when it reached the thirteenth level, it was released like a flash flood onto the sword images.


One punch, the sword images exploded into pieces. In the next moment, the tyrannical energy continued on towards Bai Caiyi, the long sword in her hand managed to press the energy down, but it bent into a curve like it was about to be snapped and broken in the process.

Many in the crowd possessed a keen eye. The long sword in Bai Caiyi’s hand, although it had not reached the level of a spiritual weapon, but after the body of the sword was imbued with xuanqi, it was enough to withstand a powerful attack.

However, relying on the power of just a single punch, the long sword was still bent even if the weilder of the sword was a mid Xiantian warrior like Bai Caiyi. It only showed how terrifying the fist of Du Shaofu was.

“How can his Pulsate Fist have thirteen levels of vibration, did we practiced it wrong?”

On the Du Clan platform, Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong, and the Du Clan people were just as shocked as the rest. This was the famous Du Clan martial skill, the Pulsate Fist. Even if the Pulsate Fist was cultivated to perfection, it only has 9 vibrations . In front of their eyes, Du Shaofu’s Pulsate Fist had a total of thirteen levels of overlapping vibration.

“Deng! Deng!”

Bai Caiyi’s slender figure staggered back awkwardly, with each step back, the bluestone pavement under her feet cracked and shattered into dust. A line of blood flowed down from the corner of her lips. Still, the bent sword remained in her hand, curved yet not broken in two.