Martial God Conqueror - Chapter 73

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Perhaps no one had ever thought that just by relying on her strength, Bai Mei could still stand on the ring even after Bai Caiyi was defeated, and be one of the top four participants.

“Only four left you should also give up.” Watching Ye Zhijin’s leaving silhouette, Du Shaofu looked at Bai Mei next to him and said.

“Okay, you be careful.”

Bai Mei nodded lightly, then, gathered every shred of her courage, tip-toed and planted a kiss on Du Shaofu’s cheek, light as a feather’s caress. A crimson blush tinted her cheeks as she turned around and left in a hurry.

Many men were stupefied at the unexpected turned of event.

From the crowd, an unknown number of young girls’ sight was fused with murder and followed Bai Mei as she ran out of the ring.

And the hot-blooded young men of the Bai Family were upset and surly about it, they had never thought that a woman of their Bai Family would ‘jump’ into Du Shaofu’s embrace. They felt that this made them lose face ah! After all, they can’t defeat Du Shaofu and now, they can’t even keep the women in their family away.

“This brat have some skills, heihei.”

Du Zhixiong laughed in a very complacent manner. He glanced at his Big Brother next to him and found that on Du Zhenwu’s face, a faint smug smile was hung.

Whereas Du Shaofu was sent into a short daze from Bai Mei’s stolen kiss, he had an impulse to rush up to her and say: “Pretty Sister, you think too much, I protected you not for the reason that you are thinking of ah,” But, after some hesitation Du Shaofu did not run to Bai Mei. sometimes it's better not to reveal it in the publics' eye.

Is this considered as my first kiss? It was just my face, it shouldn’t mean that my first kiss is lost yea. His hand unconsciously rubbed the spot Bai Mei kissed, my first kiss can’t be ‘dropped’ like this. However, what can he do about it, it was already a done deal. Learn from one’s mistake, he must be careful and pay more attention next time.

“Let me handle him.”

Cao Qitai said to Qin Xiaolu beside him.

Qin Xiaolu did not object, and her eyes swept across Du Shaofu. She knew that she was not Du Shaofu’s opponent. The last battle would be between Cao Qitai and Du Shaofu. She nodded to Cao Qitai, her long sword slid back to her sheath and walked out of the battle ring.


Suddenly, the entire square fell into silence.

In the middle of the battle ring stood a long-robed young man and a purple-robed young man. Taking place next was the highlight of this year’s Five Families Juniors Competition.

Whether it was the crowd in the four directions or the five families, they could tell that Du Shaofu and Cao Qitai were the two strongest people amongst the five families’ younger generation. And these two people’s cultivation was something they could not determine accurately, deep and unfathomable.

Thus, for the upcoming battle everyone felt a little nervous because judging from the two young men’s performance so far, it was hard to say with conviction which one of them will be the last one standing.

“This Cao Qitai is very strong, I don’t know what kind technique he cultivates in that made it hard for me to see his cultivation level clearly.” Du Zhenwu’s low voice said to Du Zhixiong.

“It could be a Xuan rank cultivation technique, otherwise it would be hard to cover up xuanqi fluctuations.”

Du Zhixiong’s eyebrows furrowed tightly and started to feel nervous, “I don’t know if Shaofu can defeat him.”

“Don’t forget, Shaofu is Third Brother’s son.” Du Zhenwu's light voice reminded.

“Right, that kid is Third Bro’s son. How could Third Bro’s son lose,” Du Zhixiong was somehow injected with a shot of confidence, his tightened facial muscles relaxed naturally.

At this time, the crowd’s attention was solely focused on the two young men in the ring, awaiting with anticipation for the last battle.

Each of them desperately wanted to know who will be the winner of this year’s competition, would it be Du Shaofu who was deemed a fool for ten years stronger or the Qin Family’s son-in-law from outside.

Despite that, no matter the result, this year’s competition had far surpassed the years before.

“I can see that you are very strong ah,” Cao Qitai spoke as he smiled at Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu chuckled, replying “That’s right, I also feel that I am very strong. You have an excellent eye sight.”

Hearing Du Shaofu’s words, Cao Qitai lagged for a second. He expected more than a dozen various answer, but it totally swayed from his prediction that Du Shaofu would be so confident. It made him feel lost, and didn't know how to follow up with his reply.

‘But I don’t like you. You injured my fiancée, so today I will give you a penalty.”  Cao Qitai’s awkwardness was gone in a moment and returned to his usual style.

Hearing this, Du Shaofu gave Cao Qitai an understanding look and nodded his head regrettably, he said “I can understand your predicament. Not only am I very strong, I also walloped your fiancée. It is really hard for you to like me. I can only express sorry for your lost.”


A ‘foul’ breath was stuck in Cao Qitai’s chest, making him feel very uncomfortable. He had always felt that no matter what kind of person he faced against, whether he liked or disliked the person, male or female, enemy or friend, he could always maintain his composure. However, the person in front of him, this punk, was not on the same wavelength!


Cao Qitai breathed deeply and suppressed the air blocking in his chest. His expression and manner returned to normal as he observed Du Shaofu, there was a trace of indifference in his voice, “Cut the nonsense. Let me see how strong you really are. I’m curious, how much of your strength are you hiding.”

“I have already walloped your fiancée, if I did the same to you, I would feel that I’m too much of a bully. How about you surrender? If you surrender, I won’t have to beat you up.”

“You think you have the power to do so?”

Cao Qitai inhaled another deep breath, he had a feeling that he won’t be able to suppress the ‘air’ blocking in his chest much longer.

“I think I am very strong, probably stronger than you.”

Du Shaofu nodded his head with certainty, his eyes fell on Cao Qitai’s body carrying a weird taste, “I heard that you are Qin Family’s son-in-law, considered as a half member of the Qin Family and this made me feel weird. Qin Xiaolu is your fiancée, isn’t she supposed to be your Cao Family’s people? How are you considered part of the Qin Family, could it be that you want to enter into the female’s family[1]…………..”

“Du Shaofu, I will make you regret that you ever met me today!”

Exploded, the stuffiness in Cao Qitai’s chest finally exploded. A cold aura swept out in an instant.

“Don’t get angry ah, entering the female’s family is okay. All of Stone City’s residents won’t discriminate you just because of that, and I guarantee that they also won’t bully you because of that, our Stone City’s residents are very warm towards guests. Really,” Du Shaofu said to Cao Qitai with a serious expression on his face.

“Haha, that’s right, our Stone City’s residents are very warm towards guests.”

“Yes, yes, our Stone City’s people will not look down on you just because you are marrying into the female's family……..”

The gathered crowd around the city square could no longer hold back and broke out in laughter. Du Shaofu’s words indirectly tied the entire Stone City with himself, in addition to the fact that Cao Qitai was indeed an outsider. Naturally, they were more inclined to support Du Shaofu.

Of course, excluding the people of the Qin Family, all of them had an awkward expression on their faces.

“Aii, it’s not easy for Cao Qitai either, to have endured for so long.”

Ye Baolin sighed, looking at the long-robed young man in the battle ring as if pity rose in his heart. If it were some other young man, perhaps they might have already rushed out in fury.

“This kid’s tongue is so poisonous, not like Third Bro at all ah.” Du Zhenwu was puzzled and said to Du Zhixiong beside him.

A smile hung at the corner of Du Zhixiong’s lips, chuckled evilly and said, ‘’But I like it. No wonder Du Hao and those kids weren’t his opponents. They’re of different level ah.”

Du Hao, Du Chong, Du Yan, and the others who were standing right behind Du Zhixiong, hearing Du Zhixiong’s words, they felt wronged and aggrieved. They got stabbed even when lying down[2].




  1. ^ [1] In the old days, a man marrying/entering into the wife’s family (rùzhuì) meant their children’s surname would follow the wife’s instead of the husband. In a time where producing children to continue the family name was of utmost importance, under normal circumstances no man would choose to do it unless one is too poor, an orphan or etc. This act was also considered as unfilial towards ancestors for cutting off the family name.
  2. ^ [2] Unjustly ‘attacked’ while keeping a low profile.