Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 72

Edited by Fingerfox

TN: Watch how Du Shaofu take revenge on Cao Qitai in the next chapter!!!!!



“Desolate Flamesurging Tide!”

When Bai Caiyi staggered back with an injury, An Long’s silhouette disappeared silently, reappearing behind Du Shaofu like a ghost. Xuanqi broke out like stormy waves enveloping Du Shaofu, the terrifying whirlpool of energy fluctuation was stronger than Bai Caiyi by several notches.

“A late Xiantian, close to breaking to the peak realm yeah.”

A certain emotion flashed past the Patriarchs’ eyes watching this. An Long’s real strength was stronger than Bai Caiyi, a late Xiantian nearing the peak. This level of cultivation could already become the leader of Stone City’s younger generation.

Detecting the strong xuanqi fluctuations behind him, Du Shaofu turned around quickly, and the corner of his lips curved up. He waited till the energy neared him before making his move. A layer of pale golden light shrouded his fist like a glowing sphere, Du Shaofu’s fist punched onto the center of the energy whirlpool.


Space shook, and the whirlpool of energy shattered into pieces under Du Shaofu’s punch and disappeared in the air.

With the whirlpool of energy shattered, An Long’s figure behind it was revealed before Du Shaofu, his face was so gloomy that water could be squeezed out of him. His hands were already forming new seals before everyone watching realized it. Xuanqi once again surged from his body, much stronger than before, and in front of everyone’s eyes, An Long’s xuanqi condensed into a long energy spear, vague runes could be seen floating along the spear.

“Star Splitting Spear!”

An Long shouted, the long spear in his hands was aimed at Du Shaofu’s chest. Reaching this point, he wouldn't believe that Du Shaofu could still rival him, he must be the one to enter the Lightning Pool. All these years, his only goal was to become the strongest amongst his peers, and he indeed had the qualifications.


What is currently happening was out of An Long’s expectation. While An Long thoughts were still going in his mind, the long spear that was condensed out of xuanqi energy stopped abruptly. The other end of the spear was held firmly by Du Shaofu’s hands, and it could no longer move.


A low bark came out from Du Shaofu’s mouth, his five fingers still held the xuanqi long spear in its place. A golden glow accompanied by runes swirled around the spear, the opposing xuanqi became volatile as Du Shaofu’s pale golden light traveled along the spear. In the end, the spear fractured and then bursted into pieces.


With the long spear out of the way, Du Shaofu dashed forward like a fierce beast, domineering and tyrannical. he swept out and lifted An Long up in the air by his robe. Then, An Long was flung out of the ring without a second thought or mercy in front of the shocked crowd and the five families.


A whirl of dust accompanied by a loud crash as spider-web cracked lines spread out on the shaking ground.

When the dust settled, An Long appeared in front of everyone, blood trickling down from his pale white face.

Perhaps, it never occurred to him, all he had imagined became a fantasy. No matter how he schemed and calculated the others, he had dearly underestimated Du Shaofu’s strength. All that he was, were shattered into smithereens tyrannically by Du Shaofu.

“Big Brother Shaofu is so cool!”

In the Du Clan’s camp, the younger generation’s blood boiled with excitement, the actions in the battle ring made their emotion surged.

Du Zhenwu, Du Zhixiong, and the Du Clan experts were also affected, ripples of joy were shining in their eyes.

Only the An and Bai Family’s people had an indescribable ugly expression on their faces accompanied by the feeling of shock.

“Du Shaofu, you’re so great!”

The domineering purple-robed youth made the crowd in the city square explode with thunderous cheers. 

“I am not your opponent.”

Bai Caiyi wiped off the blood from her mouth, looked at Du Shaofu and threw this sentence out, turned around and left the  ring coolly.

Du Shaofu smiled faintly and turned to look at the dazed Bai Mei, and said: “Don’t worry, I will protect you.”


Bai Mei’s movements were wooden as she nodded stiffly, not knowing why she actually walked closer to Du Shaofu. That tall straight back gave her an undeniable sense of security.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

On the other side, the battle between the Ye and Qin Family was still ongoing. Qin Xiaolu’s long sword attacked like a cunning snake back by the significant power behind it as she fought Ye Zhijin. Even though Du Shaofu defeated her with just a single move, it doesn’t mean that she was weak. Instead, she was very strong, at least when compared to others of the same age.

Ye Zhijin was also very strong, she had already stepped into the mid-Xiantian level recently, on par with Qin Xiaolu. The odd-looking long whip projectile was akin to a dragon piercing the sky, its momentum didn’t lose out to Qin Xiaolu’s sword at all. In fact, as time wore on, she gradually took the upper hand.

“You go and handle the others, leave her to me. You can’t win against her.”

Finally, Cao Qitai moved again, taking advantage of the window of time where Qin Xiaolu was pushed back by Ye Zhijin, he appeared beside Qin Xiaolu. Cao Qitai wore a faint smile on his face as he observed Ye Zhijin.

Qin Xiaolu glared at Ye Zhijin then looked at Cao Qitai, she bit her lower lip and turned away, attacking the other Ye Family people who were still fighting with the Qin Family.

Without a doubt, the Ye Family’s younger generation’s were much stronger than the Qin Family, occupying the upper hand against their opponents.

However, following Qin Xiaolu’s admission to the ‘stage’, the situation flipped over. Now, it was the Ye Family’s juniors being pressured.

“Miss Ye, are you going to give up willingly…. You are not my opponent.”

Cao Qitai’s nice voice transmitted out, his smile and handsome features plus his extraordinary strength indeed gave him an aura of a noble.

“Feel free to make your move. I really want to try your strength.” Ye Zhijin smiled politely while gritting her teeth inside.

“Why would you do that? I truly do not want to hurt you.” Cao Qitai showed a regretful face at Ye Zhijin’s answer.

“As I have said, I want to give it a try.”

As her sentence ended, the odd whip in Ye Zhijin’s hand lashed out, aiming at Cao Qitai. The odd long whip fortified with xuanqi tore through space, reaching Cao Qitai in an instant.

Watching Ye Zhijin’s sudden attack, Cao Qitai was in his usual smiling self, standing at the same spot. However, when the long whip was less than an inch away from his body, his long robe fluttered. Cao Qitai softly swerved and his silhouette was no longer there.

Seeing Cai Qitai disappear in front of her, Ye Zhijin’s eyes squinted, without the slightest delay, the long whip made a turn and headed straight in the direction behind Ye Zhijin.

And at the same time, a palm print landed exactly on the odd long whip, suppressing and deflecting it away. The long whip seemed to be infected with a cold qi nearly causing Ye Zhijin to throw the long whip off, although she managed to hold onto the long whip by wrapping xuanqi around her hand, the huge force from the cold qi pierced through her palm. Blood ran down from her wound in the middle of her palm.

“Deng! Deng!”

Her body wobbled, her face was ashen and lost its ruddy color. A touch of somber light flashed across her eyes as she admitted, “You win. I am not your opponent.”

Then, she turned around and walked towards Du Shaofu who was watching quietly on the side.


One of Du Shaofu's eyebrow rose up, just as he was about to speak, a few low grunts came from the side. After Qin Xiaolu joined the fray, the Ye Family’s participants continued to lose one after another, many of them were kicked out by Qin Xiaolu and some were handled by the Qin Family’s participants. Even so, the remaining Qin Family participants no longer have the strenth to fight further.

“I was bullied just now, I think you should avenge me. I’m leaving it to you. You must oh, ” Ye Zhijin ‘complained’ and sent a provocative smile at Du Shaofu. After that, her slender figure walked out of the ring.

In the ring, there were only Du Shaofu, Qin Xiaolu, Cao Qitai and the person that no one had ever thought about - Bai Mei.